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Make, Do, Mend: Cheat’s scented candles

I came across some thyme adorned candles on Pinterest (where else) a few weeks ago. We don’t have a supply of thyme but do have a huge rosemary bush in our back garden, so I decided to give my own version ago.

I used some repurposed glass jars (I’m pretty sure these used to have GU puddings in them – yummo!), few sprigs of rosemary and some all purpose twine. This couldn’t be any simpler. I just twisted some of the twine around the rosemary (I joined two sprigs together to go all the way around the jar) and made a knot to keep it all in place.

This could be a lovely addition to a dinner table to create a bit of ambiaaaance this Autumn!


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Make Do Mend: Wedding Quilt for the best lady!

I have the insane priveledge of being a bridesmaid for my best friend, Julia! Jules and I have been besties since we were about eleven. We were born a day apart and we actually get on like a house on fire.

We have talked about boys til the early hours of the morning, lamented not kissing .. and then kissing, we watched ‘Empire Records’ fifteen times in one week, we decided to make some muffins for a lady we met randomly and we laughed til I had an asthma attack because we decided that the word ‘okay’ was somehow hilarious.

We have shared a love of cargo pants, Taylor Hanson, Counting Crows, John Mayer, beach time, Anne of Green Gables and sewing and now I get to share in the day we have talked about for so long. If you have read or seen AOGG then you will understand when I say that she is a kindred spirit… my bosom friend!

She is gorgeous, artistic, talented, sweet and funny plus she knows me so well even though we spend years a part at a time. I’m super grateful to have someone that knows me well and loves me anyway! She is a megababe and is marrying this man that’s a bit of a weapon from all things I can tell. So for her wedding gift I wanted it to be something lovely. It is something I love and have worked on for ages… even if there are more than it’s fair share of mistakes in it.

I decided to make her a quilt out of some of my favourite fabrics and also some of the . My first ‘wedding’ quilt and I am so glad it has gone to this beaut!

Happy nuptials Jules, you are one of my favourites in the whole world for ever. So excited to be a little bridesmaid for you, thanks so much for the privilege!



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Weekend in pictures…

Well, it’s been a windy and rainy weekend in the UK…

Hanna and hubs scrapped all plans and stayed in with good food (lots of it) and drink watching Prometheus and rubbish weekend telly.



Celeste has been hanging out in Melbourne and celebrated the wedding of her bestie with gorgeous food, we can’t wait to hear all about it when she’s back!

Sarah has rekindled her love of knitting (and it’s looking great!) and braved the weather to go see Daniel and the Good Ones rock the Rattlesnake.

We hope you stayed warm and dry this weekend!

Celeste, Sarah and Hanna xx

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Friday Finds: a few fun finds to fuel your weekend

A happy belated Thanksgiving to all our American friends!  Hope you have a weekend full of leftover pumpkin pie & turkey.  Us foxes are thankful for many things, among which, at the risk of being cheesy, we are super grateful you read along with our scribbling/making/adventuring!

This weekend we will be up to all manner of lovliness from toasting bread around an open fire, to bridesmaiding down under, to enjoying company of visiting friends & celebrating belated birthdays.  We hope that inspite of the weather warnings here in the UK, you will have people to cosy up to and fab food and fun conversation to keep your insides warm:

Here are a few finds to help you on your way:


I bought this print for my boy and because of its utter loveliness I bought some for friends, it is by Kate Alizadeh, a fab illustrator from Falmouth – her etsy shop is guaranteed to make you smile!

These slippers will keep your toes toasty

if i had a million dollars I would wrap myself in this shearling coat from Toast

This saturday we are off out to The rattlesnake in islington to enjoy some sonic delights thanks to daniel and his good ones, listen along here, or pop along if you are in the hood.

For those of you who came of age in the mid nineties, and grew up swooning over Ethan Hawke and hoping to be a cool as Julie Delpy, this news will gladden your heart as it has mine.

Some essential information for compiling ‘Dear Santa letters…”

Happy weekending one and all!

Celeste, Hanna & Sarah

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MAKE, DO MEND: How to make a christmas wreath ( a guest post by our crafty chum Jonny)

The Ravn Family are a favorite of us foxes, in addition to being some of the kindest, funniest, coolest families we know – they also know how to make lovely stuff.  Mr Ravn recently handcrafted a christmas wreath to deck out Ravn HQ and we thought it was rather super, so we asked him if he’d mind wriitng a blog post for us, so we could share it with y’all

Thanks Jonny!


How to make a christmas wreath:  

Well Christmas is coming and every year Naomi and I talk about all the lovely things we’d like to create to make our home ready for the winter season. This year for us, is the year of the wreath. Never being one to pay for something I can make myself, I promised her one from the great out doors. So without further ado here is my step-by-step, trial by error guide to making a home made wreath.



 ImageStep 1. Most people use willow but I found this amazing black bamboo plant at Granny’s house and as it needed a trim I got to work. The younger more flexible shoots are green but the older black ones look amazing so make sure you get a good mixture of colour.

ImageStep 2. Trim each as low as you can to get the most out of them. Anything you don’t use can be used in the garden to prop up climbing plants and tomatoes.

