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Make, Do, Mend: Ice, Ice baby…

It’s a sad day when you realise you spend your evenings making different ice cubes rather than going out (and actually enjoying it)! But this is what’s happened so I choose to embrace it. It’s the easiest way to make your drinks cool, tasty and pretty!

I’ve used mint because I’m pretty much obsessed with the stuff (I might have taken a step too far though buying a mint hand soap – my hands smell like I’ve just washed them with toothpaste). All you need is some mint leaves (or whatever you want to use – within reason), water (I boiled it first as not only does it freeze clear but it also does so quicker – go figure) and an ice cube tray. Simples.

These ice cubes are so good in lemonade, mojitos, gin and tonics or just good old water. Great party trick to remember! I’ll be trying raspberries and blueberries next…




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