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Found things: Introducing Analogue


So, you won’t need to know much about us to know that two of our great loves are music and books, and so when one of the foxes and her husband paired up to create a little book and album pairing club, we gave it a big thumbs up and thought we’d share the idea with you. You can join in physically if you live in Belfast, but alternatively this will operate as an online club – where you can nominate on the pairing, vote, listen and read along and contribute to some online discussion… So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen we present Analogue: an experiment in books and music – pop along to find our more, to vote for february’s pairings and to join the club!

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Found Things: Songs for the middle of the week…

Wednesday, it’s that time of the week that the fun and relaxation of last weekend feels like a distant memory and this coming weekend feels an age away. Also, I have been reliably informed from someone at BBC radio Berkshire that, apparently, you feel your ugliest at 3.20pm on a Wednesday? 

But here are some sweet songs and pretty videos for the last hump/ugly day in March!

Julia Holter – In the Same Room

Lord Huron – She Lit A Fire (From the album Lonesome Dreams)

Samuel Lane‘s new album ‘The Fire’ 

the fire

Fleet Foxes – The Shrine/Argument

Featuring beautiful illustrations from Stacey Rozich.

Happy hump/ugly day and it’s nearly Thursday which means it’s nearly the weekend! Hot Dang!

xx Celeste

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Friday Finds

Enjoy this lovely weekend and if you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands check out some of these things!

This blog, ‘Sweet Mabel’, is lovely and check out her cute things (like the owl above) on Etsy! It is chockas with recipes, art, interiors, vintage, tutorials and crafts… totally gorgeous! She has even been kind enough to feature us in her ‘Charming Reads’ section! Thank you! 

From a lovely friend’s travels they found and brought back some cute breath mints! ( Err…Hint?!)

And finally a few musical treats for you  …

Sydney folk duo The Falls and their song ‘Home’. This video is a little on the spooky side.

Listen to more of their music here .

Celeste mentioned Dry the River in a Days like these post a little while ago, here is another of their music videos.. it’s a cute one, that always gives me a little grin. It’s a lot of fun!

Happy Friday to you all!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste xxx

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Days like these: When stubbing your toe is the last straw

The three of us at tracks of foxes aim to share with you some crafty projects we’ve been putting our hands to, some adventures we’ve been spending our time on, we also thought we’d share with you some of the stuff that fills our stereos, book shelves, screens and tummy’s on emotional days, hope you might identify with some days like these.

You know those days when you have an awful lot of ‘heavy’ things going on, the days when you should be more emotional about things but seem to be coping very well? In those days I have a slight smugness at my own emotional resilience and think I can take on anything …. and THEN … something little, like stubbing my toe, happens and I completely lose it. Every emotion that I had pushed down comes out in what seems like an incredible overreaction to a mere toe stubbing.

So for days when stubbing your toe is the last straw ….

For your eyes:  There are two ways to play days like these, you can watch something emotional, go with it and cry til your eyelids are puffy and you have no moisture left in your body or distract. I usually go with the latter.

But.. if you want a really good, solid sob watch ‘Dear Frankie’. A beautiful Scottish film about a little boy corresponding with his Dad. I pretty much am no good to anyone for a few hours after watching this heart-wrencher.

If you’re looking to distract yourself I usually go with action/thrillers …

‘The Walking Dead’ is a brilliant post apocalyptic zombie show. So much suspense, gore and zombie chasing… definitely will distract you and maybe surprise you that you’re a ‘zombie person’. Turns out I get really into Zombie things… Who knew? The acting, effects, screen writing all surprisingly good.  I do, however, manage to call it Walking the Dead accidentally which conjures up some bizarre images, never the less, get involved with these zombies!

For your mouth:

I just bought the ‘Joy the Baker’ cookbook and there are so many fun ways to become a fatty, or just to enjoy baking and eating! You can get it from Amazon here and check out her blog here. She is funny and fabulous.

For your ears:

M. Ward- ‘Chinese Translation’

This is a cute little video and M. Ward’s voice is all a bit intoxicating! The ‘M’ doesn’t stand for ‘Maternity’ apparently. Damn.

