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A Vancouver Weekend in Pictures… (A guest post from the lovely Emily)

Over the past little while we have asked a few of our lovely friends if they would do some guest posts for us. So we are looking forward to introducing some of the clever and talented people we have the good fortune of coming into contact with. Before Christmas we had Jonny do a crafty christmas wreath Make, Do, Mend. Now for our second guest post we have a Vancouverian Weekend in Pictures from a most lovely lady called Emily!

Hello, Foxes!

Emily here, writing to you from the far wilds of Western Canada. I have been following this lovely blog for many a month, and am super pleased to have been asked to post. (Thanks, ladies!)

I met Celeste ten years ago (ten years, Lesty!!) when we lived together in Watford. As evidence, here is a pic of the two of us from 2006, when I popped back to the UK for a visit.

Emily and Celeste

I dunno what’s up with my face. Moving on.

These days, I work as a receptionist for an animation studio, and live in a little studio apartment in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. I’ve got a masters degree in Creative Writing, so I’m hard at work on a couple manuscripts. I like words. My favourite food is chocolate.

But what about your weekend, you say? Quite right!

January is a tough month for Vancouverites – it’s dark and rains pretty much constantly. That said, there are definitely ways to escape the winter funk.

For example, on Friday night you could go see your writer friends read tribute poetry, riffing off of the classic No Doubt album Tragic Kingdom. This is my beautiful pal Leah, laying down some Stefani-worthy stanzas.


The next day, you could do a touch of shopping at The Archetype. I walk past this gem every morning on my way to the bus. And I’m wearing my new cardigan – thanks, January sales!

The Archetype

I would recommend a wander down Main Street, where there are nifty things to eat and wear.

Main Street

This is one of my favourite Vancouver buildings.

Lee Building

If you’re anything like me, getting to a good concert every once in a while can really make you feel like a person again. Head downtown for this part of your weekend.


I would strongly recommend Whitehorse – they’re a Canadian husband/wife duo, and they sound like Johnny Cash and The Civil Wars had a baby. A glorious sound baby.


Be sure to take a sweet gal named Michelle with you.

Michelle et Moi

Since you still have a whole day of your weekend left, you could check out Chinatown.


Where there might be a cheery VW van.


And then you should most certainly meet up at someone’s house to eat hot pot. I’d never had this Asian dish before, but it involves sitting around a (you guessed it) hot pot of water and cooking cut up vegetables, meat, and tofu in little basket-scoops. It was amazing. I think I’m still full.

Hot Pot

If you take your friend Stephen…

Stephen et Moi

…there will also be a pretty fantastic dessert…


…that will be gone in three seconds.

Remains of Dessert

So there you have it, folks. A fabulous Vancouver weekend, perfect for chasing away the blues.

Thanks again to the Foxes girls for having me along!

– Emily

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Friday Finds: First anniversary Finds

ImageWell, this week marked our first anniversary as Tracks of foxes, we have really enjoyed sharing our thoughts, finds & attempts and making and doing over this last year and we hope you have enjoyed reading them.  Next week we will be reposting some our our favourite and most loved posts.  Tradition would have it, that the gift for a first year anniversary is paper.  Much as we are super grateful for technology there is nothing so lovely as pen, pencils, paper and print, so this little finds is a round up of some of our favourite paper related finds:


1. Paper to read: Kinfolk

My all time favourite magazine is the beautiful kinfolk magazine, i discovered it a year ago, through some beautiful ‘go to’ blogs I read by some lovely peeps in Portland and Nashville.  It is a celebration of small gatherings, comes out seasonally, documenting, traditions and rhythms, simple food, and places to visit.  It is indeed a thing of beauty, the prose reads like poetry and the photography has a little bit of magic that awakes emotion.  Pop along to watch their delightful videos, and get yourself a copy.  For is UK based fans, you can get a copy on amazon.


2. Paper to scibble and doodle on: Field Notes

There is nothing quite like the scratching of a pencil or pen onto some paper. Although moleskin create beautiful notebooks, I recently discovered and quickly bought a selection of these beautiful Field notes – the come in Kraft card or in a variety of seasonal colours ( I am really fond of the crop edition) and are little enough to fit into a back pocket – you can get them lined squared or black.


3. Something to scribble with: Blackwing pencils

We love these beautiful blackwing pencils, whose led rarely seems to break but who have a warm dark line, and are super comfy to hold.  You can get them at the rather lovely Pedlars.

4. Beautiful printed products: Rifle paper company

For all you romantics preparing for valentines day, or any other clecbration that calls for some special paperware, you must pop over to the rifle paper company and coo and the gorgeous paperware and illustrations by the brilliant Anna Bond.  I am especially fond of this little card for any one you think is super special.

