A Vancouver Weekend in Pictures… (A guest post from the lovely Emily)

Over the past little while we have asked a few of our lovely friends if they would do some guest posts for us. So we are looking forward to introducing some of the clever and talented people we have the good fortune of coming into contact with. Before Christmas we had Jonny do a crafty christmas wreath Make, Do, Mend. Now for our second guest post we have a Vancouverian Weekend in Pictures from a most lovely lady called Emily!

Hello, Foxes!

Emily here, writing to you from the far wilds of Western Canada. I have been following this lovely blog for many a month, and am super pleased to have been asked to post. (Thanks, ladies!)

I met Celeste ten years ago (ten years, Lesty!!) when we lived together in Watford. As evidence, here is a pic of the two of us from 2006, when I popped back to the UK for a visit.

Emily and Celeste

I dunno what’s up with my face. Moving on.

These days, I work as a receptionist for an animation studio, and live in a little studio apartment in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. I’ve got a masters degree in Creative Writing, so I’m hard at work on a couple manuscripts. I like words. My favourite food is chocolate.

But what about your weekend, you say? Quite right!

January is a tough month for Vancouverites – it’s dark and rains pretty much constantly. That said, there are definitely ways to escape the winter funk.

For example, on Friday night you could go see your writer friends read tribute poetry, riffing off of the classic No Doubt album Tragic Kingdom. This is my beautiful pal Leah, laying down some Stefani-worthy stanzas.


The next day, you could do a touch of shopping at The Archetype. I walk past this gem every morning on my way to the bus. And I’m wearing my new cardigan – thanks, January sales!

The Archetype

I would recommend a wander down Main Street, where there are nifty things to eat and wear.

Main Street

This is one of my favourite Vancouver buildings.

Lee Building

If you’re anything like me, getting to a good concert every once in a while can really make you feel like a person again. Head downtown for this part of your weekend.


I would strongly recommend Whitehorse – they’re a Canadian husband/wife duo, and they sound like Johnny Cash and The Civil Wars had a baby. A glorious sound baby.


Be sure to take a sweet gal named Michelle with you.

Michelle et Moi

Since you still have a whole day of your weekend left, you could check out Chinatown.


Where there might be a cheery VW van.


And then you should most certainly meet up at someone’s house to eat hot pot. I’d never had this Asian dish before, but it involves sitting around a (you guessed it) hot pot of water and cooking cut up vegetables, meat, and tofu in little basket-scoops. It was amazing. I think I’m still full.

Hot Pot

If you take your friend Stephen…

Stephen et Moi

…there will also be a pretty fantastic dessert…


…that will be gone in three seconds.

Remains of Dessert

So there you have it, folks. A fabulous Vancouver weekend, perfect for chasing away the blues.

Thanks again to the Foxes girls for having me along!

– Emily


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