Dry the River – ‘New Ceremony’

I just love these guys and can’t wait to see them in November. They are fun to yell along with and make sure to listen out for a good ‘Hey!’ in this song. I do love a ‘Hey!’, it always makes me feel better!

For your heart: 

Make your place that you live in look lovely, I put some little flowers out in my house in old jars and milk bottles. (picture up above.)

Spend time with some people who are good for the soul. You know the ones I mean… Good ones!

Good ones are my favourite.

So hopefully there are a few things you can do on a day when stubbing your toe is the last straw!

They helped me anyway. Happy toe stubbing!

xx Celeste

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Friday Finds: Treats for your Eyes, Ears and Funny Bone.

This weeks Friday Finds includes a treat for your eyes, your ears and a little tickle for your funny bone. 

For your eyes:

There is this man called Mark Lazenby who makes such beautiful images. I have lost a lot of time trolling through his website and the links to other lovely artists. Here are a few to wet your appetite, check out his site.

For your ears:

This week we heard the lovely sounds of Alistair Mackenzie, he has some excellent facial hair and some beautiful songs! You can get his FREE EP from the interweb here.

For your funny bone: 

Frankie Magazine posted some ‘Not Quite Right’ cards  last week they gave me a little grin. Now looking for excuses to send these little crackers.


Happy Weekend!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste



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Friday Finds

Here are a few Friday Finds for you this sunny weekend!

I was listening to a band that a boy I know from Australia posted on his facebook. They make me feel sun shiney!


I love that you can get it on a tape too!

There is this amazing recipe by ‘Always with Butter’ that I desperately want to try! Get in my tummy and make me glad!!

Banana, Nutella Cream Cheese Cake. If that was a man I would kiss him on the face!

The people at boat magazine made this gorgeous video called ‘The Tale of Two Craftsmen’, a little treat for your eyes.

Enjoy the weekend and put suncream on!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste

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Happy Friday friends,


This weekend we thought we share with you the pearls from our perusals, for you to browse over the weekend:

Be still my heart, the new M.Ward album is out! http://www.mwardmusic.com

As is volume three of the delicious kinfolk magazine, celebrating food, friends, simplicity… Ahhh.. http://www.kinfolkmag.com

I couldn’t quite find the right veil on my wedding day, but a little too late I found it here (amid a million older wedding related delights): http://www.bhldn.com/shop%5Fthe%2Dbride%5Fveils%2Dheadpieces/mantilla%2Dveil

Wise and witty prescriptions from the good doctor: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Seuss-isms-Dr-Seuss-Dr/dp/0001720341

Have a brilliant weekend!

Hanna, Celeste & Sarah

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Found Things: Wilco wins the heart of Olive Oyl in the first Popeye cartoon in 30 years for Wilcos “Dawned on me”

It was my delight to find this (a little late to the party I know, as it was released a few months ago) but combining some delicious childhood nostagia with the brilliant Wilco… could a video get any better than this?

The band partnered with King Features to create the first hand-drawn Popeye cartoon in more than 30 years. In the video, a cartooned Tweedy strums his way into the heart of the lovely Olive Oyl. Despite Popeye and his nemesis Bluto’s best efforts, he gets the girl, and dancing by all follows. Hooray… A treat for your eyes and ears!

Happy Thursday


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This weekend…

This February weekend be particularly kind to yourself.

Do little things that make you happy and surround yourself with lovely people.

Here’s a few suggestions..

Get your morning cuppa and tuck yourself back in bed

Make something

Bake something

Buy yourself some flowers

Snuggle on the sofa with a magazine

Listen to some good tunes

Eat sweets

Go somewhere new

Whatever you end up doing- I hope you have a good one!


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Found Things: Laura Veirs – Tumble Bee.

Over the course of an average week, we come across little things that are all pretty, sparkly and brighten our days, from music and art to cafe’s and shops, here are some of the gems we have found.. 

There is a peter pan part of me, that skips in delights to the colours, smells and sounds of childhood.  So, imagine my ecstacy in discovering the exceedingly lovely Laura Veirs had created an album of covers and recompositions of American childhood songs. It is tender and sad, whilst being sleepy and happy.  A happy find…enjoy


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