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Friday Finds…

Another friday is here and with it some finds….

We mentioned Red Hat No Knickers’ as a place to get affordable vintage online and now, dangerously, we have stumbled across another little place for affordable vintage, Apple Branches Vintage on etsy. So cute and not too dear. Oh dear!

Have a little look at Smokehouse a Smith Journal video.

WARNING It will make you want to go live in the woods, hunt and cut down trees, even if you are a lady.

<p><a href=”″>The Smokehouse</a> from <a href=””>Smith Journal</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

You can preorder Rohan’s book Whole Larder Love here.

If last weeks post has you still thinking about the silliness of love and romance, Two Cures for Love is a delightful read, it is a sweet and humourous selection of poems on love by Wendy Cope.

You can get it here.

We are looking forward to all the tracks of foxes being reunited this weekend! Yesssss!

Hope that your weekends are glorious and full of food, fun and friends!

Happy Friday!!!

– Tracks of Foxes

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Dress Up: Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner

Mac make up has been a staple in my makeup bag since I was seventeen. My mum made the mistake of trying to help me become a woman by taking me to get makeover. I have been addicted to their eyeshadow and lip stuff ever since!

For a while now they have done this amazing tinted lip conditioner with SPF 15 that also tastes amazing. It tastes almost like a cross between vanilla wafers and a cupcake! YUM!

It is but a mere £11 to buy and you can get 3 different colours. Fuchsia fix is the best though, in my humble opinion, looking super bright in the pot but going on with the perfect amount of pink to brighten, gloss, condition and protect your lips!

Can you tell I am convinced!? My problem is remembering to actually put it on my lips rather than just eat it!

Get involved but don’t eat too much just because it tastes nice, it makes you feel sick.

I know.

– Celeste

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Make Do Mend: Old shoes, new shoes.

I never love straps that come across the ankle on me because a) It makes my legs look even shorter and b) It makes me look like I have flipper duck feet. So combine short short legs with flipper duck feet and I really don’t love it.

So, with these little sandals,  from Dorothy Perkins for a mere £15, I took a Stanley knife to them and voila! If you find shoes that are cheap enough for you to customise then grab a Stanley knife and give it a go!

New shoes.

Careful though, don’t stab yourself!

Celeste x 

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Found: Thx, thx, thx – a thank you note a day!

I came across this blog recently and straight away spent AGES scrolling through the funny, cute and sometimes downright weird thank you notes by Leah Dieterich. Her mum always told her to be thankful so Thx thx thx is her daily exercise in gratitude. There’s always something to be grateful for… even if it is for the boy who wore hippy skirts at high school!

Hanna x

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A damp weekend in pictures…

This weekend was damp. Think it’s fair to say that Fall has err.. Fallen?

French toast and fried apples make a good weekend breakkie!!

Society Cafe in Bath boast some clever design! Treat for your tummy AND your eyes!

Sunday raining afternoon: Film, Cuppa, Blanket.

Celeste’s favourite google search … have a ‘gander’. Hah!

A cheery street name for a dreary day!

Celeste had a beautiful facetime, with her bestie in Aus, which turned into a cooking class! p.s. if you know what’s good for you you’ll be watching Australian Masterchef! True Fact!

AND she has just found this beautiful little place to be her home with her hubby to be!! (Stole this pic off his instagram… sorry Aaron, Jules said it would be ok!)

Happy monday get out your wellies and scarves!!

Sarah, Hanna and Celeste 



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Friday finds on a Saturday..

Apologies for the late post. Yesterday was spent on the couch smothered in deep heat and popping painkillers like candy. (That was hyperbolic, Mum, don’t worry I had them at the accepted 4 hour intervals!)

Better late than never here is something to lust after for your house, some sweet artwork and something for your belly on these chilly autumn days.

For your house:

This beautiful peacock chair from ‘The Family Love Tree.’ Maybe I’ll bring one back from Aus when I’m out there? Not sure about luggage allowance? There are butt loads of beautiful things to ‘crush on’ on their website quilts, pillows, chairs.

