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Found Things: Lady Jamie Greetings

I want to tell you about my friend Jamie. She is exceedingly beautiful, talented, funny and Aussie! We have know each other since I was fourteen and thought I was a skater girl! (Sk8r guuurrrl!) I get to be a bridesmaid with her in November! YESSS!

Some of my favourite nights of my life have been with her and her husband when they used to live in this sweet retro house in Seven Oaks. We would have fake Australia Day at all times of the year, eat incredible food, drink schnapps and wear aussie flag tattoos. ROCK!

We would have homemade steak and chips made off Mark’s manmade outdoor BBQ where he kept the utensils hanging from a tree in the garden and would say things like

‘You see, Celeste, the beauty of this is a cat was licking that just yesterday and now all the heat has burnt off the germs and we are going to eat off it. Brilliant!’

It’s safe to say that these two are some of my favourites, absolute weapons AND they are about to have a baby. That kid is going to be all kinds of awesome! Anyway, this beautiful friend of mine has created some equally beautiful greeting cards.

Check them out. I heart them! TRUE STORY!



Love Sweet Love

Happy Heart

Just For You

Cupcake and Tea cup. (some of my fave!)

Happy Birthday. (Clock is another fave!)

Hope you love them and maybe even buy some too!

x Celeste

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Weekend in Pictures..

This weekend …

Celeste received her indefinite leave to remain and celebrated in style with tequila and cigars!

Pineapple… a breakfast of champions!

Hanna and her husband are moving to Bristol … so far! 😦

Bubble wrap Jesus.

Bacon and egg mcmuffin is a perfect moving breakfast.

Celeste expressed her emotions through her scribble diary.

Not really sure how we are going to cope without our nights of rum and nattering about everything and anything!

Have a beaut little week!

x Sarah, Hanna and Celeste

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Friday Finds

Some friday finds for you…

For your eyes:

Celeste, for her birthday, got given this beautiful clock by decoy lab… So beautiful that we had to check out what else they do. Have a look at Decoy Lab for yourself and find more sweet clocks and cute accessories!

For your ears:

Minus Seventeen by Mother of the Unicorn has provided some sweet listening for us this week. Get involved with it on bandcamp!

For your mouth:

This bad boy, Don Julio tequila arrived this week, it is something ever so beautiful for your taste buds. It is most definitely NOT to be shot but to be sipped, savoured, enjoyed. Get involved with some Anejo Tequila, promise you will not regret it!

Hope your weekends are glorious!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste

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Field Trip: The Wilderness of Manitoba

All of the best nights in my life have consisted of brilliant company, tasty drinks, beautiful music and if I’m lucky even a banjo! Last night was up there with some of the best nights it contained all the magic elements! Sarah and I ventured out to the Lexington on Pentonville road in London to hear the beautiful sounds of ‘The Wilderness of Manitoba‘.

The Lexington is a beaut little venue that has all the whiskey’s your heart would desire and also some VERY tasty spirits! We partook in our fair share of the Kraken and coke… The Kraken is some absolutely delicious rum!

The Wilderness of Manitoba played beautifully, their harmonies felt a little bit like they hugged you (cheese!) and they looked very Canadian. I remembered hearing that one of them is a Maths teacher so I was totally prepared to, in the right moment, yell out Pythagoras theorem, that moment never came.

If you haven’t heard their beautiful sounds then make sure to have a listen and buy their albums.

Their music is perfect for sunny listening!

Happy Listening!

– Celeste and Sarah

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Found Things: Coveting new stationery


I recently shared about excitedly starting a new and fabulous job, which has been wonderful but I flew into it without even taking time to purchase that which is necessary for every new beginning – new stationery.  So i have been researching what stationery I would like for my not quite so new school/work bag….

My two stationery lusts are:

Blackwing 602 – a legendary pencil described by John Steinback who said

“I have found a new kind of pencil—the best I have ever had. Of course it costs three times as much too but it is black and soft but doesn’t break off. I think I will always use these. They are called Blackwings and they really glide over the paper.”

