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Our Weekend in Pictures ….

This weekend the weather forced us inside…

We awaited the arrival of an old friend…

We rehashed old stories and made new memories with that old friend..

The end of the month meant that whatever we did was cheap, cheerful and close to home.

Oh Watford.

Hope your weekend was lovely!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste

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This Weekend: Friday Finds…

A few little things we came across this week..

This lovely online vintage shop ‘Red Hat No Knickers‘, cute and totally affordable!

This lady is a bit of an inspiration and a weapon. If only we were all so limber and gifted with silverware!

Check these guys out.. they’re brilliant! Nothing out there like it! We are very, VERY excited to get our mits on this bad boy. Boat Magazines new London issue.  Buy it here. We’re looking forward to posting more about it when we get to read it!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Drink some beer and read a book maybe?

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste

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Make, Do, Mend: Mini Greenhouse

For those of us with limited space, rental homes or non-existing green fingers growing things isn’t always easy. So when I came across this idea on Pinterest (remember my challenge I set to myself?) I knew I had to try it.

All you need is an empty 2 litre plastic bottle and scissors. Peel the label off, cut the bottle in half and you have yourself a mini greenhouse. The top part is used traditionally because of the open bottle neck (and the bottom half chucked) but I just punched a few holes through the bottom of the bottle and made use of that too. It really couldn’t be simpler.

My herbs have now been fooled into thinking it’s hot and humid, when it’s hammering down with rain, and are growing super speedily. And I’ve got a good excuse to feed my Coca Cola addiction.

Happy growing and drinking!



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Found Things: Smile, I’m Not Another Bill!

Thanks to a little heads up from a beautiful lady called Grace, I came across this most lovely thing called .

This is what Ned says about his brilliant idea.

‘No-one gets anything good in the post anymore. Welcome to NOTANOTHERBILL. Subscribe for yourself (or as a gift) and get sent a beautifully wrapped

and carefully curated surprise present in the post every month…

something that is not another bill.’

So you pay some money and get a surprise pressie each month!

After having a little look at the past presents on his website I was very, very excited! (I may have spent hours perusing the past presents and wishing I’d signed up much earlier!)

My first ‘Smile, I am not another bill’  arrived at the beginning of the month and was a felt bowl, made by a Finnish design studio called ‘Verso Design’, and acts as a perfect little home to our house keys.

I am looking forward to more loveliness in the coming months. This is a brilliant idea in case you are stuck for birthday, wedding or general gift ideas. I wish I came up with something this clever and spesh but I am happy to settle for being the recipient.



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Our Wet Weekend in Pictures…

When the weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind and you’re in and out of thunder and sun there is only so much you can do. 

 Fresh baked bread for breakie.

Watch old movies, especially when they have handsome men sporting fabulous moustaches.

Atticus, possibly one of the greatest men! Even if this actually is The Gunfighter and not To Kill A Mockingbird.. Gregory Peck will ALWAYS be Atticus to me!

Taking shelter from the elements with some nice drinks and lovely company.

We also may have braved a little garden gig… more to come on that later!

Hope that you managed to stay dry and enjoy your weekend!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste

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This Weekend: FRIDAY FINDS

The super Sara Louise sent us this little picture – thought it would make you smile as much as it has us!  In our weeks worth of wandering, we have happened upon the interesting & lovely and thought it would be fun to share with you:

May your weekend be full of beautiful people, conversation, sleep & song

Happy Weekend!

Hanna, Celeste & Sarah

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Found Things: Husky

Today I have been listening to the Australian band ‘Husky’ on repeat and then, by some crazy coincidence, Wikipedia  informed me that April 19th, 1770 Captain James Cooke first sighted the East Coast of Australia, my homeland AND April 19th, 1984 , my birth year, ‘Advance Australia Fair’ was announced as the national anthem.

I think you’ll agree there is nothing else to do but talk of Australia and listen to ‘Husky’.

So that is exactly what I am going to do.

I miss the sun.

I miss the food, hot chips with chicken salt, Jacaranda creamed rice, lamingtons, meat pies and Golden Gaytimes.

I miss the accent.

I miss making lots of freckles.

I miss burning my feet on the road cause I’ve decided to go to the corner shop barefoot. (Not going to lie, whenever any says barefoot I literally imagine a bears foot… chuckle.. don’t judge me.)

I miss the sea water in my hair.

I miss the sand.

I miss sausage sizzle.

I miss family and friends.

I miss Heartbreak High. Drazic = Dreamboat

Anyway, feel free to join me in my Husky listening!

P.S. Turns out that what I thought were trucks being loud next door is actually thunder, I love thunder, YES!

– Celeste

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