Have a tip top weekend, whatever you are upto,

Hanna, Sarah & Celeste

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Dress Up: Blitz Party

 It looks as though I’ll be heading to the Blitz Party on Saturday in Shorditch which I’ve heard is absolutely amazing. Check out the pictures and video! So FUN! Here is hoping that I don’t get forced to dance because pretty much my dancing ability is limited to the ‘Chicken Dance’ … I do do a mean ‘Chicken Dance’. Memories of ‘The Cat’s Meow’ clearly still haunt me!

Boys are fine, they’re set, all they need is a bow tie, hat and suspenders … sorted! Unless they go for a uniform.. which is never a let down!  For the ladies it is not so simple, hence mad pinterest, google and tutorial searches have ensued.

 For some seriously sweet hair tutorials from Sunnie Brook. Now if only I could get my face to look like hers too! Serious hottie!

Make up Bake up has heaps of ideas for vintage makeup and dressing.

Now all I have to do is figure out what dress! In dream land I would get this little Bettie Page number but I am broke as back mountain so looking for lovely things I already have!


 I will have to choose one of these beauties! They will more than do.


Now I am ready to be blitzed … wait, that sounds weird.

x Celeste

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Come Home To Me: The Taylors

Us foxes have the good fortune of knowing some incredibly stylish, lovely and clever people. Though most of us don’t  own our own place we like to make the best of what we’ve got! Here are a few ideas of things you could do to turn your humble abode into a cosy sanctuary that feels just like you!

On my little jaunt to Australia I got meet up with a good bunch of lovely people who had been a part of my formative years. Liz Taylor is one of them and what a babe she is. We’d spent countless hours talking about life, boys, food and clothes.

12 years later we’re a little older and perhaps a little wiser but this lady has a weapon of a little boy, a brilliant husband, a new little Taylor on the way and a talent for making a house feel like a home!

We started with ham, cheese, tomato and avocado croissants… SWOOOOON!


photo 1-2

Pottered down to the beach …

photo 1

That little boy of hers called Sid showed me how to skateboard…


My little room for the night…

photo 2-2

Fully equipped with a vintage fridge for storage and shelving! 

photo 3-1

Frames and pictures …

photo 4

Sticky blackboard circles…

photo 5

Kitchen … the most important room in the house.

photo 3-3

Some anthropologie detail …

photo 4-2

Canadian maple syrup … so yummy and pretty.

photo 1-1

Post cards and posters from where they love…

photo 3

Everyone needs a giant clothes peg …

photo 5-3

Big and comfy sofas are my favourite… And LOVE the mix of patterns.

photo 5-2

Liz is one of the best ladies at finding beautiful, quirky things!


All you need is love… Doo doo doo doo doo.


photo 2-3

No home is complete without man’s best friend!


photo 2

Here’s to this lovely lady, beaut mum and great friend … and also to our next reunion being not too far in the future!


In the meantime I am on the lookout for a vintage fridge to use for a bookshelf!



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Weekend in Pictures …

So we all got a little snowed in which was good excuse for lots of nice food and LOTS of viewing!

image-2The great Danish political drama Borgen kept Sarah and Celeste company while Hanna and her Jon settled in for a marathon of Harry Potter!

imageSuitable snackage for sustinance..


Some fox tracks…

photo 1Hampstead Heath was chockas with every man and their dog attempting to sled… SO MUCH FUN!

photo 3

Then we thought it wise to stay in the warmth for a bit and keep updating ourselves with Danish Parliament..

photo 2

Celeste got to catch up with one of her besties from growing up in Vancouver. Nothing like a beer with an old friend!

photoIt’s probably always a good idea to finish your weekend with a little pork taco… or three.

photo 5

Here’s to a bit of spring soon!


Tracks of Foxes





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Found: Chemex Coffee Maker


… The title for this post should really be GOT instead of Found as it was one of my Christmas presents. And it just keeps on giving – every morning! It’s no secret that I love my coffee and my mornings just wouldn’t be the same without a big mugful of this fine nectar. So outbursts of pure joy were witnessed when I unraveled a shiny Chemex Coffee Maker on Christmas day!


It really is a simple pot where you pour hot water over your coffee, but the secret (if I have my info right) is in the triple filters that give you a smooth scum-free cuppa. It was designed by a scientist on a search for a way to make a good cup of coffee and Chemex is what he came up with.

It’s good design and function all in one! And I’m a big fan of good design.


Ps. Top tip! If you’re thinking of purchasing a Chemex, make sure to shop around the interweb as the prices seem to range from £30 to £100 on different sites.. crazy.

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Weekend in Pictures…

This weekend …

Saturday morning french toast cooking away! MMmm..


One of our favourite little pubs that serves the BEST THAI IN THE LAND had an unfortunate signage failure. The Nascot Ars?

photo 2

The Natural History Museum in London is beautiful this time of year!

photo 1

Super excited to find out a friend has a pretty spiffy collection of lovely cigars and I managed to leave his house with one to take home.

photo 4

Planning a little communal veggie patch with the help of River Cottage!

photo 3

A weekend away toasting marshmallows

photo 1-1

With a few little visitors

photo 2-1

Happy Snow Day!

