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A little Icelandic jaunt!

For the last little while I have had more than a little obsession with Scandinavia. In part to do with some particularly beautiful music (The Tallest Man on Earth, Mew, Olafur Arnalds), Nordic Noir and more than a healthy amount of Scandinavian chums.

All this to say, after being on my ‘wishful thinking’ list for last 5 years, I actually get to make a little trip to ‘the land of Ice that’s very nice’! (A little Mighty Ducks quote there for ya!)

One of my favourite regular coffee drinkers is a little bit of an expert on Iceland and when I asked him for tips this brilliant itinerary is what he came up with. This actually made my day! It’s too good not to share.

photo 2

photo 1


And now to the Northern Lights, the elusive Celestial treat, I know I’m not meant to get my heart set on seeing them but I can’t help it. I’ve wanted to see the Northern Lights ever since Joey and Dawson watched them in Season 3. (Don’t judge me.)

Until after Iceland!



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Field Trip: Nils Frahm at St Johns

The  last night of my 28th year was spent in St Johns in Hackney listening to the beautiful Nils Frahm.


St Johns, is seriously one of the most beautiful venues I have been to!


Nils Frahm is a delightful combination of intense beautiful music and light hearted banter. ‘This dramatic lighting and the music must be very intense for you, but I am actually in a very good mood!’


photo 3

To top it all off we were in very good company, Lisa Hannigan was also in attendance, I was more than a little starstruck. . . Aaand she may have responded to a tweet of mine. What a way to end 28!

All of that is besides the point, back to Nils, make sure you have a little listen and if you get a chance go and see him.



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Field Trip: Denmark

So Hanna, her husband and I embarked via glorious Ryanair to Denmark for the magical wedding of our old and dear friend Kiki.

There was sleep deprivation, cute shops, wandering danish streets, a forest wedding, windmill, vikings, fish spa, local beer, vanilla tobacco, headphones and coffee.

Here are some of our fun pics.

The wedding ceremony in the forest was magic … matched only by the macaroons and the reception venue.

photo 5-1

Loads of fun shops in Denmark.

photo 5-2

My favourite little shop. ‘The Golden Deer’. 

photo 1

A beaut little Elderflower beer. Yum! 

photo 2

The mannequins are strange though…

photo 4-2

More from ‘the Golden Deer’.

photo 3

One of the first things to do… purchase a danish typewriter that you can’t possibly take back as ‘carry on’ luggage.

photo 5

Windmill. This is what they used to look like.

photo 4

The Golden Deer, once more.

photo 1-1

They love their antlers, the Danes.

photo 1-2

Sometimes it’s a good plan to smuggle in rum in a hipflask.

photo 2-1

Beautiful decorations.

photo 4-1

Kindly we were provided with english translations complete with headphones. I may or may not have worn them all day.

photo 3-1

Mr and Mrs shoes.

photo 2-2

The glorious ceremony.

photo 3-2

So many pom poms. Hanna’s are bigger.

photo 2-3

If you get the opportunity to visit a forest wedding in Denmark then make sure you go… even without the forest wedding, make time in your life to visit Denmark and find a viking.


Tracks of Foxes

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Field Trip: Weezer Cruise 2014

Wednesdays can occasionally feel like they have stolen your soul. Just me? Coffee break was spent dreaming of a Weezer cruise to the Bahamas.

I am going to quote Huffington Post, quoting Weezer…

‘Twelve years after they crooned “On an island in the sun, we’ll be playin’ an’ havin’ fun,” Weezer is once again making good on that promise with an upcoming Weezer Cruise to the Bahamas.’

Weezer, geeks before it was cool and all round weapons. True.

This video is nine years on and still a brightener on any day, even a Wednesday when it’s snowing and it should be spring!


P.s. I still think Richie Cunningham is a dreamboat.

Anyway, Weezer cruise to the Bahama’s. Shall we?


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Field Trip: Daniel and the Good Ones.

I went on a little field trip to see this boy we know play his lovely songs.

He’s just released his beaut little EP, ‘Be Swell’, with incredible artwork that was done by the man called Mark Lazenby that we featured in our Friday Finds a little while ago. ‘Be Swell’ is perfect for these summer days, get involved with it for a mere £3! 

We saw Daniel and the Good Ones play at the Workshop just by Old Street in London a place with a  cool Americana feel with toilets labelled ‘Sid’, ‘Nancy’ and ‘Larry’.  There was also a healthy amount of handsome, foreign men with good facial hair to serve you drinks… what more could you want!? How about some beaut tunes?

Daniel played his lovely songs for us in the changing ‘disco’ lights.

Daniel has a gig tomorrow night at Hoxton Underbelly with his ‘good ones’. If you’re in London Town, it’s worth a visit.. that is for sure. Here are the details, definitely come, hang out, enjoy some beaut music and share a little drink!

Daniel and the Good Ones really are good ones!

Celeste xx 

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Field Trip: The Wilderness of Manitoba

All of the best nights in my life have consisted of brilliant company, tasty drinks, beautiful music and if I’m lucky even a banjo! Last night was up there with some of the best nights it contained all the magic elements! Sarah and I ventured out to the Lexington on Pentonville road in London to hear the beautiful sounds of ‘The Wilderness of Manitoba‘.

The Lexington is a beaut little venue that has all the whiskey’s your heart would desire and also some VERY tasty spirits! We partook in our fair share of the Kraken and coke… The Kraken is some absolutely delicious rum!

The Wilderness of Manitoba played beautifully, their harmonies felt a little bit like they hugged you (cheese!) and they looked very Canadian. I remembered hearing that one of them is a Maths teacher so I was totally prepared to, in the right moment, yell out Pythagoras theorem, that moment never came.

