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Make Do Mend: Raised Bed.

So the warm and fuzzy thoughts of living in community and growing all your own veg has led me to actually trying to make a communal veggie patch happen.

The key, so far, to a communal veggie patch is people. First I spoke about it enough to other people that they made sure I could make it happen and I got a River Cottage book for Christmas from the veggie gurus Hanna and Jon. Then got my lovely friend, and guest blogger,  Jonny to help make it happen. It was never going to happen if it were down to me. So grateful for community making it possible.

We went scouring for pallets.


We smashed them up.


Stopped for a little coffee break. Coffee and Ikea cinnamon buns (no horse.)

coffee break

Put them back together.

back together

And after a whole day of scouring, smashing, nail removing, sawing and drilling this is what we created. Proud.

raised bed

The best part about this is that so far it has been entirely free!!

Now all there is to do is make the rest of it happen and pray for the snow to stop!

– Celeste 

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Weekend in Pictures …

So we all got a little snowed in which was good excuse for lots of nice food and LOTS of viewing!

image-2The great Danish political drama Borgen kept Sarah and Celeste company while Hanna and her Jon settled in for a marathon of Harry Potter!

imageSuitable snackage for sustinance..


Some fox tracks…

photo 1Hampstead Heath was chockas with every man and their dog attempting to sled… SO MUCH FUN!

photo 3

Then we thought it wise to stay in the warmth for a bit and keep updating ourselves with Danish Parliament..

photo 2

Celeste got to catch up with one of her besties from growing up in Vancouver. Nothing like a beer with an old friend!

photoIt’s probably always a good idea to finish your weekend with a little pork taco… or three.

photo 5

Here’s to a bit of spring soon!


Tracks of Foxes





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A weekend in pictures…

This weekend can be summed up by this little quote from C.S. Lewis.

Celeste got to go and see the lovely Hanna and her husband, drink, smoke cigars, eat good food, talk about life, sit by the fire and laugh big style.

A little flat white and cake at Society Cafe in Bath …

The goodness, love, kindness, talent, fun and humour of a true friend are so good for the soul.

Oh, and cake. Let’s not forget cake.

Here you are!

A little bit of jamming… (Jammin in the name of the Lord!)

The only thing acceptable about 7am is the beautiful sunrise!

As if life couldn’t get better, Sarah, her Simon, Celeste and some lovely ones finished the weekend off with Wahaca, passionfruit margaritas and the Defectors Weld.

Shepherds Bush, you are good to us!

Hope that your weeks are full of friends around a good fire!

-Tracks of Foxes

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving… in pictures!!

Hanna, Sarah and I have a little tradition where we celebrate with friends Canadian Thanksgiving being that I, Celeste, am a little bit Canadian! Well… a lot a bit. Kind of. I guess it’s fair to say that an Australian Canadian living with permanent residency in the U.K. and family in Tanzania and New Zealand I am a bit confused, a linguistic surprise.

But the lovely thing about my confused heritage is that I get to take all the beaut bits about each and fit them in my life… one of the best is Canadian Thanksgiving! Hot Dang!

So this year, as always, I did the turkey and yams, Sarah and her Simon did roast veg and hot cider (!!) and Hanna and her  Jon brought the best pumpkin pie in all the land!

It is a most lovely opportunity to, despite all the annoying bits and bobs, take stock and be thankful for friends, family, fun, food, God, music, beauty and of course cigars and tequila! What are you thankful for?

This week will be full of Thanksgiving-y make do mends!

Here are some pictures of our scrumptious thanksgiving feast to whet your appetite.

Sarah and Mr F’s famous hot cider… it goes down a treat!!!

The Feast!

The Crown… I can’t fit a massive turkey in but this beautiful organic crown from Brimarks butcher at Battlers Green Farm does more than the trick!

Some thankful ambience!

Roast Veg and beetroot! So good!

Candied yams and asparagus.. The trimmings!

And here it is.. the best pumpkin pie in all of the land! So good that this was all I could get a picture of … too busy smashing it in my face!

Thank you for reading and happy Thanksgiving!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste

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This weekend: Be Lazzzyyy

This weekend our ideas are dedicated to all of you who are been working crazy hard and are beginning to wind down to Easter, so this weekend:

Don’t set an alarm and just wake up naturally

Eat a fabulous brunch (try this breakfast burrito if you are short of a bit of inspiration http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/breakfastburrito_87247)

Drink a mojito in the afternoon.

Stay up talking into the small hours.

Buy a new album, get out blankets and lie and listen to it the whole way through.

Buy some flowers for the house.

Read a whole book.

Whatever you get up to Have a deliciously lazy weekend.

-Hanna, Celeste & Sarah

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