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Come Home to Me: the Lazenby’s!

Us foxes have the good fortune of knowing some incredibly stylish, lovely and clever people. Though most of us don’t  own our own place we like to make the best of what we’ve got! Here are a few ideas of things you could do to turn your humble abode into a cosy sanctuary that feels just like you!

 A few months ago now in our Friday Finds we featured this beautiful artist called Mark Lazenby he has some seriously amazing work that you can buy here. Do it! Every house needs a Lazenby.

Mark, his beauty of a wife Rachel and their amazing kids live in one of my favourite houses to visit because of how beautifully they have decorated it. It is fun, quirky and cool, just like them! 

Their kitchen, like many, is where some of the loveliest things happen, cooking, eating, talking, drinking.

The walls are filled with things that are a proper treat for your eyes!

Under “To & From THE ZOO”  is one of my favourites of Mark’s “A Brief History of Eternity”. You can buy it!

 “So Far” (below)  is by a British Pop Artist called Joe Tilson.

I missed getting a pic of their eldest Noah’s art work that’s up on the wall and is also pretty amazing!


Mark and Rachel’s mantle has loads of lovely anniversary pressies that they have made for each other, as well as cute pics of their little ones!

This one is coloured in sugar cubes for their ‘sugar’ anniversary, 6 years!

There are also all these beaut little touches, like this little defender of the lounge room hiding up near the ceiling!

I want a house just like this one day!

A house that is quirky.

A house that is homely.

A house full of beautiful things.

A house that celebrates the people and things I love.

That, right there, is a true story.

Happy Thursday … one day til the weekend and I get to hang out with that spiffy lady, Hanna, in Bristol!!



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Field Trip: The Wilderness of Manitoba

All of the best nights in my life have consisted of brilliant company, tasty drinks, beautiful music and if I’m lucky even a banjo! Last night was up there with some of the best nights it contained all the magic elements! Sarah and I ventured out to the Lexington on Pentonville road in London to hear the beautiful sounds of ‘The Wilderness of Manitoba‘.

The Lexington is a beaut little venue that has all the whiskey’s your heart would desire and also some VERY tasty spirits! We partook in our fair share of the Kraken and coke… The Kraken is some absolutely delicious rum!

The Wilderness of Manitoba played beautifully, their harmonies felt a little bit like they hugged you (cheese!) and they looked very Canadian. I remembered hearing that one of them is a Maths teacher so I was totally prepared to, in the right moment, yell out Pythagoras theorem, that moment never came.

If you haven’t heard their beautiful sounds then make sure to have a listen and buy their albums.

Their music is perfect for sunny listening!

Happy Listening!

– Celeste and Sarah

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