They were discontinued in 1998, but are back by public demand because they are reputedly THAT good… I am eager to get my hands on some to see for myself, and they can be found here in Pedlars (the curators of some very lovely stuff)

Field Notes:  I have long been a fan of these beautiful, simple note books.  I love taking notes, scribbling ideas/thoughts/doodling.  Just when I thought the original couldn’t get any better they produced this collection based on American national crops – I would like a new crop/colour for every month… and I found them to buy in the UK from here

So for this little post goes out to those who know the simple delight of taking a newly sharpened pencil to a brand new sheet of paper…

Happy Scribbling



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Weekend in Pictures…




This weekend…

We partook in some Honey Rum and Coke thanks to some globe trotting lovelies!

The postman brought some goodies!

Thomasina Miers ‘Wahaca – Mexican food at home’ 

Cannot wait to try and make the ‘Pork Pibil’.

It is so delicious, if it was a man I would kiss it on the mouth every day!

The postman also brought these babies, End of the Road tickets! YESSSSS!

The Peahen in St Albans has started their BBQ Sunday’s again.

A smokey BBQ beef burger with cheese and crispy bacon and potato salad.

I would eat it again in a second!

Hope everyone has lovely weeks ahead, Sarah and Celeste are off to see the beaut Canadian folk band ‘The Wilderness of Manitoba’ on Wednesday  while Hanna is swimming, fishing, saunaing in Finland! (JEALOUS!)

Happy Monday!

– Celeste, Sarah and Hanna


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Friday Finds…

I am all a bit obsessed with this lovely film called ‘Paper Heart’ with Charlynne Yi and Michael Cera.

Check out this sweet trailer and get involved! Buy it on Amazon here.

Lusting after these sweet Pashley Bicycles. If only we were rich!

Celeste got a sweet pressie from one of her favourites for her birthday … this cute anchor necklace from Tatty Devine! Check out their sweet jewellery!

Have a beaut little weekend!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste


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Make Do Mend: Pretty as a Picture, for Grown Ups!

If you’re a little on the skint side but you want to put some effort into someones pressie so they know they’re spesh then you can whip up one of these little numbers or just give them a good snuggle… If they’re lucky they might get both! A few months ago I did a ‘Pretty as a Picture’ post about a cute kids picture, here are some ideas for the grown ups!

I’ve taken to picking up vintage kids books, poetry, novels and recipes from charity shops and placing them as a background and then stenciling over the top. If you want to save the books and not tear pages out then you can scan and print the pages.. somehow I like the idea that it’s an original piece of paper they’ve got in each one though.

Here are a few examples of some that I did…

I used pages from a vintage Elizabeth Barrett Browning book of poems as the base.  I also had a few little stencils that I got from Oxfam, a bird, stag, deer and then (surprise, surprise) added some doilies.

You could also use doilies as a stencil if you want over a nice illustration or to highlight some text you like.

In other news, and entirely unrelated, I am very excited that Bob Dylan has announced a new album, ‘Tempest’, coming out soon! Woot!! I love that man! He’ll always have a place in my heart and my … err, ears? That’s a bit strange but you know what I mean!

Drank a little pint under this poster at the Boot, a dirty little pub in St Albans… Perfect!

Happy Wednesday, innit!

– Celeste x

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Found: WeWood watch

I got my husband this arm candy (or should I say wrist candy) for his birthday few weeks ago. It’s a fully functional wooden watch by a company called WeWood. When we were getting married he toyed with an idea of having a wooden wedding ring (but it just wasn’t very practical) so when I saw this watch I thought he could still have his wooden accessory but in form of a watch. Win win.

+ Each timepiece they sell plants a tree. Can’t go wrong.

If your wrist party needs to up its antics  go check them out!


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Weekend in pictures…

This weekend…

Thanked God it was friday… love some San Miguel.

This son of a gun and his friends at all the lettuce… Cheeky!

Hanna took advantage of a spot of sunshine and mowed the lawn…

Hanna and her Jon admired fruit from last years anniversary present! ❤ Awww..

Celeste’s folks sent her favourite beer from Tanzania … Hot dang!

Every contributed to Celeste’s 29 things for 29.

Celeste pretty much cleaned up with some lovely presents, friends, cigars.

Hope it’s a happy week this week for everyone!

x Sarah, Hanna and Celeste


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