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Make, Do, Mend: Jar head

I’m shuffler. I like to shuffle things from one place to another or put them in drawers and cupboards – out of sight, out of mind mentality goes a long way in our household. However, occasionally on crazy whim, I attack those cupboards and drawers and attempt to bring a bit of order into our chaos.

Recently, I attacked our kitchen cupboard that stores all our baking related goods. My husband is a brilliant bread maker (I’m counting my blessings) so our cupboards are full of different types of flour, seeds and oats. Mostly these bags are found open with half of the contents on the shelves and on the floor. Drives me potty.

So one, very rare productive day, I went to Ikea and bought some jars. On my way home I popped into a stationary shop and got a pack of cheap labels.

At home I printed the names straight on to the labels (I already had a few bird sketches saved on my files, so I added them to make the labels a bit prettier – geeky, I know!), poured the bags of flour into the jars and stuck the label on.

So simple, yet every time I open the cupboard I appreciate this small bit of organisation!



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