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5 of the best… ALBUMS that we’ve worn out in 2014


As we review the last 12 months, we thought we’d share our greatest finds of 2014, from music, to movies, nights in and days out…

The Albums that have been the soundtrack to our 2014:

Hanna’s top 5

1. My Morning Jacket – At dawn

2. Ryan Adams – Gold

3. Rosie Thomas – If songs could be held (for sentimental reasons… our wedding song’s in it)

4. Phosphorescent – here’s to taking it easy

5. Lauryn hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (erm, because of my teenage years)

Sarah’s top 5:

1. Ben Howard – I forget where we were

2. Beck – Morning Phase

3. Asleep versions – Jon Hopkins – ethereal, this will transport you to a some beautiful place between awake and asleep

4. Bombay Bicycle Club – So long, see you tomorrow (not least because of Rae Morris’s sublime voice)

5. James Vincent McMorrow – Post Tropical

And a sneaky honourable mention to “We are all young together” by Walter Martin – a kids album featuring Matt Berninger and Karen 0, that grown ups will love as much as kids – our baby boy goes crazy for this album!

Celeste’s top 5: 

1. Chet Faker – Gold

2. St. Vincent

3. Bob Dylan – blonde on blonde

4. Bright Eyes – I’m wide awake it’s morning

5.  & it’s a tie b/w Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow & M Ward – a wasteland companio


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Found: Terry’s Harmonica.

photo 1-1

I have a real fondness for old things. Old films, books, crockery, clothing and people. Why? I think it’s because of the stories. I love being reminded of the people that have gone before and survived this thing called life. I love the thought that the dress I’m wearing has been a part of someone other ladies story and memories and now is part of my own. Romantic and cheesy? Oh yes!

All that is to offer some form of prelude to one of my favourite birthday presents.

photo 3

photo 2-1

Last year, for my birthday, I was given this Hohner Chromatic Harmonica.  Beautiful and old. I love it, not because I have managed to master the art of the lovely mouth organ, sadly, but because of the original gift tags.

photo 1

Here’s to you Terry and Jill, I hope your lives were full of love and the harmonica.




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Found: Blind Boys of Alabama ft. Justin Vernon

Oh hello! Here is a little treat for your ears.

What more could you ask for?

Blind Boys of Alabama and Justin Vernon doing a Bob Dylan cover.20130711-blindboys-x600-1373562428

This is all a bit beautiful…

sit in the sun,

drink a passionfruit cocktail


treat your ears to this beauty.

Happy heat wave Thursday!



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Found Things: Songs for the middle of the week…

Wednesday, it’s that time of the week that the fun and relaxation of last weekend feels like a distant memory and this coming weekend feels an age away. Also, I have been reliably informed from someone at BBC radio Berkshire that, apparently, you feel your ugliest at 3.20pm on a Wednesday? 

But here are some sweet songs and pretty videos for the last hump/ugly day in March!

Julia Holter – In the Same Room

Lord Huron – She Lit A Fire (From the album Lonesome Dreams)

Samuel Lane‘s new album ‘The Fire’ 

the fire

Fleet Foxes – The Shrine/Argument

Featuring beautiful illustrations from Stacey Rozich.

Happy hump/ugly day and it’s nearly Thursday which means it’s nearly the weekend! Hot Dang!

xx Celeste

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Days like these: When the sun’s shining down on you…

The sun has finally appeared for us in the UK. Shorts and flip flops are out – hopefully for a long, long time! Here’s a few suggestions on how to spend these lovely sunny days…


Lie in the hammock

Grow strawberries (they are literally impossible to kill off…)

Go to the woods, pick some pretty leaves and put them in vases at home.

Find a beach, any beach.

Get a group together and play cricket or rounders in the park.


BBC Radio 6 – always the best and randomest summer tunes (+amazing festival coverage when it all kicks off!)

Donovan Frankenreiter = summmmeeer!

The Thrills – mind as well embrace your inner rock chick!


It’s sunny – no point wasting it by watching telly. Instead people watch in your local pub’s beer garden, nice coffee shop or the park.

Watch… The blue sky! It doesn’t happen often in this country.


