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Make Do Mend: Inspired by ‘A Beautiful Mess’

A Beautiful Mess is a gorgeous cyber corner that I frequent for inspiration and escapism. I crush on their lives, houses, clothes, shop and tattoos.

This weekend I got all a bit excited about some fun little DIY projects from this blog that I could do in the sun/whilst watching Dexter.

I got involved with some bleach, paint brush and some old t-shirts…

I didn’t have any chalk so ‘free handed’ it. . hence the ‘ropey-ness’. It is a fun little idea with step by step instructions here.

I also made this foxy creature out of an old tweed skirt, buttons and felt I had lying around. I look forward to making him a little gang of friends. Check out all the different ideas there are on ‘A Beautiful Mess’.

It was a productive day, I also managed to do almost an entire season of Dexter. It is rocking my world. I am obsessed. Don’t judge me.

– Celeste


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For the foxy man in your life (or the one you’d like in your life)

One of the places I go to swoon at beautiful paper stuff is the delicious Rifle Paper Co. So with Valentine’s day just around the corner I found myself scrolling through Anna Bond‘s brilliantly illustrated cards, and happened upon this one!  How could you not LOVE it?  Might just be the ticket for the fox you have been admiring from near or far…

You need to check out http://riflepaperco.com/ for more where this came from…  Sarah

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