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Weekend in pictures…

This weekend we’ve been appreciating life’s little joys

Celeste was a trooper and stayed up most of Friday night so she fully deserved her chilled out Sunday eve with Gatsby, Kinfolk and Tequila.

RelaxAs well as some sparkly, Danish men and a good film! (what more could you want?!)


Sarah kept active with the Craftivists


Hanna made her bed (picture worthy occasion) and picked branches to bring Spring inside…



Hope you had a good weekend and are ready to face the new week!

-Celeste, Sarah and Hanna

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Make Do Mend: Advent Kit

So I am off for a little trip to see some lovely people and be a bridesmaid for my best friend. Yay!

I am thinking that I want to bring a few little pressies for people but know I’ve not got very much dosh for buying.

I am taking a few little advent kits that I have put together.

Tiger have some ‘Final Countdown’ 1 -24 pegs for £1 that I am going to put in a little Candy stripe bag with 24 doilies and green and white butchers twine!

BAM! You have a little make your own ‘Advent Kit’.

Shizzle and Merry Christmas!


– Celeste

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Make Do Mend: Welcome Mat. ‘Moi moi!’

So as you know our lovely Hanna moved far from us, well a few hours down the road. (One forty-five if you smash it down the motorway, which of course I never do! ) I had in my mind that I wanted to get her a sweet welcome mat for a house-warming present. I searched the interweb for some cute ones but couldn’t find one that was just right so I figured how hard can it be to make and design a little welcome mat yourself? Turns out, not very!

Materials you need:

1. Ideas for designs

2. Plain Coir Mat. (Wilkinsons do them for a mere £3.80!!)

3. Outdoor paint. I got these from Hobbycraft.

4. Paint brush. I got a fairly wide flat brush.


1. Choose a design. I got some chalk for the purpose of outlining, sadly that didn’t work so I had to free hand it. So because you have to freehand it is probably best to keep your design fairly simple.

I chose Moi’ which is ‘Hi‘ in Finnish. Not high in Finnish…like high in fibre! (ok, not funny, bad joke)

This is because our lovely Hanna is in fact Finnish and her husband is English, hence the regular english ‘Hi’.

2. Leave it to dry.

3. Welcome people into your home.

4. Wipe your feet on it.

This is so fun, I think I will start making a lot of these little guys. Maybe one for every room??

A cheap, unique and personal house-warming gift!

Happy ‘Welcome Mat’ ing! And if you do one send us a little picture of your designs and how they worked out, we would love that!!

Bye … and bye in finnish. Whatever that is! (I should look it up but I can’t be bothered… Sorry!)

xx Celeste


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Found Things: Lady Jamie Greetings

I want to tell you about my friend Jamie. She is exceedingly beautiful, talented, funny and Aussie! We have know each other since I was fourteen and thought I was a skater girl! (Sk8r guuurrrl!) I get to be a bridesmaid with her in November! YESSS!

Some of my favourite nights of my life have been with her and her husband when they used to live in this sweet retro house in Seven Oaks. We would have fake Australia Day at all times of the year, eat incredible food, drink schnapps and wear aussie flag tattoos. ROCK!

We would have homemade steak and chips made off Mark’s manmade outdoor BBQ where he kept the utensils hanging from a tree in the garden and would say things like

‘You see, Celeste, the beauty of this is a cat was licking that just yesterday and now all the heat has burnt off the germs and we are going to eat off it. Brilliant!’

It’s safe to say that these two are some of my favourites, absolute weapons AND they are about to have a baby. That kid is going to be all kinds of awesome! Anyway, this beautiful friend of mine has created some equally beautiful greeting cards.

Check them out. I heart them! TRUE STORY!



Love Sweet Love

Happy Heart

Just For You

Cupcake and Tea cup. (some of my fave!)

Happy Birthday. (Clock is another fave!)

Hope you love them and maybe even buy some too!

x Celeste

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Make Do Mend: Pretty as a Picture, for Grown Ups!

If you’re a little on the skint side but you want to put some effort into someones pressie so they know they’re spesh then you can whip up one of these little numbers or just give them a good snuggle… If they’re lucky they might get both! A few months ago I did a ‘Pretty as a Picture’ post about a cute kids picture, here are some ideas for the grown ups!

I’ve taken to picking up vintage kids books, poetry, novels and recipes from charity shops and placing them as a background and then stenciling over the top. If you want to save the books and not tear pages out then you can scan and print the pages.. somehow I like the idea that it’s an original piece of paper they’ve got in each one though.

Here are a few examples of some that I did…

I used pages from a vintage Elizabeth Barrett Browning book of poems as the base.  I also had a few little stencils that I got from Oxfam, a bird, stag, deer and then (surprise, surprise) added some doilies.

You could also use doilies as a stencil if you want over a nice illustration or to highlight some text you like.

In other news, and entirely unrelated, I am very excited that Bob Dylan has announced a new album, ‘Tempest’, coming out soon! Woot!! I love that man! He’ll always have a place in my heart and my … err, ears? That’s a bit strange but you know what I mean!

Drank a little pint under this poster at the Boot, a dirty little pub in St Albans… Perfect!

Happy Wednesday, innit!

– Celeste x

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Make, Do, Mend: Simple fabric printing

Ever since Sarah posted about printing her wedding invitations I’ve had printing on my mind. I remember how in primary school we used to do some simple fabric printing using sticky back plastic – so here’s me trying to recreate that!

You need:

Fabric paint

Material (tea towels, t-shirts, baby onesies etc)


Sticky back plastic

Brush (or a sponge if you prefer dabbing)

craft knife (optional)

Step 1.

Draw your design on paper. The simpler the design the easier your job will be (I recommend starting with a fairly simple one – you can always upgrade after your first trial!)

Step 2.

Cut out your designs and trace the outline of the figures on the back of the sticky back plastic. Make sure your piece of plastic is much bigger than what you need (just in case your brush slips).

Step 3.

Cut the figures out – leaving hole/s that make your design.

Step 4.

This is the tricky bit and brings back memories of covering school books. Peel the back of the plastic off and position it on your fabric. You might need an extra pair of hands to help you if the plastic is twirling or the material is not staying put. Make sure the plastic is securely stuck on the fabric.

Step 5.

Put a piece cardboard or paper under the material – this is especially important if you’re painting t-shirts or other clothing. Otherwise you will have the mirror image on the back… (you might have noticed from the picture that I forgot this at first:))

Start painting! Don’t worry about getting paint on the plastic as it won’t go through to your material.

Step 6.

When you’ve covered the whole design don’t peel the plastic of straight away but leave it to dry fully (otherwise the wet paint might smudge when you take the plastic off).

Step 7.

Once you’re satisfied that the paint has dried, peel the plastic off. Now just follow the instructions on the side of your paint bottle. Mine said to cover the printed area with a clean cloth and iron on a hot setting for a couple of minutes. Then wash and you have a hand printed piece ready to be used!

Happy making!


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Penny for your thoughts: Pin and Go!

In the last few weeks I have been thinking about the amount of images and inspiration there is around us. I am a keen follower of quite a few blogs and totally addicted to Pinterest. This often leaves me with an inspiration overload. I see so many potential projects and ideas that I could do, that I don’t end up doing anything!

So I’m thinking I need a challenge, and this lovely blog called Young House Love has provided it!

They have set a challenge, for each other and for their viewers, to complete one project each season that was inspired by one of their pins. This could be anything: a recipe, DIY project, knitted or sewn item… Basically anything that floats your boat that season!

I think I need to jump on board and start doing more! What do you think – are you with me?

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the progress – maybe some of them will even end up as Make, Do, Mend posts!


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