Stay warm if you’re in chilly parts of the world, cool if you’re in sweltering parts of the world and happy, safe and lovely everywhere!

– Tracks of Foxes

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Friday Finds for an Icy Weekend!

So while Australia’s temperature is reaching a record high here in London we are expecting this weekend to be a snowy one.  After a little accident with a Metropolitan Police officer I have found myself with a spiffy hire car equipped with heated seats AND cup holders. Just in time!!! Hello hot back!!

Anyway, that’s besides the point. A few tips on avoiding frost bite, rug up, stay home, drink hot things, watch nice things and listen to beautiful music.

Some things to watch: 

Moonrise Kingdom – A delightful Wes Andersen, that will leave you brighter. Cute, over sincere kids in love. You can’t beat it! Seriously too cute!!


Take this Waltz – I’m not quite sure whether I loved or hated it BUT it is shot beautifully with a dreamy quality and a healthy amount of Feist in it. Be warned 1. You WILL want to do aquarobics 2. There are nudey bits 3. You may never want to get married.

The Bridge  –  A Swedish and Danish crime drama… OH MY GOSH! It is incredible, pretty dark and if you can do subtitles you will become absolutely addicted to it. (I rushed a good thing and finished it in 5 days… Now I am lost!)

To drink: 


Ibarra Mexican Hot Chocolate.. with Rum perhaps?  Cinnamon-y goodness!

Zhena Gypsy Firelight Chai Tea  – a red chai that is light but spicy. Not cheap but delish!

To listen : 

The Choir of Young Believers – Hollow Talk

This is the theme tune for the Bridge by the danish band. Beautiful!

And if Take This Waltz made you want to listen to Feist, like it did me, this live video in Paris will either make you want to kiss or just be her. That lady has some serious skills in all the departments!

Stay warm, stay safe, stay happy! 


Tracks of Foxes

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Make,Do, Mend: In Praise of Craft Chocolate – Mast Brothers


The week before Christmas, I was awoken by the Hub, proclaiming an elongated and loud ‘Yesssssssssssss’ as he ripped open a packet that had just been delivered.  Curious about what could illicit such delight from the man who is rather sedate any time before 2pm, I came out to find sitting him with some  beautifully handprinted, handwrapped chocolate bars from craft chocolate makers:  The Mast Brothers.


Not only does this bean to bar chocolate look beautiful, but is delicious in a dark, strong way  (not, however,  for the milk chocolate lover, our 5 year old nephew declared it was ‘poison)’.  It is so rich that a tiny square will do, so our collection is lasting us a long time and thus far the winner in our house is the sea salt and Almond bar, salty, sweet, crunchy, rich bitter, bright all in a taste.

However, I am as taken by the story of these two Brooklyn based chocolate makers and their great love for their craft, as much as I am taken with the flavour of the chocolate. Watching this video, leaves me inspired by the wonder, enthusiasm, joy & fascination of these bearded brothers for what they have given themselves to – it seems so full of delight it almost looks like playing.  I reckon I can taste that in every bite!

If you are lucky enough in be in Brooklyn, you can pop along to their factory shop, but for those of us separated by the sea, you can find some over here:


“Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”  Emerson



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Going home… Finland!

The last month has seen all three of us travelling to our homelands/motherships. We love our England homes but there is nothing quite like going homehome (my way of distinguishing the two). This is enough reason to start a new category about GOING HOME!

I’ll kick things off with a few peaks of one my favourite cities in the world: Helsinki!

Helsinki is a small but perfectly formed city. Everything is within walking distance from shopping to the harbour, parks and the amusement park Linnanmäki (in the summer though only!).

Here’s a few tips of what to do and see if you ever get to visit Finland.


Make sure to have comfy shoes as the Design District has so many good shops selling everything from clothes to home wear … Feast your eyes (and hold on to your wallet) when browsing around in Artek – a Finnish institution selling amazing Scandi design.

cinnamon buns

When needing a fuel stop Cafe Esplanad does the best (and I’ve tried many!) cinnamon buns in town. You can’t leave Finland without having one of these.

Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki harbour

From the cafe it’s only a stone’s throw to the harbour where you can browse the market stools, go off to see the Helsinki Cathedral or jump on the ferry to Stockholm (if Helsinki is boring you already:) )


If your legs are aching (or it’s freezing) the trams are another good way of seeing the city – 3T tram does a nice loop and allows you to see the city from a different point of view. (Ps. This street has underfloor heating so it doesn’t freeze over…if you turn around the corner the roads are full of snow and ice…this never ceases to amaze me!)


A trip to Finland wouldn’t be complete without seeing an ice-hockey match! We were up in the nose bleeds but the view of the game was great!

Hope you get to visit the land of Finns one day.


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