Some seriously sweet artwork by Ghostpatrol:

 The GhostPatrol website has some lovely images to get lost in from sketchbook drawings to Gocco prints. Do it… Have a look, I dare you! (sorry, that was a bit aggressive.. look if you want.)

And as the days grow more and more crisp we are definitely heading into Hot Chocolate territory.. Here is Jamie Oliver’s recipe for the Best Hot Chocolate.


Play around with it though, add some Baileys, Rum, Coconut Milk, Nutella, a mint hershey’s kiss??

Happy weekend… make some nice hot chocolate.

And maybe a baileys one for us foxes?

Thank you please!

 – XXX


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After smashing some sushi in my face and washing some tramadol down with diet coke I realised, with 15 minutes left of lunch, that I needed to come up with a little post for today.

So, is somewhere that I regularly find myself putting things in my online basket and never checking out. Sometimes that works well. You feel as though you scratched your shopping ‘itch’ and then sometimes it’s depressing because no beautiful and magic packages arrive at your door.

Anyway, it is full of fun, beautiful, mystical art work that is entirely reasonable in price.

Some of my favourite illustrators are featured Jamie Mitchell… Who doesn’t want a polar bear with a beanie on called BOB!?

Sandra Dieckmann … ‘Hello bear on the back of an eagle with laser eyes!’

and Mark Callaby with his err .. ‘Great tits!’ hahaha!

Enjoy perusing this sweet website chockas full of beautiful illustrations.. before you know it half a day is gone and your pretend online shopping basket is full as a gook!

Still got 6 minutes left… Coffee?

xx Celeste


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Penny for your thoughts: ‘The generally accepted silliness of love and relationships’

I mentioned in the ‘Weekend in Pictures‘ that I had been talking to someone and they said this great thing. They were explaining why they wrote a pop song about something ‘silly like black pepper’ rather than the ‘generally accepted silliness of love and relationships’.

That left me thinking about just that, the silliness of love and relationships. I am sure he meant something intelligent and existential but it made me ponder the awkwardness and silliness of my own experience of love and relationships. You see, I am particularly gifted in being silly and awkward when it comes to romance.

There is the silliness of accepting complimentsSO UNCOMFORTABLE. My first boyfriend tried to tell me my smile was pretty. I slapped my hand over my mouth and yelled ‘Shut up!’. 12 years later I have improved in this area but not by much.. my current strategy is to either a) ignore it entirely and keep talking or b) make fun of the compliment giver ensuring they won’t make that same mistake again!

The silliness of dates with someone you don’t really know. I went on a date recently and was seeing a friend beforehand so showed them pictures of the date on my iphone (incase they turned out to be axe man – you can never be too careful!) and she managed to ‘like’ 10 of his pictures without realising. That was uncomfortable. However the great thing about dates with someone you don’t really know is that it doesn’t get too serious, you can have fun and when it doesn’t work out you’re generally not gutted, you’ve made a friend AND you don’t have to see/run into them all the time.

The silliness of saying yes to dates even when you don’t really want to just because you think you’ll be judged if you don’t. It has been said to me, ‘you have to stop being so choosy, he is hot and you may not get another one like that!’  So uncomfortably I said yes and then hid from him. He got the idea.

The silliness of rejection. Being rejected, awful. Doing the rejecting, more awful and then sometimes the immense relief that you’ve been rejected therefore you don’t have to be the rejector!

The silliness and awkwardness of kissing. Oh man, everyone else seems to kiss in a super cool and smooth way. I am the one who bumps heads/teeth or, in the excitement of kissing, forgets to breathe. Even though I regularly breathe through my nose in general life I seem to always forget to do so when kissing. I frequently vow to ‘practice’, err …on my hand ?- i guess, but always forget until I once again am about to pass out, not from being overcome by passion and intensity but from lack of oxygen.

