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This weekend: Be Lazzzyyy

This weekend our ideas are dedicated to all of you who are been working crazy hard and are beginning to wind down to Easter, so this weekend:

Don’t set an alarm and just wake up naturally

Eat a fabulous brunch (try this breakfast burrito if you are short of a bit of inspiration

Drink a mojito in the afternoon.

Stay up talking into the small hours.

Buy a new album, get out blankets and lie and listen to it the whole way through.

Buy some flowers for the house.

Read a whole book.

Whatever you get up to Have a deliciously lazy weekend.

-Hanna, Celeste & Sarah

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Dress up: Back to school… Or NOT!

Since leaving school I’ve never been one to pull off a good backpack/rucksack. They just never seemed to go with anything I was wearing and made me feel sporty (which I’m not) or childish (so silly).

This all changed when I got this great Fjällräven backpack. I had been eyeing one out for years and, finally, this summer I grabbed one from the sales. It’s such a good size, not too small but equally not too big, making it a perfect day bag! Somehow it doesn’t make me feel like I’m trying to be something I’m not and looks good even when wearing a dress and little pumps. AND it’s so practical (something I’m not used to with my accessories!)

I never knew this prior to purchase, but these Fjällräven bags come with a loyal following – I’ve had many nice little chats with strangers who share this love for these funny square bags.

With my new found backpack love, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of cool rucksacks. Here’s a few of my faves from Ally Capellino.

A good backpack is a great excuse to have lots of fun day trips this Spring! 🙂


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Make Do Mend: Inspired by ‘A Beautiful Mess’

A Beautiful Mess is a gorgeous cyber corner that I frequent for inspiration and escapism. I crush on their lives, houses, clothes, shop and tattoos.

This weekend I got all a bit excited about some fun little DIY projects from this blog that I could do in the sun/whilst watching Dexter.

I got involved with some bleach, paint brush and some old t-shirts…

I didn’t have any chalk so ‘free handed’ it. . hence the ‘ropey-ness’. It is a fun little idea with step by step instructions here.

I also made this foxy creature out of an old tweed skirt, buttons and felt I had lying around. I look forward to making him a little gang of friends. Check out all the different ideas there are on ‘A Beautiful Mess’.

It was a productive day, I also managed to do almost an entire season of Dexter. It is rocking my world. I am obsessed. Don’t judge me.

– Celeste


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Our Weekend in Pictures: Sharing the Love.

It was a working weekend but the joy of working with your hubs is that you can take meetings to nicer places!
Sharing the love and cheese with good and lovely friends in sunny Cassiobury Park.
We even made a new friend
We also managed to find time to plot little surprises for friends and family in the sun shine!
Mollie Makes is full of crafty ideas.
-Hanna, Sarah and Celeste

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This Weekend: Share the love!

This week has flown by for us foxes, so this weekend we want to invest some time in doing good little things for those around us! Not only does it make our friends and sweethearts feel the love but it also makes us smile.

Here’s a few ideas what to do:

Do something you know your friend/boyfriend/husband loves – even if it means having your legs knee deep in mud while trekking in the middle of nowhere!

Bake a cake for a friend – just because they’re lovely!

Spend time with someone special playing games, chatting and having a ball!

Give a far a way friend a call and make those miles disappear!

Whatever your weekend will look like – we hope you have a good one!  Thanks for following our little blog – we feel the love every day!

-Sarah, Celeste and Hanna

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Make, Do, Mend: There is no taste like home


I shamefully let 17th March pass with no shout out to the motherland on her special day and not even a drop of the ‘black stuff’ passed this lips.  So, by means of a very belated Ode to the homeland, i dedicate this post to the simple and morish phenomenon that is the traybake.

For those, who have not yet had the joy of tasting such delight, let me explain.  A traybake is a misnamed biscuit/bun/dessert.  Misnamed as there is no baking required, the opposite in fact… they set in the cooler climes of the fridge.  So this post I will share with you the recipe for the Queen of traybakes: The Fifteen!

What you’ll need

  • 15 large marshmallows
  • 15 digestive biscuits, crushed
  • 15 red candied cherries, halved
  • 2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 cup sweetened flaked coconut

How to:

  1. Cut the marshmallows in halves using scissors, and place in a large bowl. Toss with the digestive biscuits and candied cherries. Gradually stir in the sweetened condensed milk until the mixture becomes a soft, moist dough. It should not be too dry, so you may need to add a bit more of the milk.
  2. Spread a generous layer of coconut out on a clean surface, and place the dough on top of it. Use your hands to form the dough into a long thick sausage, making sure it is well coated with coconut. Wrap in a double layer of plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours.
  3. Unwrap the long piece of dough, and cut into slices to serve.

I thought i would close this wee post with a Blessing, by John O Donohue, as a bit of food for your soul too:




On the day when

the weight deadens

on your shoulders

and you stumble,

may the clay dance

to balance you.


And when your eyes

freeze behind

the grey window

and the ghost of loss

gets in to you,

may a flock of colours,

indigo, red, green,

and azure blue

come to awaken in you

a meadow of delight.