Champagne (just because…)

BBQ anything. It’s always a winner. Unless it’s pink.

Pimms. One of the best summer drinks ever. Cucumber optional.

Suntan lotion. Those pasty legs have not seen the sun in many months.

Whatever you get up to enjoy the rays while they last!

– Hanna

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Friday finds…

Happy Friday everyone!

We are so happy that Friday is here again and that we can have a lie in tomorrow! Aaaah.

Here’s a bit a bit of link love for your weekends…

Image by SFGirlbybay

Interesting article about house plants providing a healthier living environment (ps. And click here to find a brilliant ‘complete guide’ to buying house plants!)

If you’re stuck for things to do this weekend (and happen to be in London) pop your head in the Nordic Bakery for a Scandi lunch.

All of us more than a little addicted to the Voice UK!

Definitely will have to try these babies

If you haven’t yet give Ben Howard a listen (or check him out in the latest Jools Holland)

We hope you have a good one!

-Celeste, Sarah and Hanna 

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Days like these: Raindrops falling on my head…

We’ve definitely had our fair share of rain recently here in the UK. So rather than getting bored indoors (and moaning a lot like I do) – here’s a few ideas on how to spend your rainy days.


Learn a new instrument! Ambitious but will keep you occupied for many of rainy days and nights.

Go through your wardrobe chucking away all those clothes that you never use – and drop them off to your nearest charity shop (when the rain allows)

Plan where to go on your summer holidays!

Drink lots and lots of tea


Luther – I spent a rainy bank holiday Monday watching season 1 of Luther (I may or may not have finished it all in one day…in my defence it only has six episodes… Yeah, that’s still quite a lot!)

Reruns of Grand Designs

A film Midnight in Paris (Owen Wilson makes you appreciate the rain – even if you’re not in Paris!)


Give in to the melancholy of falling raindrops and dark skies with tunes from Bill Callahan,Leonard Cohen and Ryan Adams


To the cinema in the middle of the day

Outside! Don’t let the rain stop you but go for a walk, get drenched and have a hot bath when you get home.

Hoping you’ll have a happier rainy days and that the sun will eventually come out too!

– Hanna

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This Weekend: FRIDAY FINDS

The super Sara Louise sent us this little picture – thought it would make you smile as much as it has us!  In our weeks worth of wandering, we have happened upon the interesting & lovely and thought it would be fun to share with you:

May your weekend be full of beautiful people, conversation, sleep & song

Happy Weekend!

Hanna, Celeste & Sarah

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Found Things: Husky

Today I have been listening to the Australian band ‘Husky’ on repeat and then, by some crazy coincidence, Wikipedia  informed me that April 19th, 1770 Captain James Cooke first sighted the East Coast of Australia, my homeland AND April 19th, 1984 , my birth year, ‘Advance Australia Fair’ was announced as the national anthem.

I think you’ll agree there is nothing else to do but talk of Australia and listen to ‘Husky’.

So that is exactly what I am going to do.

I miss the sun.

I miss the food, hot chips with chicken salt, Jacaranda creamed rice, lamingtons, meat pies and Golden Gaytimes.

I miss the accent.

I miss making lots of freckles.

I miss burning my feet on the road cause I’ve decided to go to the corner shop barefoot. (Not going to lie, whenever any says barefoot I literally imagine a bears foot… chuckle.. don’t judge me.)

I miss the sea water in my hair.

I miss the sand.

I miss sausage sizzle.

I miss family and friends.

I miss Heartbreak High. Drazic = Dreamboat

Anyway, feel free to join me in my Husky listening!

P.S. Turns out that what I thought were trucks being loud next door is actually thunder, I love thunder, YES!

– Celeste

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Happy Friday friends,

This weekend we thought we share with you the pearls from our perusals, for you to browse over the weekend:

Be still my heart, the new M.Ward album is out!

As is volume three of the delicious kinfolk magazine, celebrating food, friends, simplicity… Ahhh..

I couldn’t quite find the right veil on my wedding day, but a little too late I found it here (amid a million older wedding related delights):

Wise and witty prescriptions from the good doctor:

Have a brilliant weekend!

Hanna, Celeste & Sarah

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