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MAKE, DO MEND: How to make a christmas wreath ( a guest post by our crafty chum Jonny)

The Ravn Family are a favorite of us foxes, in addition to being some of the kindest, funniest, coolest families we know – they also know how to make lovely stuff.  Mr Ravn recently handcrafted a christmas wreath to deck out Ravn HQ and we thought it was rather super, so we asked him if he’d mind wriitng a blog post for us, so we could share it with y’all

Thanks Jonny!


How to make a christmas wreath:  

Well Christmas is coming and every year Naomi and I talk about all the lovely things we’d like to create to make our home ready for the winter season. This year for us, is the year of the wreath. Never being one to pay for something I can make myself, I promised her one from the great out doors. So without further ado here is my step-by-step, trial by error guide to making a home made wreath.



 ImageStep 1. Most people use willow but I found this amazing black bamboo plant at Granny’s house and as it needed a trim I got to work. The younger more flexible shoots are green but the older black ones look amazing so make sure you get a good mixture of colour.

ImageStep 2. Trim each as low as you can to get the most out of them. Anything you don’t use can be used in the garden to prop up climbing plants and tomatoes.

 ImageStep 3. Remove all the leaves and off shoots with some secateurs, I tried a knife but bamboo can be really tough and I found it quicker just snipping at each one at a time. Do about a quarter more than you think you need as you will break some or find that not all are bendy enough.

 Image Step 4. Start with the longest, thinnest and most bendy bamboo first. Gently bend it along the shoot to loosen it up. Holding the thick end in one hand figure out what size wreath you want and start wrapping it into a circle always in the same direction. Tie off with some garden wire so it doesn’t slip.

 Image Step 5. Start the next piece a few inches around and just keep repeating it until you’ve made it all the way round. By this point you should have a pretty strong base and so you can add some of the thick darker shoots.

ImageStep 6. When you feel that you’ve got what want. Simply cut the thick ends of the shoots that stick out the back, careful not to trim them to short or you may see all your hard work unravel.


 Step 7. Hang it up on a wall and admire it whist drinking a hot beverage of your choice, knowing that you partner now has to do the real work of making it look  pretty. Hopefully Naomi will take up this challenge and we’ll let you know how it turns out.


-Jonny (Thursday’s honourary fox!)-


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