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Make, Do, Mend: Alternative pesto pasta

Nettle pesto

I’ve got spring on the brain. I’m so ready for the sun to start warming these cold bones, however, the weather hasn’t quite co-operated with me yet – C O M E  O N  S P R I N G!

So while we’re waiting I thought I’d share an alternative for the easy weeknight favourite that is pesto pasta. It’s not possible to make this yet in the northern hemisphere, but it’s worth a wait. You see, this pesto is not made with basil, but with nettles. Yes, those stingy little devils that everyone hates.

Nettle pesto 2

But try them in a pesto and you might just change your mind about them! Added bonus is that nettles are packed with all sorts of goodness and taste brilliant in a pesto.

I got the recipe from this website.


So when the sun starts to warm us up and you see those little buggers raising their stingy heads – pick them up (the younger the better apparently), boil and smash into a tasty dinner! (oh, maybe just avoid the ones near sidewalks… other wise you might have dog wee as an added flavour…)

Just remember your gloves, oh and don’t go picking wearing flip flops (proving once again that  i’m never practical with footwear).

– Hanna 

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Found Things: Songs for the middle of the week…

Wednesday, it’s that time of the week that the fun and relaxation of last weekend feels like a distant memory and this coming weekend feels an age away. Also, I have been reliably informed from someone at BBC radio Berkshire that, apparently, you feel your ugliest at 3.20pm on a Wednesday? 

But here are some sweet songs and pretty videos for the last hump/ugly day in March!

Julia Holter – In the Same Room

Lord Huron – She Lit A Fire (From the album Lonesome Dreams)

Samuel Lane‘s new album ‘The Fire’ 

the fire

Fleet Foxes – The Shrine/Argument

Featuring beautiful illustrations from Stacey Rozich.

Happy hump/ugly day and it’s nearly Thursday which means it’s nearly the weekend! Hot Dang!

xx Celeste

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Weekend in Pictures…

We’re still willing Spring to come!

photo 3-1

And perhaps it’s working?

photo 2-2

One of our favourites was celebrated in the lovely ‘Speakeasy‘ coffee shop just off Carnaby street.

photo 1-5

Some American coffee beans to be ground.

photo 5-1

Perfect for trying out the aeropress.

photo 2-3

A lovely Sunday roast in St Albans ‘the Boot’.

photo 3

Smashed it right in my face

photo 2-1

followed by Punk IPA Brew Dog and a Rock n Roll band.

photo 1-2

A little bit of making

photo 4

We’re serious about making our food H-O-T!

photo 1-3

Just hanging out with my first aid bag hoping not to be mistaken for a doctor in the event of a medical emergency!

photo 5

Happy Monday!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste

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Weekend in pictures…





Here comes the sun … doo doo doo doo.


Coffee and banana muffins, starting the weekend as you mean to go on.


Farmer Jo, doing chores and looking the part.

photo 1-2

 You can never go wrong reading ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’.photo 3

Coconut, cinnamon and banana pancakes. That’s 2 of your 5 a day right?

photo 2-1

Raspberry and banana muffins inspired by Hanna’s Saturday breakfast ones.


Ask us about our special dishwashing dance.

photo 5

A flat white with an extra shot and a heart. A latte with an apple… or bum?

photo 4

Here’s hoping that this week is full of blue skies and fun times.

Tracks of Foxes

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Make, Do, Mend: Will you be my pair?


Though me and my husband are not huge fans of Valentines day we still tend to give each other a little card or a present, but don’t really make a fuss out of it. I don’t know about you, but the idea of sitting in a restaurant full of couples makes me want to run for the hills!

So in the name of keeping things simple I made a little card for him.


I turned to our fruit bowl for help and took a picture of a pair of pears. I found some good free fonts through this brilliant blog and put them to use.  The line I ended up with was “Will you be my pair?” (it reminded me of primary school when we had to choose a pair to walk to the swimming baths with). The result is a super simple but sweet card with not much hassle at all.

