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Make, Do, Mend: Granola

As you may have realised I love my breakfasts and it doesn’t get much better than this granola. This has been a staple at ours for several years now. It’s so tasty with yogurt or just with milk.

The recipe can be found from Design Sponge (written by the uber cool Lauren and Derek).

I like to substitute the honey with maple syrup and usually leave the dried fruit out.

Go on make it – it’s breakfast royalty!

– Hanna

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Make, Do, Mend: How to make a Pumpkin Beer Keg

ImageI am just home from a fabulous weekend, visiting friends who are living in a beautiful space in Normandy.  We spent the weekend, talking, listening, singing, drinking wine, making fires, eating cheese, but saturday afternoon found us turning 21lb of pumpkin fresh from the ground into a beer keg, in preparation for a party in one of the barns on saturday night.

My friend Jon had found this tutorial, which is an easy step by step guide to making one.  We had autumn fun aplenty making this beauty and the party was helped along by a keg full of pumpkin flavoured beer.


The boys had been here awhile!


The apple barn party…

Hope you are enjoying some delicious autumnal fun


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Weekend in Pictures…

A hectic work weekend but it looked pretty!

and by night.

A chili order arrived for the making of Chipotles en Adobo.

This view isn’t filling Hanna with motivation to get her assignment done!

Celeste sent a little message to her bestie for her bridal shower. There in spirit!

Got to be a part of a lovely romantic engagement by making this piece for the soon to be Harris’. Congratulations!

Housemate came back from America with pressies!

Ending a manic weekend with Frankie. Perfect!

Have a lovely week! See you soon!

Hanna, Sarah and Celeste


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Friday Finds…

Thank God it’s friday and naturally we have a few things for you to read, look at or try out this weekend.

Courtesy of ‘Oh Comely’  Twitter I stumbled, in my lunch, break upon this fun blog, Eggton, a way to pass the time, have a chuckle and get some recipes.

Courtesy of pinterest I found 31 Insanely Easy and Clever DIY projects that I plan on trying my hand at.

A little while ago my love of fun pictures of dogs meant that I started following Theron Humphreys on Instagram. He has a project called This Wild Idea’  where he has been travelling around America documenting the lives and stories of different people he comes in contact with. He has also taken loads of pictures of his trusty, canine companion Maddie in lots of interesting places. Maddie on things’, is definitely worth a flick through and will brighten the greyest of days.

Happy weekend!

Stay warm, dry & happy!

– Tracks of Foxes.




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Make Do Mend: Rizogalo

I had a particularly embarrassing moment just the other day. I went to the petrol station and as I handed my card over to the ‘dad’ aged man I said,

‘It may not go through so I have cash in case. That time of the month, you see!’

At that moment I heard myself say that out loud and realised from the horror on his face that it sounded like ‘that‘ time of the month. A verbal panic ensued and I talked as fast as possible, my face as red as possible and making absolutely no sense. All the while the man kept saying ‘That’s rather personal and I’m not sure what that has to do with anything.’ So, thinking about THAT time of the month,and by THAT time I of course mean the end of the month, when all you’re living off is tuna and porridge and you have your toilet paper rationed until pay-day. Here is a cheap, easy and yummy treat.

In Australia we have, or had … I haven’t been back in a while, chicken shops. I happened to have my first job in a chicken shop, Jannali Chicken Spot to be precise. I got fired. Sad times. I got lots of doughnuts though and made some deep-fried mars bars so it wasn’t an entire loss. Probably good I got fired otherwise I would be the size of a house, a happy house but a house none the less.

In these chicken shops they almost always used to sell Rizogalo. Greek rice pudding. It has always been my absolute favourite and I could eat it til the cows come home! (And they take so long!)

My mum made her own version and usually it is around 11.30pm when I decide it is necessary that I make some. Just a few nights ago I made a massive amount and it’s already gone.. Don’t judge me.

You boil it on the stove, add as much cinnamon you like and stick it in the fridge in pretty cups.

Here is the little recipe in case you fancy yourself some lovely greek rice pudding.


