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Giveaway winners!


Thank you for commenting!

The randomly chosen winners of this little giveaway are:

Sarah who said: Ten grand giveaway?! Yes please! Oh okay, now I’ve read it properly. Fave project was definitely the Sticky back plastic fabric printing…but loved it all really!

Ellie: my fave Make, Do, Mend was: Gord’s Dry Rub (+ my husband thought it was drop-dead-delicious :) you all so clever, i do love you bloggy-wog x


Billie: My fave was the recent Make, Do, Mend post titled: Party Like it’s Diamond Jubilee. Loved all the jar DIY, especially the lanterns and the paper doily and twine vase creations.
I hope I win- do you ship to Canada? (If you do, throw some sweets in the package!)

Congrats! You definitely had a good chance of winning with only few comments! 🙂 If you could email us your addresses at we’ll send you one of our giveaways!

-Celeste, Sarah and Hanna 

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Make, Do, Mend: Ice, Ice baby…

It’s a sad day when you realise you spend your evenings making different ice cubes rather than going out (and actually enjoying it)! But this is what’s happened so I choose to embrace it. It’s the easiest way to make your drinks cool, tasty and pretty!

I’ve used mint because I’m pretty much obsessed with the stuff (I might have taken a step too far though buying a mint hand soap – my hands smell like I’ve just washed them with toothpaste). All you need is some mint leaves (or whatever you want to use – within reason), water (I boiled it first as not only does it freeze clear but it also does so quicker – go figure) and an ice cube tray. Simples.

These ice cubes are so good in lemonade, mojitos, gin and tonics or just good old water. Great party trick to remember! I’ll be trying raspberries and blueberries next…




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Come Home to Me: Hibbert House

Us foxes have the good fortune of knowing some incredibly stylish, lovely and clever people. Though most of us don’t  own our own place we like to make the best of what we’ve got! Here are a few ideas of things you could do to turn your humble abode into a cosy sanctuary that feels just like you!

Here are a few glimpses of some wall art, table decorations and a boys bathroom all in the little place I call home.

I live with two boys, two boys that beat me in tidyness but not in prettiness, thankfully!

Above a beautiful old, slightly out of tune piano, is one of my favourite pictures. It is an original photograph by my fellow ‘fox’, Hanna, that one of my lovely housemates bought for me for my birthday last year.. SPOILT!

Frankie Magazine do the most gorgeous calendars with breathtaking artists. I bought one a few years ago and have framed the ‘months’ and placed them all around the house. Cheap and maybe a little cheeky? Here are some of my favourites..

‘Wolfman’ I put on some old music paper I found in a charity shop. ‘Wolfman’ seems to not be everyone’s favourite. Most people comment on the weirdness of it… poor ‘Wolfman’! 😦

I put some beautiful (tescos) roses in a milk bottle on an old trunk we have as a coffee table in the living room. Thank you Leo Robarts, whoever you are, for leaving your trunk at Jo’s boarding school.. it has made our home very happy!

Again, a little treat from Frankie is on my wall. When you buy their gorgeous magazine .. which I have a massive crush on.. You always get a cute little poster with it. In the middle is one of my favourite Frankie pictures and either side are some bits of vintage wallpaper I got from ebay!

As I said, I live with boys and they have a ‘boys bathroom’. I wanted it to look a little nice and boyish so I found this little vintage English hunting picture at a charity shop that I put on the wall in there… They didn’t notice.

Their shower curtain was disgusting so for christmas I got them this little beauty. I now wish I kept it for myself.

I love it! I’ve started using their bath now… mostly cause of the shower curtain.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these small glimpses into Hibbert House aka Colman Manor aka Home.

Happy sunny Tuesday! (If you’re in London!)

Now, I am off to see Ingrid Michaelson play her little uke and sing sweet tunes!

– Celeste x

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A Weekend in Pictures…

It is our beautiful friend Naomi’s birthday today!!!  So happy birthday to her, a beautiful friend and brilliant lady. She though she was turning 32 and then realised she had in fact lost a year… I guess that’s what old age does to you?!

Happy 33rd beautiful friend!

We celebrated her yesterday with an indoor picnic and playing on bikes and skateboards in the garden!


This was just as I landed a kickflip. True story!

The rest of the weekend …

We ate some homemade baked beans.. delish!

Went looking for a new place to call home…

Pottered into London town and china town.

Stole some cute beer bottles and ate deep fried corn kernals… MMmmm..

Trashy American fiction vs. Classic American fiction…

This week sees us galavanting off to Scotland and various gigs..

We’ll keep you posted!

Hope you have a gorgeous week!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste


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Friday Finds: Treats for your Eyes, Ears and Funny Bone.

This weeks Friday Finds includes a treat for your eyes, your ears and a little tickle for your funny bone. 

For your eyes:

There is this man called Mark Lazenby who makes such beautiful images. I have lost a lot of time trolling through his website and the links to other lovely artists. Here are a few to wet your appetite, check out his site.

For your ears:

This week we heard the lovely sounds of Alistair Mackenzie, he has some excellent facial hair and some beautiful songs! You can get his FREE EP from the interweb here.

For your funny bone: 

Frankie Magazine posted some ‘Not Quite Right’ cards  last week they gave me a little grin. Now looking for excuses to send these little crackers.


Happy Weekend!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste



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Make, Do, Mend: Herman ze German…

I have a habit of talking in a German, Scandinavian, Arnold Schwarzenegger – esque accent.

