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A collection of wise words from Frankie for this weekend…

For this little weekend we have some wise words from Frankie Magazine!

Happy Weekend!!!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste


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THIS WEEKEND: Embrace the loonnnnggg weekend

Image(Image via silkythecreature.tumblr.com)

Friday finds us smiling, as we welcome a glorious four day weekend, Thank you very much Your Majesty!  We are planning much merriment with friends and family, so get you into the spirit of the weekend, here are a few finds:

Make some pretty bunting out of old tee shirts/sheets/jeans

The crafty and lovely Dot shares how to make your own bunting, in five simple steps to liven up your garden or street party: http://village.rhythms.org/howto/how-to-make-bunting/

Make (and drink) a Mojito Royale 


I discovered this delight of a cocktail when out on Tuesday celebrating a new job… it would be rude not to try one of these this weekend – the title begs you to! Mojito + champagne = a potent and delightful combo.


  • 20g Mint leaves, plus
  • 2 sprigs to garnish
  • 3 tbsp Granulated sugar
  • 100ml White rum
  • 40ml Lemon juice
  • 400ml Champagne, chilled


  1. Using the end of a rolling pin, muddle the mint and sugar in a Pyrex jug or cocktail shaker. Add the rum and lemon juice. Shake or mix with ice.
  2. Strain into a flute and top up with the chilled champagne. Garnish with a sprig of mint.
  3. Enjoy!

Listen to this little tune (or something equally as happy) in an attempt to woo the sun to come out to play:

May your weekend be full of friends, pimms, cake and long lie ins!


Hanna, Celeste & Sarah

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Happy Friday friends,


This weekend we thought we share with you the pearls from our perusals, for you to browse over the weekend:

Be still my heart, the new M.Ward album is out! http://www.mwardmusic.com

As is volume three of the delicious kinfolk magazine, celebrating food, friends, simplicity… Ahhh.. http://www.kinfolkmag.com

I couldn’t quite find the right veil on my wedding day, but a little too late I found it here (amid a million older wedding related delights): http://www.bhldn.com/shop%5Fthe%2Dbride%5Fveils%2Dheadpieces/mantilla%2Dveil

Wise and witty prescriptions from the good doctor: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Seuss-isms-Dr-Seuss-Dr/dp/0001720341

Have a brilliant weekend!

Hanna, Celeste & Sarah

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This weekend: Be Lazzzyyy

This weekend our ideas are dedicated to all of you who are been working crazy hard and are beginning to wind down to Easter, so this weekend:

Don’t set an alarm and just wake up naturally

Eat a fabulous brunch (try this breakfast burrito if you are short of a bit of inspiration http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/breakfastburrito_87247)

Drink a mojito in the afternoon.

Stay up talking into the small hours.

Buy a new album, get out blankets and lie and listen to it the whole way through.

Buy some flowers for the house.

Read a whole book.

Whatever you get up to Have a deliciously lazy weekend.

-Hanna, Celeste & Sarah

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This weekend…

Sometimes you have weeks that knock you a bit, whether that be disappointment, busyness or work, you can find yourself a little disheveled come friday.

So this weekend,  enjoy glimpses of the sun and look back at things that have made you you.

Enjoy things that you know make your heart glad!

Think of this weekend as a weekend of Nostalgia, you could:

Find old pictures?

Listen to some old music?

Reread a favourite book or poem?

Wear something you’ve had for a long time? (for those hoarders out there that won’t be too hard for us to find!)

Watch an old show or film that you know all the words to?

Go somewhere that holds good memories?

Write an old-fashioned letter to someone special?

These are just a few of the nostalgic things that us foxes are planning for this weekend. We will fill you in Monday on what we got up to.

If you do anything fun and nostalgic send us your piccies and we’ll post them too on our

‘Weekend in Pictures’ on Monday!

A very happy, nostalgic weekend to you!

– Celeste, Sarah and Hanna


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