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DaNcInG WoRdS: Unbound books

We’ve recently received a few books  from Unbound publishers. Unbound is an exciting publishing company because instead of the publishers deciding what books will get published – you do! You can see various author’s pitches on the website and, if you like it, you can pledge your support for it. When/if a target number of supporters are received the author can get busy writing. AND once the book has been finished and published, you receive your own copy in the post.

Our latest Unbound book was by a poet called George Chopping. This one made me smile.

(From the book Smoking with Crohn’s)

Just Because

(a poem about accepting people for who they are and not being so judgemental of others)

Just because he’s got a beard 

doesn’t mean he’s weird.


Just because he’s got a beard’o

doesn’t mean that he’s a weirdo.


Some follicular lock

descending from the chin

shouldn’t mean he can’t fit in.


A bushy lower jaw

is by no means a flaw.

Those descending wires 

could mean that he’s wise

there are no flies 

on him.


Look at David Bellamy,

a man never accused of felony

but, incidentally

a man passionate about botany

and a charming bearded presenter, no less

of many a documentary.


Just because he’s got a beard, oh!

Doesn’t mean that he’s a weirdo.


So break down the barriers 

and the walls of prejudice

and stop being such an anti-follicl’ist

and let poor beardy in.


Unless beardy

is a she.


– George Chopping

Hope your week is a good one!


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