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Found: Gretel Girl

The other day I pottered into Gertrude street for coffee with two new and lovely friends Laura (maker of a very lovely nook for me in their home) and Chris (hilarious fan of Derek – my dinosaur). We planted our selves on the window seat in a spiffy cafe, our legs hanging over the sill/seat while we were served flat whites and savoury feta, ham and tomato muffins.. DELISH!

Being ‘magpie like’ I was distracted from our conversations of life, love and coffee by our view from the window sill/seat. Cute street art, a ginger man with chin straps and his little asian fiance having photo’s together on said street art and a beautifully dressed lady drinking her coffee and drawing a gorgeous fox illustration. I had a feeling that the fox drawer had a kind disposition so pottered over to ask her who she was and what she does.

Meet Tracey, from Adelaide,who was in Melbourne for an art/craft fair. She is an artist and runs a business from her art called Gretel Girl. She draws beautifully detailed illustrations and also transfers them on to ceramics and wood blocks PLUS she is super friendly and pretty! She also seemed to think similarly to us ‘Foxes’ about living  life generously with art and creativity and making tracks!

She and her husband sound pretty awesome too, she has decided to do what she loves, her art, for a living and her husband is studying. Doing what they want and what they love setting an example for their kids that money isn’t everything if you get to do what you love! That is pretty cool! 

So check out beautiful Gretel Girl, like her on facebook and buy some of her gorgeous work! If you’re in Sydney you can find her yourself at Finders Keepers Dec 8th and 9th! 

This one is my favourite! ‘Not on my watch!’

– Celeste 

p.s. all images nicked from her facebook!



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Found: Izola presents for the mans…

As we near the most wonderful time of the year  we start thinking … presents!

The Men/boys tend to be the hardest of all to buy for. You either have to go really expensive or jokey.

My favourite presents I have got for the boys are:

1. A new pipe kit. Pipe, pipe cleaning and packing tool, tobacco

2. A hipflask (full of something tasty)

3. An old man kit. Slippers, handkerchiefs and old school shaving kit.

That is until I stumbled across this beautiful website.

Men in my life look away now, this is all you are getting for christmas! (If I get you anything at all..)

Izola makes some things that are so very beautiful, I would be happy if they would all be in my life and my house.

For the drunken men in your life…

‘Three sheets to the wind’And maybe they need to get some ‘stones’?

Whiskey stones!

These coasters have fun facts, stories, cocktail recipes or drinking games on the back! Win!

For the hygiene challenged men in your life…

We have the Scouts shower curtain in our home.

A subtle but lovely hint?

This is also punny… my favourite! And if they are really stinky … they may need three?

Happy christmas shopping!!

– Celeste


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Found Things: Bakehouse

Bakehouse in St Albans has been there for so much time and I have only just found my way to it! How is this the case?

Sometimes life is unfair! (I’m feeling hyperbolic today..)

This place is so sweet with beautiful interior decorations, incredible baked goods (you would hope so with a name like the Bakehouse!), pretty views of St Albans Abbey, tasty hot-pot style food & … wait for it… Monmouth Coffee!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Monmouth coffee in close proximity to me! Glory!

Whenever I am in Covent Garden I try to make sure I find my way to Monmouth and have some of their beaut coffee. The best in all the land, in my opinion!

I may also really enjoy asking if they do flavoured syrup. I don’t actually want syrup in my coffee but to watch their face as they look at me with judgement and disgust, because syrup in good coffee is sacrilege. They look at me like I’d gone into their house at christmas and wee’d on their kids.

Anyway, at Bakehouse, I ate a delicious sweet potato and leek crumble and then had pumpkin bread, that tasted like autumn and cinnamony heaven, and coffee for dessert.

They also gave some fun ideas for vases by using old colmans mustard tins and old marmite jars as vases. Too cute and so ‘green’.

If you are in Hertfordshire and looking for somewhere lovely to go and have a little something to brighten your day, eyes, mouth, heart and tummy then definitely give Bakehouse a go!

Happy Hump Day!

– Celeste xx


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Found Things: Lady Jamie Greetings

I want to tell you about my friend Jamie. She is exceedingly beautiful, talented, funny and Aussie! We have know each other since I was fourteen and thought I was a skater girl! (Sk8r guuurrrl!) I get to be a bridesmaid with her in November! YESSS!

Some of my favourite nights of my life have been with her and her husband when they used to live in this sweet retro house in Seven Oaks. We would have fake Australia Day at all times of the year, eat incredible food, drink schnapps and wear aussie flag tattoos. ROCK!

We would have homemade steak and chips made off Mark’s manmade outdoor BBQ where he kept the utensils hanging from a tree in the garden and would say things like

‘You see, Celeste, the beauty of this is a cat was licking that just yesterday and now all the heat has burnt off the germs and we are going to eat off it. Brilliant!’

It’s safe to say that these two are some of my favourites, absolute weapons AND they are about to have a baby. That kid is going to be all kinds of awesome! Anyway, this beautiful friend of mine has created some equally beautiful greeting cards.