We’ve said it before (Remember our Blue Valentine?) but I’ll say it again – in Finland Valentine’s day is called a ‘friends day’ so let’s share the love with all those special peeps in our lives!


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Field Trips: Bristol’s Beerd

Life is showing no signs of slowing down at the moment but I’m adamant to ram in a few treats too!

photo 2

When Celeste came down to visit us in the sunny (ahem!) west few weeks ago, we decided that it was the perfect opportunity to pay a visit to a fine establishment called Beerd. The name says it all – there’s a good selection of craft beers and tasty pizza to accompany it!


Celeste started a trend with “three sets of three”, meaning 3 sets of 1/3 pints that allowed us to have our fair share of what was available. Needless to say we managed to make our way through the drinks menu pretty swiftly.

photo 4

We’d most definitely recommend giving Beerd a go if you’re in or around Bristol and fancy a good dinner (or lunch)… Just a word of advice – don’t agree to be the designated driver!


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Dreaming of sun …

Today, longing for warmer, brighter, greener days, I am willing the sun to come with the sunny sounds of Little Joy

and Tunng

and a little guilty pleasure, more pleasure than guilt if I’m honest, Keith Urban.

This short film is a part of Four Stories, a short film series and competition with Roman Coppola and The Directors Bureau, is also a little day brightener. I am a sucker for a Luchadore!

Come on now Spring, it is surely time for you to come and say ‘Hi’?


p.s. Merry Shrove Tuesday! I plan on making my old faithful’s, Coconut, Cinnamon and Banana Pancakes tonight. Yummmmm!

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Weekend in Pictures…

A pretty lovely weekend has been had. We’re making a habit of this!

This weekend has seen us in Bristol, Birmingham, London and the west coast of the United States of America. We got around

It wouldn’t be a Saturday morning without good food and trashy telly! (In this case Nashville!)

photo 1-1

Frightened Rabbit kicked up a storm.

photo 2

Birmingham was showing off a little.

photo 1-1

Sleeman’s Honey Brown Lager as a little Saturday treat.

photo 3

Followed by passionfruit margarita and some Wahaca with one of the best.

photo 2

Sarah has been making us super jealous as she travels the west coast of the states with her husband…

Jack Kerouac bar in San Francisco

photo 4

The Fox Theatre.

photo 3


photo 2

Jack London Square.

photo 5

‘Some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light’

Baywatch anyone?

photo 5


photo 4


Happy Monday … if such a thing exists!?

Sarah, Hanna & Celeste



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Friday Finds: Be My Valentine?

With under a week until Valentine’s Day we’re thinking cards. Nice cards not crap cards. Fun cards not cheesy cards. If you’re on the same wavelength then here are a few little places to start.

Try these Timbergrams… And for every 10 cards sold they plant a tree in Africa. Bonus!

woodyoubemineNothing quite says romance like a tandem bicycle.


Big Love’ is my favourite. 

Big Love

Quill and Fox have this little heart bandit for sale.

heart bandit

If you think your person you’re romancing is up for a more quirky display of affection try out these beauties. (They’re actually my favourite.)

My Heart is Yours.

heart is yours

From my boobs. (Sometime’s they have something to say!)


So, if you’re not boycotting for religious, personal or lonely reasons maybe send someone a cute card … from your boobs?

– Sarah, Hanna & Celeste

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Field Trip: Blitzin’

The other week I mentioned the Blitz Party and the urgent need to don some 40s garb on short notice. Well it happened. There was some changing in grotty pub toilets in Shorditch, some red lips, plenty of Spitfire and a more than your fair share of bow ties. Thanks to housemate Joseph Colman, the one in the glasses, for his lomography skills.

photo 3

Village Underground, Shorditch was a perfect wartime venue.


There was this amazing band where the man sounded like Louie Armstrong and had a leopard skin pill box hat. Weapon.

photo 1

Drinks. Ration book.




Air raid sirens and lots of dancing.





photo 2

An experience to be sure. Worth the £20 ticket for a special occasion with a gang of good ones!

Make it happen!



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