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Dress Up: Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner

Mac make up has been a staple in my makeup bag since I was seventeen. My mum made the mistake of trying to help me become a woman by taking me to get makeover. I have been addicted to their eyeshadow and lip stuff ever since!

For a while now they have done this amazing tinted lip conditioner with SPF 15 that also tastes amazing. It tastes almost like a cross between vanilla wafers and a cupcake! YUM!

It is but a mere £11 to buy and you can get 3 different colours. Fuchsia fix is the best though, in my humble opinion, looking super bright in the pot but going on with the perfect amount of pink to brighten, gloss, condition and protect your lips!

Can you tell I am convinced!? My problem is remembering to actually put it on my lips rather than just eat it!

Get involved but don’t eat too much just because it tastes nice, it makes you feel sick.

I know.

– Celeste

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Dress up: Bad Hair Day saver

I have been blessed with typical scandinavian hair: fine and dull. I know, lucky me. There’s been times when I’ve grown my hair in hopes of having locks like Elle Macpherson but, needless to say, it didn’t work out quite as I imagined! But now, maybe it comes with age, I’m slowly realising that I will never have thick wavy hair but need to learn to live with what I have.

So when I stumble on a product that saves my sanity and significantly improves Bad Hair Days I get a bit preachy.

Toni and Guy’s Sea Salt Texturising Spray is my daily go to product to give a bit of volume and waves without spending hours with a blowdryer (Oh yes, I didn’t mention that I am also L.A.Z.Y when it comes to daily styling). This stuff works.

For all you fellow fine haired types (or if you’ fancy yourself some serious beachy locks) go get yourself some of this magic!


Ps. Alexa Chung makes a good (fine)hair icon! 🙂


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Dress up: Scrub-a-dab

After spending the weekend lazing in the sun (and not doing any of the things I was planning on getting done) my skin felt a bit fried and dull. Exfoliation was needed desperado! However, as per usual when you need something, I was greeted by an empty exfoliator tube.

Desperate times calls desperate measures – I decided to make my own! After a bit of quality internet research and a good look in our kitchen cupboards (some of them call for the most obscure ingredients – No, we do not have Japanese rice flour lying around!) I was ready to give it a go!

So this ‘recipe’ is adapted/put together from various ones found in the magical land of the interweb. It’s really simple and takes approx. 3 minutes to make.

Exfoliator extraordinaire:

1 tbsp Honey

1/2 tbsp Olive oil

1 tsp Milk (you can just skip this if you want it to last a bit longer)

3-4 tbsp Sugar (if you want a gentler face scrub use caster sugar or for bit more heavy duty body exfoliator you could use granulated sugar- or simply whatever you got!)

Mix all the ingredients together until it forms a runny paste (adding more sugar/ oil or milk if needed).

Then just scrub your worries away! I purposefully made a small amount but if you still have some left over pop it in the fridge (just make sure you notify your housemates/family about this random jar) and use within a week.

I was so surprised that my face (and hands) felt super soft after using this concoction (much more so than some of the store bought ones I’ve used)! It’s cheep, cheerful and completely natural. No nasties in this one.

Happy showering!



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Dress Up: Red Lips

It will come, to some who know me, as no surprise that I have a weakness for wearing red lips!

 Just recently, even though I am a grown lady, my chin has started resembeling that of a 15 yr old boy…by that I mean spots, not whiskers … well … if there was a whisker there is no way I am about to tell you lot!

SO I have discovered a fabulous new function for red lips… misdirection!

Problem is I can’t stop pointing out the spots anyway so it doesn’t really work.

I am going to humbly recommend Mac’s Sheen Supreme, New Temptation, A91.

It makes my heart glad. True story!

– Celeste

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Dress up: Madara Eco cosmetics

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This post might fall in to the category of “could-not-be-less-interested” for many, but to those eco buffs out there this find might be of interest.

I stumbled across the cosmetic brand MADARA this summer and got super excited! All products are completely free of parabens and other nasties and contain organically certified ingredients grown in the Baltic region. As I tend to judge the book by it’s cover (and cosmetics by their packaging:) I can tell, that these tubes and bottles look great too!

Madara was started by two girls who got frustrated with the lack of natural cosmetics in their native Latvia, and thought why not start their own brand of eco cosmetics. Now their products are sold in over 20 countries around the world. I love it!


Ps. Tried and tested: Moon Flower tinted moisturiser and Regenerating night cream. I’m hooked.

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Dress Up: Paul and Joe

So, I have this thing where I never really feel like a real woman. There are many reasons :

1. I always get food on my face
2. I never fall gracefully
3. Unladylike words are uttered from my mouth, mostly when playing computer games
4. I try to play Call of Duty and one day dream of beating the boys
5. I snort when I laugh
6. I’ve been know to mutter ‘That’s what she said!’
7. My nails are never pristine but always chipped

The list could go on BUT number seven was always one that stuck with me. I was in awe of those women who had shiny, smooth flawless nails.

It makes me suddenly feel like a little girl watching my mum put her make up on whilst I, never being sure where my lips ended and face began, smudged it all over my face.

I looked at these beautiful nails and felt inferior. I looked at these women, looking at my chipped, half picked off nailpolish with a quizzical, semi- disapproving look in their eyes and felt inferior forcing me to sit on my hands for the remainder of my encounter with them.

25th December, 2011 my nails, my demeanour, my world was forever changed. It was this day that, courtesy of two beautiful friends of mine, I tried, for the first time, nail polish that cost more than £3.50. I put on a base coat, two coats and then a top coat AND … I looked like a real woman. A REAL WOMAN.

Paul and Joe, nail varnish, you have rocked my world .. And my purse!

It is gorgeous, you could say I am obsessed … don’t judge me!

You can find lovely Paul and Joe nail varnish on and



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