When the canvas frays

in the currach of thought

and a stain of ocean

blackens beneath you,

may there come across the waters

a path of yellow moonlight

to bring you safely home.


May the nourishment of the earth be yours,

may the clarity of light be yours,

may the fluency of the ocean be yours,

may the protection of the ancestors be yours.

And so may a slow

wind work these words

of love around you,

an invisible cloak

to mind your life.


~ John O’Donohue ~


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Days Like These: Quilting late into the night.

The three of us at tracks of foxes aim to share with you some crafty projects we’ve been putting our hands to, some adventures we’ve been spending our time on, we also thought we’d share with you some of the stuff that fills our stereos, book shelves, screens and tummy’s on emotional days, hope you might identify with some days like these.

A few years ago I visited an old friend in San Luis Obispo, California, her mother in law was a weapon at quilting! We’d been at her house and then ventured out to a little fabric shop on the beach. (I love that sentence, a fabric shop on the beach … swoon! Don’t get those in hertfordshire!)

Anyway, we went to a fabric shop after viewing HUNDREDS of beautiful quilts, that was a bad move. Like going for your big shop on an empty stomach. I came home with loads of fabric when I didn’t even own a needle and thread.

Since then, and thanks to a most beautiful and talented woman who helped me make sense of all I bought, I have handmade 1 king size quilt, I thought I’d start small!?, 3 baby quilts and currently working on 1 double quilt.

Most of my grown up quilts are made up of beautiful fabric by Tula Pink. Check out her stuff! Gorgeous!

SO, it’s 2.36am and I am sewing. There have been many nights like this, me, quilt, tv, drink, each quilt having it’s own  special ‘combination’.

So looking back at Days like these..

For Days when you quilt long into the night

Til 2.30am, March, 2012.

Quilt: Spring Double Quilt

Watching: ’24’ > Jack Bauer, poor guy, all the ladies he loves get shot, killed or kidnapped.

Drinking: Tea

Consuming: Cocodamol  and

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups > brought back from the States for me, SO addictive!

Til 6.00am, June, 2011.

Quilt: King Size Quilt

Watching: ‘Friday Night Lights’ > This show may be the best show you ever watch.. ever! Two words, Tim Riggins!

Drinking: White Russians (mmm.. Yum!)

January, 1.40am, 2011.

Quilt: Baby Quilt for Teddy Fox > Cute name eh?

Watching: The Walking Dead > dangerously jumpy when you’re holding a needle!

Drinking: Tequila > also not a recommended with sharp objects, needles and heavy machinery!


Quilt: King Size Quilt

Watching: Dawsons Creek > warning: you may suddenly get angsty, Pacey Witter has that effect on people.

Drinking: Chai Tea > so good to dip in

Consuming: Chocolate Digestives


Quilt: Baby Quilt for Phoebe Beau

Watching: Anne of Green Gables/Flight of the Conchords > a bizarre combination.

Drinking: Red Stripe> Those Jamaican’s can brew

Consuming: Pretzels


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Make, Do, Mend: Jar head

I’m shuffler. I like to shuffle things from one place to another or put them in drawers and cupboards – out of sight, out of mind mentality goes a long way in our household. However, occasionally on crazy whim, I attack those cupboards and drawers and attempt to bring a bit of order into our chaos.

Recently, I attacked our kitchen cupboard that stores all our baking related goods. My husband is a brilliant bread maker (I’m counting my blessings) so our cupboards are full of different types of flour, seeds and oats. Mostly these bags are found open with half of the contents on the shelves and on the floor. Drives me potty.

So one, very rare productive day, I went to Ikea and bought some jars. On my way home I popped into a stationary shop and got a pack of cheap labels.

At home I printed the names straight on to the labels (I already had a few bird sketches saved on my files, so I added them to make the labels a bit prettier – geeky, I know!), poured the bags of flour into the jars and stuck the label on.

So simple, yet every time I open the cupboard I appreciate this small bit of organisation!



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Our Weekend in Pictures: Love for the Mums!

This weekend we had love for our mums … from a far!

Here are some lovely Mum memories that we have:


My lovely mom memory was spending all day swimming in the lakes with a picnic on our summer holidays.


My mama is a brilliant combination of maternal, fiesty, loving and blunt. My friends equal parts loved her and were terrified by her! She would make them laugh, feed us all with delicious homemade baked goods and then ask them shockingly blunt questions.


memories with my mum…

When I was little I remember regularly making a little nest in my mums legs which she always tucked up beside her… where she would read to me tirelessly from our ladybird book collection… and everytime she managed to make “chicken licken” full of expression…

As an adult my mum and I went together to Italy, where whilst walking around cobbled, candlelit streets she helped me figure out some stuff at a really formative time for me.

She has taught me about generosity of pocket and person. Having the courage of conviction. and how to show great kindness…

Love you Mums!!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste

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You can ‘Like’ us… if you want!

Happy Monday!

We have our very own facebook page that you can like!

So.. if you want, head on over and like us!

How excitement!

Celeste, Hanna and Sarah

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