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Found: Izola presents for the mans…

As we near the most wonderful time of the year  we start thinking … presents!

The Men/boys tend to be the hardest of all to buy for. You either have to go really expensive or jokey.

My favourite presents I have got for the boys are:

1. A new pipe kit. Pipe, pipe cleaning and packing tool, tobacco

2. A hipflask (full of something tasty)

3. An old man kit. Slippers, handkerchiefs and old school shaving kit.

That is until I stumbled across this beautiful website.

Men in my life look away now, this is all you are getting for christmas! (If I get you anything at all..)

Izola makes some things that are so very beautiful, I would be happy if they would all be in my life and my house.

For the drunken men in your life…

‘Three sheets to the wind’And maybe they need to get some ‘stones’?

Whiskey stones!

These coasters have fun facts, stories, cocktail recipes or drinking games on the back! Win!

For the hygiene challenged men in your life…

We have the Scouts shower curtain in our home.

A subtle but lovely hint?

This is also punny… my favourite! And if they are really stinky … they may need three?

Happy christmas shopping!!

– Celeste


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