The silliness and awkwardness of not kissing. There was one poor, poor, boy who dated me when I was a teenager and for six months… SIX MONTHS, we didn’t kiss. He tried, I thought that he was just talking really close to me and would get cross-eyed trying to look at him. He also would get a little saliva bubble on his teeth when he got nervous… I didn’t want it to pop on me.

The silliness relating to the fine line between stalker and romantic. I think that line is defined by how hot the person is. The words ‘I thought you looked pretty’ can be either creepy or butterfly inducing depending on whether you want to hear it from that person in particular or not. Poor guys, they have no chance really.

The silliness that your friends assume you’re going to die a long, slow and lonely death if you’re not ‘snapped up’ soon and as a result a well-meaning flurry of set ups ensue. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration. Maybe.

The silliness in the assumption that because someone ‘likes’ your photo on facebook that they are, in fact, in love with you.

The silliness that going for coffee and a few text messages mean you want someone’s babies.

The silliness in all the pondering on this silliness and taking it too seriously.

Life is such fun,

live it,

laugh at it

and make new friends.

Now I may be alone in experiencing all this silliness so as always please don’t judge me.

Happy Hump Day! (wait .. that is what they call Wednesday’s isn’t it? Somehow it takes on a slightly different meaning in the context of this post?)

xx Celeste


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Make Do Mend: Lyric Art.

I had a day when I knew, for the good of my little heart, I had to do me some making!!!

For about a year I had saved this Lyric Art tutorial from A Beautiful Mess on  my desktop but I just couldn’t figure out the perfect lyrics to use. On my way home from work I was listening to the beaut band ‘The Head and the Heart’ and it jumped out at me.

‘Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways.’

So without even putting my bag down I went straight to my ‘craft cupboard’, which also happens to be where we keep everything else… and where a friend occasionally hides in order to scare the crap out of me, and got out my old ‘Frankie’ calendar.

I took a Rob Ryan picture and another picture, stuck the letters on (some improvising was necessary for the ‘&’), painted, peeled and this is the fun little result! Yay!

Happy days! I love it!

Here is the video of the song ‘Down in the Valley’ that I love.


If you like this idea, then check out the tutorial by A Beautiful Mess.

I got sticky letters from Amazon.

I used the Frankie calendar but you can use anything for the background, art magazine, newspaper, wrapping paper, a painting.

Just grab some paint… and then away you go! 🙂

AVOID eating whilst painting… I am a bit ditsy, and as I had the paint on my saucer in a blob somehow I thought it was ketchup and I dipped my sausage in it. What a ‘stickhead‘.

Here they are all framed and lovely ready to go up with my map from ‘Not another Bill’ and my 1922 map of Australia!

Happy Making… it is good for the soul!

xx Celeste


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Weekend in pictures…

Our weekend in pictures…

Happy morning. Coffee, Elle Decoration and peanut butter and banana toast. . . (smile!)

Introducing some Indian visitors to Thorpe Park and their first trip on a rollercoaster! They were hardcore and front row on Collosus!

Jeswin couldn’t understand why we were freaking out on the ‘Saw‘ ride when it was dark, he yelled ‘WHY ARE YOU SCARED!?!’. Favourite memory of Thorpe Park, that and the pick n mix.

Hanna got down to some uni business!

A friend called Teddy Fox (what a name!!!) who is about 18 months old let me visit his cowboy tipi. I wish my life was spent around a fire with some cowboys playing music.

Hanna and Jon’s new backyard is a little blackberry heaven. Celeste is hoping to get some jam as a result! (hint!)

There are some days when a man lies down outside with his guitar.

This time that man was Daniel and the good ones.’ 

Some time was also spent taking pictures of feet. Standard. 

One of the best things that happened, apart from ‘WHY ARE YOU SCARED!?‘, was a conversation that included the phrase ‘the generally accepted silliness of love and relationships.’ It started the cogs wirring so keep an eye out on a Penny for your thoughts on this one day!

Have a lovely week! Autumn is coming!!!

Hanna, Celeste and Sarah


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