 ImageStep 3. Remove all the leaves and off shoots with some secateurs, I tried a knife but bamboo can be really tough and I found it quicker just snipping at each one at a time. Do about a quarter more than you think you need as you will break some or find that not all are bendy enough.

 Image Step 4. Start with the longest, thinnest and most bendy bamboo first. Gently bend it along the shoot to loosen it up. Holding the thick end in one hand figure out what size wreath you want and start wrapping it into a circle always in the same direction. Tie off with some garden wire so it doesn’t slip.

 Image Step 5. Start the next piece a few inches around and just keep repeating it until you’ve made it all the way round. By this point you should have a pretty strong base and so you can add some of the thick darker shoots.

ImageStep 6. When you feel that you’ve got what want. Simply cut the thick ends of the shoots that stick out the back, careful not to trim them to short or you may see all your hard work unravel.


 Step 7. Hang it up on a wall and admire it whist drinking a hot beverage of your choice, knowing that you partner now has to do the real work of making it look  pretty. Hopefully Naomi will take up this challenge and we’ll let you know how it turns out.


-Jonny (Thursday’s honourary fox!)-


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Make, Do, Mend: Christmas gift labels

This is the easiest way to snazz up your wrapping this christmas (or your tree). All you need is some airdrying clay, a rolling pin, some cookie cutters and stamps (if you wish to stamp the person’s name or a message on them). The stamps I used are from Muji (though purchased from eBay for couple pounds -win!)

To start get a piece of clay and roll as thin as you’d like your labels to be. Using cookie cutters, press through as many shapes as you can. Peel of the excess clay around the shapes and using something sharp (I used a knitting needle) make a little hole on the top. This is so that you can thread it with a piece of string to either put on top of a pressie or hang on your tree.

Leave them to dry for a day or two, so that they get solid. If there’s any rough edges just smooth it with fine sandpaper or a nail file.

These make such pretty additions to any package or tree.

Happy crafting!


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Found: Izola presents for the mans…

As we near the most wonderful time of the year  we start thinking … presents!

The Men/boys tend to be the hardest of all to buy for. You either have to go really expensive or jokey.

My favourite presents I have got for the boys are:

1. A new pipe kit. Pipe, pipe cleaning and packing tool, tobacco

2. A hipflask (full of something tasty)

3. An old man kit. Slippers, handkerchiefs and old school shaving kit.

That is until I stumbled across this beautiful website.

Men in my life look away now, this is all you are getting for christmas! (If I get you anything at all..)

Izola makes some things that are so very beautiful, I would be happy if they would all be in my life and my house.

For the drunken men in your life…

‘Three sheets to the wind’And maybe they need to get some ‘stones’?

Whiskey stones!

These coasters have fun facts, stories, cocktail recipes or drinking games on the back! Win!

For the hygiene challenged men in your life…

We have the Scouts shower curtain in our home.

A subtle but lovely hint?

This is also punny… my favourite! And if they are really stinky … they may need three?

Happy christmas shopping!!

– Celeste


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Weekend in pictures

This weekend has been a mix of flying across the world, working and celebrating a birthday for us foxes. Here’s a couple of peaks into our weekend…

Celeste has made us green with envy by jet setting into the warmth of Australia…she was packing bikinis while were adding scarves and hats… Not fair.

Hanna was celebrating a birthday with homemade fondant fancies, walks on the sea side and Jamie’s Italian.

Have a lovely week!

-Celeste, Sarah & Hanna

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Make Do Mend: Advent Kit

So I am off for a little trip to see some lovely people and be a bridesmaid for my best friend. Yay!

I am thinking that I want to bring a few little pressies for people but know I’ve not got very much dosh for buying.

I am taking a few little advent kits that I have put together.

Tiger have some ‘Final Countdown’ 1 -24 pegs for £1 that I am going to put in a little Candy stripe bag with 24 doilies and green and white butchers twine!

BAM! You have a little make your own ‘Advent Kit’.

Shizzle and Merry Christmas!


– Celeste

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Found Things: Bakehouse

Bakehouse in St Albans has been there for so much time and I have only just found my way to it! How is this the case?

Sometimes life is unfair! (I’m feeling hyperbolic today..)

This place is so sweet with beautiful interior decorations, incredible baked goods (you would hope so with a name like the Bakehouse!), pretty views of St Albans Abbey, tasty hot-pot style food & … wait for it… Monmouth Coffee!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Monmouth coffee in close proximity to me! Glory!

Whenever I am in Covent Garden I try to make sure I find my way to Monmouth and have some of their beaut coffee. The best in all the land, in my opinion!

I may also really enjoy asking if they do flavoured syrup. I don’t actually want syrup in my coffee but to watch their face as they look at me with judgement and disgust, because syrup in good coffee is sacrilege. They look at me like I’d gone into their house at christmas and wee’d on their kids.

Anyway, at Bakehouse, I ate a delicious sweet potato and leek crumble and then had pumpkin bread, that tasted like autumn and cinnamony heaven, and coffee for dessert.

They also gave some fun ideas for vases by using old colmans mustard tins and old marmite jars as vases. Too cute and so ‘green’.

If you are in Hertfordshire and looking for somewhere lovely to go and have a little something to brighten your day, eyes, mouth, heart and tummy then definitely give Bakehouse a go!

Happy Hump Day!

– Celeste xx


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