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Come home to me: leads, leads, leads.


At one point, back in the day when I was sharing a house with my girls, we had a TV that if you wanted the picture to come on you had to give the TV two really good solid thumps on the side. And like magic the picture came on.

Long gone are those days. After joining forces with the man I call my husband along came endless amounts of gadgets, speakers, routers etc. Now while I appreciate these gadgets, what I hate (no exaggeration) is the leads and cables that come with them. And as we’re renting we haven’t had the luxury of hiding leads inside walls and floors. It is no joke when I say that there are 7 different boxes in our TV unit and each of them have 4-5 leads coming or going from them.. if you bothered to do the maths you know there is a cable hell behind our unit.

But we have, finally, found a good solution for this (I don’t really know why it’s taken us so long) that pleases both of us: A metal cabinet (Ikea’s old stock, that we managed to score for £15 in a local second hand shop) that hides all our gadgety boxes and most cables inside it. It actually makes me happy just looking at it (even if the blasted router didn’t work inside its metal cage and has to be on the top). Completely shallow but still.

I’m glad the hunt for a TV unit is over. I’ll be okay with this one that hides my tangly nemesis inside it.



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Make Do Mend: Fatty Fatty Boom Boom Ballaty

Whenever I decide that I need to try and be skinny I inevitably find myself perusing numerous DELICIOUS food blogs. This time I think I have got myself in real trouble. Oh well, I am just gonna have to smash this stuff in my face. The two blogs that have been my food porn are, as always, Joy the Baker and Wit and Vinegar. I have also just started watching a scary program and the back door is open… crapping myself looking at yummy food. classy. If you don’t hear from me then it’s most likely that Axe man got me… or I have gorged myself on these tasty treats and am in a food coma. Tell my mum I love her.

From Joy the Baker

Corn Tacos ..  oh yes.


Watermelon Sangria… ohhhh yessss. 


Mexican Zuchini…. Homemade Hot Dogs …. Ultimate Club Sandwhich …. Touch me.



 And from Wit & Vinegar.

Check out his posts, pretty pictures and funny words. I like him.

624x869xsambal-chicken-skewersblue.png.pagespeed.ic.skP9p0ZKT- 624x624xBLONDIES-4.png.pagespeed.ic.uLmqN4HwjD baked-potato-hash 624x504xpbjjars.png.pagespeed.ic.Czn7syDtLG cinnamon roll2

Eat, drink & be merry.



p.s. Now I’m starving.


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Found: Rule Beardtannia!


Sorry about the pun, but as it’s been a big Royal week, I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about Royal babies but about beards. This one goes to all those who can grow a nice beard (or those who love these bearded chaps) and want it to keep looking and feeling nice too.

It was my husband’s birthday few weeks ago and I wanted to get him a beard oil. I’ve seen plenty of lovely American beard oils but with the postage across the Atlantic they’d end up costing an arm and a leg. So, after a bit of googlage, I came across this lovely company called Original Norfolk Beard Oil. It’s run by two friendly chaps (the service really is lovely!) who understand the difficulty of buying beard oil online. This is why they sell a small sample bottle (see the way they wrap and wax seal it above) of your chosen variety for £5, and if you like it and order a bigger bottle, they take that fiver of your order.


I went for the smokey Warrior scent as my hubs is a sucker for anything smokey. He was sceptical to start off with but is now completely hooked. The oil has made his beard much softer and makes it stay in shape (I think that makes sense if you have a beard). Converted to Beard Oil.

So if you or a bearded man in your life is in need of some beard nectar I’d highly recommend this Norfolk variety + you’re supporting a small independent business in the process.

Happy Friday!!

– Hanna

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Days Like These: Melting …

The three of us at tracks of foxes aim to share with you some crafty projects we’ve been putting our hands to, some adventures we’ve been spending our time on, we also thought we’d share with you some of the stuff that fills our stereos, book shelves, screens and tummy’s on emotional days, hope you might identify with some days like these.

