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Field Trip: Denmark

So Hanna, her husband and I embarked via glorious Ryanair to Denmark for the magical wedding of our old and dear friend Kiki.

There was sleep deprivation, cute shops, wandering danish streets, a forest wedding, windmill, vikings, fish spa, local beer, vanilla tobacco, headphones and coffee.

Here are some of our fun pics.

The wedding ceremony in the forest was magic … matched only by the macaroons and the reception venue.

photo 5-1

Loads of fun shops in Denmark.

photo 5-2

My favourite little shop. ‘The Golden Deer’. 

photo 1

A beaut little Elderflower beer. Yum! 

photo 2

The mannequins are strange though…

photo 4-2

More from ‘the Golden Deer’.

photo 3

One of the first things to do… purchase a danish typewriter that you can’t possibly take back as ‘carry on’ luggage.

photo 5

Windmill. This is what they used to look like.

photo 4

The Golden Deer, once more.

photo 1-1

They love their antlers, the Danes.

photo 1-2

Sometimes it’s a good plan to smuggle in rum in a hipflask.

photo 2-1

Beautiful decorations.

photo 4-1

Kindly we were provided with english translations complete with headphones. I may or may not have worn them all day.

photo 3-1

Mr and Mrs shoes.

photo 2-2

The glorious ceremony.

photo 3-2

So many pom poms. Hanna’s are bigger.

photo 2-3

If you get the opportunity to visit a forest wedding in Denmark then make sure you go… even without the forest wedding, make time in your life to visit Denmark and find a viking.


Tracks of Foxes

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Friday Finds: Planning 2013

2013 is here!

If you haven’t already found yourself a little diary/planner then now is the time. And potentially PERFECT cause it is also SALE time!

Here are a few sweet planners to get you started…

1. the V&A has a few gems including this lovely cloth one.


2. Moleskine is an old favourite of mine, you can pick them up from any good stationery place. It definitely made me feel more organised and somehow more intelligent. Winner!  They even have limited edition ‘Star Wars’ ones! (wait.. that is Star Wars right?)


3. Current choice this year is the lovely Frankie Daily journal. Cloth back as well. Love it!  


Now to just fill it with more lovely things than boring ones! That’s my plan anyway!

Happy New Year! 

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste

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Friday Finds…

Only 4 sleeps til Christmas!

If you are looking for some last minute stocking fillers head down Tiger. One of the best (and cheapest) little stores in all the land. You’re welcome!

And to assist you in your merriment here is a lovely version of O Come O Come Emmanuel by a band named ‘Future of Forestry’.



Hanna, Sarah and Celeste

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Weekend in Pictures…

This weekend…

It was time to put away the toes … it’s cold!

Treated to beautiful flowers.. Lucky! 

Doodling… anchors and leaves, for a change. 

Celeste was doing some singing for an event that started WAY too early but was fun! Also managed to figure a way to keep toes warm and still wear her swedish sandals!

The chilly weather means we can bust out our favourite winter warmers! Oh deer! 

Started some christmas ‘Make Do Mend’ crafts! Too soon? 

Bust out your favourite winter warmers, cover up those toes and get snuggle up with something/one warm and lovely!

– Celeste, Hanna and Sarah 

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving… in pictures!!

Hanna, Sarah and I have a little tradition where we celebrate with friends Canadian Thanksgiving being that I, Celeste, am a little bit Canadian! Well… a lot a bit. Kind of. I guess it’s fair to say that an Australian Canadian living with permanent residency in the U.K. and family in Tanzania and New Zealand I am a bit confused, a linguistic surprise.

But the lovely thing about my confused heritage is that I get to take all the beaut bits about each and fit them in my life… one of the best is Canadian Thanksgiving! Hot Dang!

So this year, as always, I did the turkey and yams, Sarah and her Simon did roast veg and hot cider (!!) and Hanna and her  Jon brought the best pumpkin pie in all the land!

It is a most lovely opportunity to, despite all the annoying bits and bobs, take stock and be thankful for friends, family, fun, food, God, music, beauty and of course cigars and tequila! What are you thankful for?

This week will be full of Thanksgiving-y make do mends!

Here are some pictures of our scrumptious thanksgiving feast to whet your appetite.

Sarah and Mr F’s famous hot cider… it goes down a treat!!!

The Feast!

The Crown… I can’t fit a massive turkey in but this beautiful organic crown from Brimarks butcher at Battlers Green Farm does more than the trick!

Some thankful ambience!

Roast Veg and beetroot! So good!

Candied yams and asparagus.. The trimmings!

And here it is.. the best pumpkin pie in all of the land! So good that this was all I could get a picture of … too busy smashing it in my face!

Thank you for reading and happy Thanksgiving!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste

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Friday Finds…

Bon jour!!!

Hope this week has been lovely for everyone.