1 litre milk

1 litre water

1 cup white rice, med grain  (I just use whatever I can get my hands on… within reason.. still rice)

1 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla sugar or vanilla extract (if you don’t have it and have no money, just do it without.. it’s particularly tasty with though! )

2 egg yolks + 2 TBspoons corn flour



1. Get yourself a hefty pan cause there is a lot going on.

2. Boil milk + water.

3. Add rice & sugar and stir on low.

4. Beat egg yolks (separating egg yolks makes me feel like a kitchen ninja) + add to corn flour + 1 TBspoon milk, add to rice, milk, water & sugar.

5. Add as much cinnamon as you like (I suggest all of the cinnamon in the land) + keep stirring on low, you can even watch some tele (I suggest Friday Night Lights) , you are just waiting for it to get good and gloopy

6. Have yourself some lovely hot rice pudding and pour the rest into tea cups or bowls, sprinkle cinnamon on top and then put it in the fridge.

7. Have it for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dessert… basically just smash it right in your face. It is yum!

– Celeste xx


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DaNcInG WoRdS: Unbound books

We’ve recently received a few books  from Unbound publishers. Unbound is an exciting publishing company because instead of the publishers deciding what books will get published – you do! You can see various author’s pitches on the website and, if you like it, you can pledge your support for it. When/if a target number of supporters are received the author can get busy writing. AND once the book has been finished and published, you receive your own copy in the post.

Our latest Unbound book was by a poet called George Chopping. This one made me smile.

(From the book Smoking with Crohn’s)

Just Because

(a poem about accepting people for who they are and not being so judgemental of others)

Just because he’s got a beard 

doesn’t mean he’s weird.


Just because he’s got a beard’o

doesn’t mean that he’s a weirdo.


Some follicular lock

descending from the chin

shouldn’t mean he can’t fit in.


A bushy lower jaw

is by no means a flaw.

Those descending wires 

could mean that he’s wise

there are no flies 

on him.


Look at David Bellamy,

a man never accused of felony

but, incidentally

a man passionate about botany

and a charming bearded presenter, no less

of many a documentary.


Just because he’s got a beard, oh!

Doesn’t mean that he’s a weirdo.


So break down the barriers 

and the walls of prejudice

and stop being such an anti-follicl’ist

and let poor beardy in.


Unless beardy

is a she.


– George Chopping

Hope your week is a good one!


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Weekend in pictures…

Saturday morning brekkie was amazing!!

Walking and exploring around Bristol is F.U.N.

Rewarded ourselves with a delicious pieminister…

Autumn sunsets are pretty magnif… (No filter!)

A Saturday night was spent in good company, getting on christmas crafts, with lovely indian food, red wine and then tea. Perfect.

Did you know Sunday was ‘Apple‘ day… basically just an excuse to drink cider!

Getting reaquainted with some very special old friends (who are an important part in all our lives) and introducing them to someone who will love them as much as we do… Friday Night Lights. Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose. 

Hope this week is one that is fabulous, for us all!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste 


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Friday Pumpkin Finds …

As the weather has taken an icy turn and autumn and pumpkins are upon us it has made me excited for Autumn magic.  Cosy scarves, hats, coats, orange leaves, a cup of coffee, a good book and a camera.

It really does feel magic.

Some carving is in order so here are a few pumpkins to inspire you!

Simple but lovely polka pumpkins! So easy!

My little contribution is a tribute to my canadian heritage … and passport. Pretty easy as well!

And some more complicated ones for you ambitious and adventurous pumpkin carvers.

Doile pumpkins.

Pugs not drugs.

Camper Pumpkin.

And my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE! My main man … TOM SELLECK! Made by a genius young lady, called Jess Martin, in Vancouver!

 I want one… A Tom Selleck that is, and a Selleck pumpkin.

 When you are finished carving, keep the seeds, soak them in salty water and then roast them in the oven with salt, garlic and chili! Hot diggidy!

Happy Pumpkin Filled Autumn Days!!!

Tracks of Foxes 

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Make, do & mend: Whisky and candles..

What happens when combine a whisky loving husband and a candle crazy wife?

Old whisky bottles as candle sticks obviously 🙂  There’s a collection of them now and they’re making us feel cosy when the nights are drawing in.

You should try it.


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Penny for your thoughts: Rein that colour in!

I have a colour that I am obsessed with. Sure I go through stages when I am obsessed with lots of different things that come and go but there is one that has stood the test of time and I have so many things that are turquoise. Maybe too much?

– Celeste

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