It pretty much doesn’t matter what accent I start in, it inevitably ends up Arnie. Why? I have no idea.. it’s not my most attractive quality but am I going to stop? No. Even if I am trying to talk in a posh English accent as soon as I say ‘Yar..’ it always becomes ‘Yar.. Das is goot!’

So when I was approached by a lady at church asking if I would like a ‘Herman ze German’  I jumped at the chance without any idea what it was just so I would get to say ‘Herman ze German’.

Herman ze German is a traditional German friendship cake. It is a sour dough cake that sits on your counter for 10 days. You mustn’t put it in the fridge or fully cover it … if Herman stops bubbling, he is dead!!!

You then have to follow instructions, stirring, adding ingredients, more stirring, more ingredients..  on day 9 you divide the batter, which has now grown significantly, into four, give it to three of your friends and bake your portion of it.

The process is then repeated and this batter is passed on and on and on and on.

It’s very sweet, in the cuddly and the sugary sense!

A few things to note:

1. It smells pretty sick after a few days.. but tastes amazing!

2. The recipe calls for a bunch of fruit in it… Personally I think you need to get that fruit rubbish away from my desserts. I am not a fan. So, instead I just put loads of cinnamon, you could also add chocolate, maltesers.. the cake pan is your oyster!!!

It is a lovely little idea and, if you can keep ‘Herman’ alive, a tasty one too!

Here is a website where you can start your own Herman Ze German to pass on to your friends.

**Oh and thank you again for your faithful reading! Last day to win either a Wendell Berry book, A set of doilie coasters or a hand printed shopping bag as our little ‘THANK YOU!’. 

To win comment on our ‘Cheers for 10 grand!’ post with your favourite ‘Make, Do, Mend’ and we will announce the winners soon! **

– Celeste xx

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Found: Toast

Image by Toast

 Toast! This found comes with a serious  swooning warning. Everything is beautiful and all of a sudden you can visualise your home and wardrobe full of ‘can’t live without’ Toast items (and in the process your home has seamlessly transformed into a mountain hideaway or a beach house to accommodate all these). Just be careful, your bank account might/will not love this new found crush. That’s why these Toast goodies are usually found on my birthday/christmas wish lists.

Image by Toast

To make things even more appealing wherever possible they support organic production and discourage throw-away fashion. Love that.

If you’re just up for a good day dream get a catalogue! These are a reason why our house guests often spend a few minutes longer in the bathroom than perhaps necessary (you see, our powder room has been a home for a good collection of toast catalogues for a while now) And in good recycling form use as wrapping paper when the piles are getting too high (pun not intended!:)

Happy toasting!


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Field Trip: No Direction Home, Wellbeck Estate

Two Fridays ago, Mr F & I donned our wellies, packed a car picnic and made our way to the Wellbeck Estate, for the first four hours of the very first “No Direction Home” Festival, created by our favorite festival makers  End of the Road.

Spirits were not dampened by the rain, and we were warmed by mulled cider, and beautiful music that greeted us

This big fella welcomed us to the festival village.

Mr F was playing for the delightful ‘Diagrams’ (here is their tumblr and NDH playlist:  who played their set on The lake stage (which, you guessed it, is situated beside a lovely lake) and they brightened up grey skies by getting the crowd to blow up and let off loads of brightly coloured balloons.

After their set, we had just about enough time to enjoy a seat on s log, by the lake, share a pie coutesy of  Barnaby Sykes Pie maker, and although not quite Pie Minister, their Steak & Ale pie was super tastey

This was all beautifully accompanied by  Lanterns on the Lake, who we caught most of before hitting the M1 back home – here they are playing ‘Tricks’ at NDH…

There was a combination of lots that we love about End of the Road, and lots new, it was a lovely size, and gorgeous site, beautifully decorated and an interesting line up.  Our only disappointment was that we had to leave so soon.  It certainly wetted our appetites for this years End of the Road, and I suspect we might try to make a weekend of No Direction Home (  next year.

My phone died before I was able to take many pics but have found this photo gallery from clash music to give you a peak.



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A Father’s Day weekend in pictures…

Us three foxes are all far from our dad’s but want to say thank you to them, for being great men and great dads!

In honour of them here are some pictures of a brilliant classic car show that was at St Albans Vineyard this weekend. What dad doesn’t like a snazzy, classic car!?

I can say that watching them maneuver this little number out of the front doors was amazing.. How many men does it take to move a car? 8! I learned that jokes from the side were unappreciated!

If you look carefully the third car back is like the one from Wayne’s World… no candy dispenser though, I checked.

This weekend was also spent celebrating a beauties 30th!

She is one of the best ladies I know!

Red vines, all good 30th birthday’s should have red vines… and red wines!

By 1am the heels were off though.

A day off starts with breakfast at 11am, don’t judge me.

I accidentally managed to spill my coffee on Kate’s dress! Eek!

Hope that your weekends were lovely and your dads were well celebrated!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste

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Cheers for 10 grand Giveaway!

This week has seen us reach a brilliant 10 000 views! We are so honoured (and amazed) that you keep reading our scribbles and thoughts. Thank you!

So we thought that in honour of this ten grand we’d do a little giveaway in true blog style. So please leave a comment saying what has been your favourite Make, Do & Mend so far. You have until Friday 22nd June to do so and then we’ll randomly pick 3 winners. Each winner will get either a Wendell Berry book, a set of 2 coasters or a handprinted shopping bag.

Good luck and have a lovely weekend!

-Celeste, Sarah & Hanna


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