If you haven’t heard their beautiful sounds then make sure to have a listen and buy their albums.

Their music is perfect for sunny listening!

Happy Listening!

– Celeste and Sarah

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Field Trip: ‘The Cat’s Meow’

Today I awoke thinking about how much I would like to go Lindy- Hop dancing.  Lindy – Hop dancing is brilliant, ladies look pretty hot and snazzy when they’re doing it, men look super hot and snazzy when they’re doing it.

What is there not to love? I want to look pretty hot and snazzy while dancing with super hot and snazzy.

A few months ago we went to ‘The Cat’s Meow’ in London Bridge to hear the Rock n’ Roll band ‘The Picadilly Bullfrogs’ and do some Lindy-Hopping. It’s a dirty student bar that was transformed into a vintage world war 2 venue with everyone dressed the part and looking… yep, pretty hot and snazzy AND super hot and snazzy!

There was a variety of ages, from young things to old. There definitely were a few characters there that I imagine may have been the first to dance the Lindy- Hop steps, if you get what I mean.. I was a little concerned that hip replacements may be necessary!

It was a brilliant night and I am desperate to go again, however,  I encountered these problems that I, in my excitement, hadn’t anticipated.

1. I don’t know how to ‘Lindy – Hop’.

2. I always get asked to dance by an awkward, VERY insistent bald man (not super hot and snazzy!) who ignores my ‘I don’t know how, I DON’T KNOW HOW!’

3. It then, inevitably, is the longest song possible.

4. I can’t dance with strangers without apologising incessantly for my bad ‘moves’ and STARING intently at my feet so as to avoid eye contact.

Actually, on rereading these problems I have decided that, pretty much, you can apply these problems to anytime I have tried dancing or even just any part of my life!

Dang it!

On second thought maybe I won’t be going Lindy- Hop dancing, not today anyway.

But if you are much smoother than I, which let’s be honest isn’t too hard, and you want to give it a go then the next

‘The Cat’s Meow’ is on Saturday 16th of June.

I recommend going with a bunch of lovely people that you can giggle with, drinks are cheap too, which may … or may not aid you in your Lindy-Hopping!

Celeste xx

p.s. We’re just 100 views away from 10, 000! Eek! So exciting!! Keep an eye out tomorrow for a give away! 🙂

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Field Trip: Cinnamon Square

Cinnamon Bun, good for the tum!

A beautiful friend of ours, Naomi, introduced me to this magical place of cinnamon that is tucked away in Rickmansworth. I am a sucker for cinnamon, on my toast, in my sugar, in my shower gel, in my altoids… I just love cinnamon! So there will be no surprise then that this place brings joy to my heart, my tummy and my face!

Cinnamon Square do a variety of goods but I must admit I have never got passed the classic Large Cinnamon Bun. Hanna and I had a little trip there a while ago.

Our order:

2 Large Cinnamon Buns

1 Americano

1 Cappucino

There are also some beaut little charity shops in round the corner from it. I think you will not regret it if you go!

Here is their website!

Happy Eating!!!


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Field Trip: Matt Corby, Secret Garden Gig

Sarah, her Simon, and I got to be one of the few fortunate enough to get a ticket to Matt Corby’s first, potentially last, ‘Secret Garden Gig’. Matt Corby is a handsome Australian signed with Communion. I have a little crush … don’t judge me!

A ‘Secret Garden Gig’, someone offers their garden, you find out about the location a week before, bring blankets, picnic, drink, listen to lovely music outside, surrounded by bunting and fairy lights. A lovely concept in Australia but maybe not quite right for England, in April anyway.

The set up was sweet with lime water and cupcakes on the go, there was some lovely music before by a girl with gold jeans and then a man with gorgeous guitars played. He was from a band called Evan Jack, I plan on keeping an ear out for them.

Despite the cold, the wet, purple hands and heckling posh idiots, Matt Corby played brilliantly, was handsome, kind and disarming.

A girl with a lovely coat was taking pictures and you can see them here. She makes it all look so much warmer than it was! Also, if you look very carefully you will see that Caggie from ‘Made In Chelsea’ was there, I think cause she heard we were going to be there?

We drank rum and coke, ginger whiskey and tequila. We had lovely collection of picnic foods from good old M&S and then for dessert, some backwoods cigars.

All in all, a cold but lovely day.

– Celeste


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Our Weekend in Pictures: Back to reality!

This weekend  has been lovely, and filled with time off, friends, rain, hail and shine.

As Easter holidays have come to an end, we are now getting back to life as we know it… No long weekends, no short weeks, that is at least until the beginning of next month! Bring on May Day!

So whether you got  yourself ready or did, what some of us are known for, and distracted yourself blissfully until Monday was upon you and you couldn’t ignore it anymore, we hope it was lovely!

Keep your eyes peeled for another ‘Field Trip’ coming your way as this weekend we had word that we’ve managed to score ourselves some tickets to a lovely Secret Garden show with Matt Corby performing. Fairy lights, blankets, pillows, picnic, stars, beautiful music and loads of girls giving the ‘eye’ to Matt Corby. What more could you want for a saturday night?

We managed to email our names quite soon after it was posted so if we didn’t get tickets we’d have been flabbergasted! (Pretty excited to have used flabbergasted... I am not sure anyone has said that since the 50s. Let’s bring it back?)

Here is a little video of one of Matt Corby’s secret garden shows with the beautiful Bree Tranter singing.

Hanna, Sarah and Celeste

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