Found Things: Coveting new stationery


I recently shared about excitedly starting a new and fabulous job, which has been wonderful but I flew into it without even taking time to purchase that which is necessary for every new beginning – new stationery.  So i have been researching what stationery I would like for my not quite so new school/work bag….

My two stationery lusts are:

Blackwing 602 – a legendary pencil described by John Steinback who said

“I have found a new kind of pencil—the best I have ever had. Of course it costs three times as much too but it is black and soft but doesn’t break off. I think I will always use these. They are called Blackwings and they really glide over the paper.”

They were discontinued in 1998, but are back by public demand because they are reputedly THAT good… I am eager to get my hands on some to see for myself, and they can be found here in Pedlars (the curators of some very lovely stuff)

Field Notes:  I have long been a fan of these beautiful, simple note books.  I love taking notes, scribbling ideas/thoughts/doodling.  Just when I thought the original couldn’t get any better they produced this collection based on American national crops – I would like a new crop/colour for every month… and I found them to buy in the UK from here

So for this little post goes out to those who know the simple delight of taking a newly sharpened pencil to a brand new sheet of paper…

Happy Scribbling




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3 responses to “Found Things: Coveting new stationery

  1. Sarah, what a lovely post! 🙂 xxx

  2. helenruthcrawford

    I am absolutely in this phase myself Sarah, mainly manifesting itself in the purchase of Washi tape ( and fancy bulldog clips (for homemade recycled notebooks). The future is bright!

  3. -> helenruthcrawford: been through the Washi tape phase too! 😉

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