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Field Trip: Nils Frahm at St Johns

The  last night of my 28th year was spent in St Johns in Hackney listening to the beautiful Nils Frahm.


St Johns, is seriously one of the most beautiful venues I have been to!


Nils Frahm is a delightful combination of intense beautiful music and light hearted banter. ‘This dramatic lighting and the music must be very intense for you, but I am actually in a very good mood!’


photo 3

To top it all off we were in very good company, Lisa Hannigan was also in attendance, I was more than a little starstruck. . . Aaand she may have responded to a tweet of mine. What a way to end 28!

All of that is besides the point, back to Nils, make sure you have a little listen and if you get a chance go and see him.



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Weekend in pictures…





Hope you had a fun weekend! We’ve had a good one with friends, fresh air, cooking experiments, live music, bit of work and car boot sales. What more could you ask for from two little days?!

homemade crumpets

Hanna’s hubs us a wiz in the kitchen.. he made these homemade crumpets for Saturday’s breakfast (following Paul Hollywood’s recipe)

flowers from the garden

Making use of the pretty flowers growing in the garden… anyone know what these ones are called though?wild garlic pesto

There is so much wild garlic around… Hanna made it into a pesto (post to follow for those who are interested!)home-brew



The kitchen laboratory continued with some serious bottling of the home brew.

new baby

Celeste’s got a new baby to create lovely sounds with.

live music

Some talented friends playing their socks off.




Celeste is day dreaming about owning a Pashley!
liquorice all sorts


Anyone else think these tube seats look like liquorice Allsorts?!

Hope you have a good first week of May!

-Celeste, Sarah and Hanna 

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Field Trip: Daniel and the Good Ones.

I went on a little field trip to see this boy we know play his lovely songs.

He’s just released his beaut little EP, ‘Be Swell’, with incredible artwork that was done by the man called Mark Lazenby that we featured in our Friday Finds a little while ago. ‘Be Swell’ is perfect for these summer days, get involved with it for a mere £3! 

We saw Daniel and the Good Ones play at the Workshop just by Old Street in London a place with a  cool Americana feel with toilets labelled ‘Sid’, ‘Nancy’ and ‘Larry’.  There was also a healthy amount of handsome, foreign men with good facial hair to serve you drinks… what more could you want!? How about some beaut tunes?

Daniel played his lovely songs for us in the changing ‘disco’ lights.

Daniel has a gig tomorrow night at Hoxton Underbelly with his ‘good ones’. If you’re in London Town, it’s worth a visit.. that is for sure. Here are the details, definitely come, hang out, enjoy some beaut music and share a little drink!

Daniel and the Good Ones really are good ones!

Celeste xx 

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