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A collection of wise words from Frankie for this weekend…

For this little weekend we have some wise words from Frankie Magazine!

Happy Weekend!!!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste


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This weekend…

We hope that this weekend you’ll have fun with people who you can be yourself with and enjoy the summery skies. Here’s a few suggestions if you’re stuck for ideas…

Do something you haven’t done before…

Think about the Autumn ahead and instead of dreading it think of something fun you could start doing

Treat yourself to some kick ass baked goods

Get a nice cold drink and put your feet up!

-Sarah, Celeste and Hanna 

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Friday Finds: All things Foxy

This friday in missing our fellow fox Hanna from our ‘hood, we are dedicating our Friday Finds to all things Foxy.

Fantastic Mr Fox was the very first book I read through all by myself when I was little, and much as Quentin Blakes illustrations induce delicious nostalgia, I have recently found some of these beautiful illustrations from Donald Chaffin from pre Blake… so lovely

Donna Wilson makes much that is fun, kooky and lovely, you should check out all of her stuff but what do think of this fella to eat your dinner off… cute, eh?

If I owned and didn’t rent my front door, I would want this bushey tailed guy to welcome you.

In case you missed it, here is my all time favorite poem, my one of my favorite poets, that inspired our little blog name…

Happy Weekending

Celeste, Sarah & Hanna

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Weekend in Pictures…




This weekend…

We partook in some Honey Rum and Coke thanks to some globe trotting lovelies!

The postman brought some goodies!

Thomasina Miers ‘Wahaca – Mexican food at home’ 

Cannot wait to try and make the ‘Pork Pibil’.

It is so delicious, if it was a man I would kiss it on the mouth every day!

The postman also brought these babies, End of the Road tickets! YESSSSS!

The Peahen in St Albans has started their BBQ Sunday’s again.

A smokey BBQ beef burger with cheese and crispy bacon and potato salad.

I would eat it again in a second!

Hope everyone has lovely weeks ahead, Sarah and Celeste are off to see the beaut Canadian folk band ‘The Wilderness of Manitoba’ on Wednesday  while Hanna is swimming, fishing, saunaing in Finland! (JEALOUS!)

Happy Monday!

– Celeste, Sarah and Hanna


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Weekend in Pictures.. Happy Canada day!

This weekend…

…it happened to be CANADA DAY! Disappointingly there were no Canadian celebrations however, ironically,  we did see some classic british sights in Brighton!

Saturday was a glorious day to see the sights in Brighton

We got photobombed taking a photo of Malcolm!

The beach is a little confusing if you’re Australian… there’s no sand!!!

You’ve not really been to Brighton if you don’t have a standart post card shot of their stripey sun loungers… these one’s were free.

Hanna and her hub are packing up to move away, sad but fun times!

Hanna’s started some work on some pre-course tasks..

Hope this week holds some sun and fun for us all!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste

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Friday Finds: Treats for your Eyes, Ears and Funny Bone.

This weeks Friday Finds includes a treat for your eyes, your ears and a little tickle for your funny bone. 

For your eyes:

There is this man called Mark Lazenby who makes such beautiful images. I have lost a lot of time trolling through his website and the links to other lovely artists. Here are a few to wet your appetite, check out his site.

For your ears:

This week we heard the lovely sounds of Alistair Mackenzie, he has some excellent facial hair and some beautiful songs! You can get his FREE EP from the interweb here.

For your funny bone: 

Frankie Magazine posted some ‘Not Quite Right’ cards  last week they gave me a little grin. Now looking for excuses to send these little crackers.


Happy Weekend!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste



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Cheers for 10 grand Giveaway!

This week has seen us reach a brilliant 10 000 views! We are so honoured (and amazed) that you keep reading our scribbles and thoughts. Thank you!

So we thought that in honour of this ten grand we’d do a little giveaway in true blog style. So please leave a comment saying what has been your favourite Make, Do & Mend so far. You have until Friday 22nd June to do so and then we’ll randomly pick 3 winners. Each winner will get either a Wendell Berry book, a set of 2 coasters or a handprinted shopping bag.

Good luck and have a lovely weekend!

-Celeste, Sarah & Hanna


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