Check them out. I heart them! TRUE STORY!



Love Sweet Love

Happy Heart

Just For You

Cupcake and Tea cup. (some of my fave!)

Happy Birthday. (Clock is another fave!)

Hope you love them and maybe even buy some too!

x Celeste

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Found Things: Husky

Today I have been listening to the Australian band ‘Husky’ on repeat and then, by some crazy coincidence, Wikipedia  informed me that April 19th, 1770 Captain James Cooke first sighted the East Coast of Australia, my homeland AND April 19th, 1984 , my birth year, ‘Advance Australia Fair’ was announced as the national anthem.

I think you’ll agree there is nothing else to do but talk of Australia and listen to ‘Husky’.

So that is exactly what I am going to do.

I miss the sun.

I miss the food, hot chips with chicken salt, Jacaranda creamed rice, lamingtons, meat pies and Golden Gaytimes.

I miss the accent.

I miss making lots of freckles.

I miss burning my feet on the road cause I’ve decided to go to the corner shop barefoot. (Not going to lie, whenever any says barefoot I literally imagine a bears foot… chuckle.. don’t judge me.)

I miss the sea water in my hair.

I miss the sand.

I miss sausage sizzle.

I miss family and friends.

I miss Heartbreak High. Drazic = Dreamboat

Anyway, feel free to join me in my Husky listening!


P.S. Turns out that what I thought were trucks being loud next door is actually thunder, I love thunder, YES!

– Celeste

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Found (again): My Bike Hercules

I’ve had this bicycle for many years now. I love it and I would quite happily never get a new one. However, for the past year it’s been buried under a variety of stuff in our shed. The reason being that the gears were broken and permanently stuck on the highest and the heaviest (needless to say it was not a graceful sight to behold when I was cycling uphill…) and it seemed to be a challenge to try to fix it. *

However, left with a few cuts and bruises my husband and a handy friend managed to restore at least two of the gears back into working order. Woop! Now I can resume riding this blue wonder around town with a smile on my face (and a deep burn in my thighs).


*I am too much of a wuss to take it to a bike shop as I think they would laugh me and my granny bike out of the shop and make me buy a mountain bike.


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Found Things: Quill and Fox

One day when I was trawling the interweb I came across the exquisite cards and invitations by Quill and Fox’ and fell in love. I am now coming up with ridiculous reasons to send invitations and cards just so I can buy some!

‘I would like to invite you to, umm. .. Wednesday ??’

Once you have seen her work you will totally understand!

I love this sweet Terrarium Postcard Set. I had to google what a terrarium is but it’s pretty much what it looks like, cute plants in little things. Don’t judge my stupidity.. please.

I am aware that we are in the wrong season for Christmas cards but I will tell you a true story, these are gorgeous regardless. Plus, I am totally imagining that there is Baileys in that hot chocolate I see!

Check out these little bad boys! I love writing and drawing with pencil plus it is no secret I have a weakness for moustaches and monacles. There really is no need to say anymore.

Check her out here  http://www.quillandfox.com/  and here http://quillandfox.tumblr.com/ . If you want to buy her lovely things you can get them at her etsy shop. 



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Found Things: Right Shoe.

Over the course of our normal weeks we come across little things that are pretty, sparkly and brighten our days, from music and art to cafe’s and shops, here are some things we have found…

 My Right Shoe

Yesterday, I found something I thought was lost forever. I had resigned myself to the fact that my lovely little lace up heel was gone forever. Just the right shoe, the left shoe was safe in my room, taunting me.. reminding me, smug even… or was it sad, making me feel guilty that I had not taken care of it’s lovely little counterpart.

It was a sad day when I realised I had lost that little shoe. They were the perfect shoes, they went with everything but didn’t go with anything, the right height heel, perfect fit and even better only £3 from a charity shop!

And just when I had given up all hope, there it was, chilling behind the couch the whole time!! Yay!



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For the foxy man in your life (or the one you’d like in your life)

One of the places I go to swoon at beautiful paper stuff is the delicious Rifle Paper Co. So with Valentine’s day just around the corner I found myself scrolling through Anna Bond‘s brilliantly illustrated cards, and happened upon this one!  How could you not LOVE it?  Might just be the ticket for the fox you have been admiring from near or far…

You need to check out http://riflepaperco.com/ for more where this came from…  Sarah

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Liga Kitchen

Our BEAUTIFUL ‘Tracks of Foxes’ banner has been created by the equally beautiful Liga Kitchen.

A year and a bit ago I stumbled across the enchanting artwork of the lovely Liga Kitchen. I am completely smitten!

Her sketchings mixed with collage make for an incredibly special treat for your eyes.

I couldn’t believe that she was willing to make us a beaut banner … I had a squeal! Thank you Liga!

Here are a few of my favourites of hers..

Please check out her work on http://www.ligakitchen.blogspot.com

Facebook :  www.facebook.com/pages/Liga-Kitchen/187142674619

Tumblr:  www.ligakitchen.tumblr.com/

– Celeste

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