Here comes the sun.. doo doo doo doo! 

The weather has been utterly glorious of late, some might say even too glorious. I noticed an ‘It’s too hot’ swear jar somewhere.  It’s enough to make a little girl from Aus nostalgic and homesick.

Here are a few ways you could be spending your time while you navigate making the most of the beautiful sun and not melting!

To drink:


Tequila Sunrise

  • 50ml/2fl oz tequila
  • fresh orange juice, to top up
  • 1 tbsp grenadine (sometimes I leave this out)

 … maybe with some of these ice cubes Hanna made last summer, except with raspberries?

or else

A beautiful little virgin punch… mix up some orange juice with bits, tropical juice, any juice and add some ginger ale and some raspberries. YUM!

To eat:


VIETNAMESE! This weather makes me crave vietnamese bun noodles. Beautiful cold rice vermicelli noodles with pork, spring rolls and fish sauce.

If you want to make it yourself here is a little recipe.

Otherwise a little place that does good pan asian street food is ‘Kin’ found on Leather Lane in Farringdon.

Or else Kingsland Rd in Shorditch is chockas full of more Vietnamese restaurants than you can count.

To listen:

Getting ready for End of the Road this year…

Night Beds

Caitlin Rose

David Byrne and St Vincent

To do:

SWIM!!! Hampstead Heath Ponds or the Lido.. but if they’re a bit too packed for your liking last summer Hanna mentioned ‘Wild Swimming’, you can also get a nifty app for it if you have an android that tells you your nearest wild swimming hole! Wooo! But say, ‘No!‘ to skin cancer and ‘Slip on a shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and Slap on a hat’. Can you tell I grew up in Aus?

And probably when it is just a little too hot sit inside with a beer, an ice cream and a book… depending on how many hands you have?

Enjoy the gift of the sun while it lasts, stay hydrated, sun protected, drink lots of beer, eat ice cream and please, please wear deoderant! 



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Field Trip: Nils Frahm at St Johns

The  last night of my 28th year was spent in St Johns in Hackney listening to the beautiful Nils Frahm.


St Johns, is seriously one of the most beautiful venues I have been to!


Nils Frahm is a delightful combination of intense beautiful music and light hearted banter. ‘This dramatic lighting and the music must be very intense for you, but I am actually in a very good mood!’


photo 3

To top it all off we were in very good company, Lisa Hannigan was also in attendance, I was more than a little starstruck. . . Aaand she may have responded to a tweet of mine. What a way to end 28!

All of that is besides the point, back to Nils, make sure you have a little listen and if you get a chance go and see him.



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Weekend in Pictures

Hello all! Hope you’re enjoying the heatwave and keeping hydrated! 😉 Sorry about the radio silence recently… We’ve each had a lot going on from starting a new job, finishing up training to other big life changes. So we’re trying to keep Tracks going but when it’s quiet in here you know it’s because we’re just a bit hectic on this side.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s some snaps from our weekend…

Celeste had some good coffee, found a spoon in honour of Nessie and looked down to find Pac Man on the pavement.

celeste_feet celeste_coffee celeste_spoon


Sarah is globetrotting in North America (lucky!), here’s a few beauties from Seattle.

sarah_heart sarah_seattle


Hanna is moving house (again!), in the midst of packing boxes there was a bit of time to give an old banged up bureau a new lease of life.


Hope ya’ll had a good one!

-Sarah, Celeste and Hanna xx

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Found: Blind Boys of Alabama ft. Justin Vernon

Oh hello! Here is a little treat for your ears.

What more could you ask for?

Blind Boys of Alabama and Justin Vernon doing a Bob Dylan cover.20130711-blindboys-x600-1373562428

This is all a bit beautiful…

sit in the sun,

drink a passionfruit cocktail


treat your ears to this beauty.

Happy heat wave Thursday!



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