Here are a few little finds for your perusing in some down time this weekend…That is if you’re lucky enough to get some!

I remember when I was a little girl and I thought all I needed in the world to be happy were a pair of clogs from target. Now, 17 years later, I’ve gone full circle  and Swedish Hasbeens have been on my wish list for ages. Sadly the cost of them could probably feed a small country! Thanks to a tip from a most beautiful and well dressed lady I know I came across cheaper and just as lovely versions called Lotta from Stockholm. They are beautiful wooden swedish sandals AND they’re good for your back! Get on them… err ..or in them! These lovely pictures I found on Mo Funk Design.

Celeste has a sizeable obsession with Australian Masterchef. Watch the first episode of the Masterchef Allstars and you will know why! Not just a cooking show.

This is a lovely soundtrack to usher in Autumn. This band, Tunng, are so happy and lovely.

Happy Friday!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste.


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A weekend in pictures…




We had a gorgeous weekend with a spontaneous, premature Canadian Thanksgiving, all the foxes together as well as some lovely friends. Keep your eyes peeled for our ‘Thanksgiving’ posts coming up! But here is what else we did.

Thanks to Sarah’s hubs talents we got to go and watch Ellie Goulding play at the Roundhouse. Very fun! That girl has a set of pipes on her!

A bit of time in bubbles reading a good book … still working through this gem. Don’t want it to end.

Love the Brimark butchers at Battlers Green Farm… they were kind enough to give a free probe. Friendly men. (That wasn’t meant to sound strange!)

Recycling mornings coffee with a bit of creating..

‘With coffee in my hand and a smile on my face’.

Encountered a kamikaze pigeon .. it seemed to fly away but probably a bit bald after leaving these on my bumper.

Also encountered some kamikaze err.. cones. Not sure whether these say more about the driver?

Have a beautiful week please and we will try too!



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Friday Finds…

Another friday is here and with it some finds….

We mentioned Red Hat No Knickers’ as a place to get affordable vintage online and now, dangerously, we have stumbled across another little place for affordable vintage, Apple Branches Vintage on etsy. So cute and not too dear. Oh dear!

Have a little look at Smokehouse a Smith Journal video.

WARNING It will make you want to go live in the woods, hunt and cut down trees, even if you are a lady.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/48864768″>The Smokehouse</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/smithjournal”>Smith Journal</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

You can preorder Rohan’s book Whole Larder Love here.

If last weeks post has you still thinking about the silliness of love and romance, Two Cures for Love is a delightful read, it is a sweet and humourous selection of poems on love by Wendy Cope.

You can get it here.

We are looking forward to all the tracks of foxes being reunited this weekend! Yesssss!

Hope that your weekends are glorious and full of food, fun and friends!

Happy Friday!!!

– Tracks of Foxes

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A damp weekend in pictures…

This weekend was damp. Think it’s fair to say that Fall has err.. Fallen?

French toast and fried apples make a good weekend breakkie!!

Society Cafe in Bath boast some clever design! Treat for your tummy AND your eyes!

Sunday raining afternoon: Film, Cuppa, Blanket.

Celeste’s favourite google search … have a ‘gander’. Hah!

A cheery street name for a dreary day!

Celeste had a beautiful facetime, with her bestie in Aus, which turned into a cooking class! p.s. if you know what’s good for you you’ll be watching Australian Masterchef! True Fact!

AND she has just found this beautiful little place to be her home with her hubby to be!! (Stole this pic off his instagram… sorry Aaron, Jules said it would be ok!)

Happy monday get out your wellies and scarves!!

Sarah, Hanna and Celeste 



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Friday finds on a Saturday..

Apologies for the late post. Yesterday was spent on the couch smothered in deep heat and popping painkillers like candy. (That was hyperbolic, Mum, don’t worry I had them at the accepted 4 hour intervals!)

Better late than never here is something to lust after for your house, some sweet artwork and something for your belly on these chilly autumn days.

For your house:

This beautiful peacock chair from ‘The Family Love Tree.’ Maybe I’ll bring one back from Aus when I’m out there? Not sure about luggage allowance? There are butt loads of beautiful things to ‘crush on’ on their website quilts, pillows, chairs.

Some seriously sweet artwork by Ghostpatrol:

 The GhostPatrol website has some lovely images to get lost in from sketchbook drawings to Gocco prints. Do it… Have a look, I dare you! (sorry, that was a bit aggressive.. look if you want.)

And as the days grow more and more crisp we are definitely heading into Hot Chocolate territory.. Here is Jamie Oliver’s recipe for the Best Hot Chocolate.


Play around with it though, add some Baileys, Rum, Coconut Milk, Nutella, a mint hershey’s kiss??

Happy weekend… make some nice hot chocolate.

And maybe a baileys one for us foxes?

Thank you please!

 – XXX


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