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Make, Do, Mend: Mini Greenhouse

For those of us with limited space, rental homes or non-existing green fingers growing things isn’t always easy. So when I came across this idea on Pinterest (remember my challenge I set to myself?) I knew I had to try it.

All you need is an empty 2 litre plastic bottle and scissors. Peel the label off, cut the bottle in half and you have yourself a mini greenhouse. The top part is used traditionally because of the open bottle neck (and the bottom half chucked) but I just punched a few holes through the bottom of the bottle and made use of that too. It really couldn’t be simpler.

My herbs have now been fooled into thinking it’s hot and humid, when it’s hammering down with rain, and are growing super speedily. And I’ve got a good excuse to feed my Coca Cola addiction.

Happy growing and drinking!



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This Weekend: The Spring has Sprung

It feels like Spring has finally arrived! So this weekend enjoy the smell of Spring in the air and do things that make you happy!

Here’s some suggestions:

Plant some flowers or herbs, place in a sunny spot and watch them grow.

Do a spot of Spring cleaning around the house and open the windows to let the fresh air in.

Let your creative juices flow.

Go for a walk and keep your eyes open for the first signs of Spring.

Take a trip to the seaside!

Whatever you’ll end up doing, we hope you’ll have a lovely weekend with a bit of sunshine! We would love to hear/see what you’ve been up to, so send us some pic love of  your weekend – wherever you may be!

Celeste, Sarah and Hanna 

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