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Weekend in Pictures…

So this weekend we decided to go for a Weekend of Nostalgia …

This is what it looked like.

Rereading old books.



I started rereading my absolute favourite, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee for about he 18th time since I first picked it up at 15 sat next to a pool in California.



I reread one of my all time favourites Little Women, Louisa M. Alcott.


Sarah:  I curled up with my childhood favourite, Roald Dahl’s Matilda.

Listening to some old music.


Hanna: Listened to Ryan Adams, Flaming Lips and others that transported me back to some happy memories. ❤

Celeste: I filled my ears with ‘Slow Train Coming‘ Bob Dylan and ‘Gold‘ Ryan Adams.

Sarah: I relived some of my teen angst by listening to Julie turner and watching ‘My So-Called Life’.

Watching films/TV shows you know all the words to.



Go to some place with lovely memories. 


Hanna: I walked around Borough Market on Saturday tasting new things and talking with good people.

Sarah: A little memory place… A walk, with my boy, in some woodland called the mundens, where we spent much time walking and talking the spring of 2008, when we got together…

Write an old-fashioned letter 


Sarah: Here is my old-fashioned letter to my Granny.


Celeste: I have been writing letters on this beautiful stationary from present and correct .   Check out their gorgeous stuff but be warned you will want to buy it all!


Sam and Sarah 


Went to the Theatre together to see ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’.

 They would highly recommend it!

So that was our weekend in pictures.. and some friends too!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste


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This weekend…

Sometimes you have weeks that knock you a bit, whether that be disappointment, busyness or work, you can find yourself a little disheveled come friday.

So this weekend,  enjoy glimpses of the sun and look back at things that have made you you.

Enjoy things that you know make your heart glad!

Think of this weekend as a weekend of Nostalgia, you could:

Find old pictures?

Listen to some old music?

Reread a favourite book or poem?

Wear something you’ve had for a long time? (for those hoarders out there that won’t be too hard for us to find!)

Watch an old show or film that you know all the words to?

Go somewhere that holds good memories?

Write an old-fashioned letter to someone special?

These are just a few of the nostalgic things that us foxes are planning for this weekend. We will fill you in Monday on what we got up to.

If you do anything fun and nostalgic send us your piccies and we’ll post them too on our

‘Weekend in Pictures’ on Monday!

A very happy, nostalgic weekend to you!

– Celeste, Sarah and Hanna


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