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Weekend in pictures…

Hope you all got to enjoy the sunshine this weekend and are ready to face the music and start a brand new week!

This weekend

Celeste got ready to camp with a load of kids and have no sleep for the next five days… She’s a champ!

Hanna and hubs decided to have a holiday in one day and headed to the coast of Dorset for some flip flop breaking walking (always wearing the wrong footwear), beach picnicing  and lots of holiday food (holla fish&chips and ice cream).

Hope you have a great week!

– Sarah, Celeste and Hanna

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LINGER: Crafty Camping, Holditch, West Dorset


After a busy week or two Mr F and I reunited at heathrow after being in different parts of the country, and with our car packed with all manner of lovely salad, cider, and fresh bread we made our way south to Dorset  crafty camping, run by green woodworking wizz Guy Mallison, and his team and trusty dog, Dudley!

It was our first ‘glamping’ or luxury camping experience.  We were sent brilliant directions, and found our way to the the hidden and magical woodland hideaway, walking through the fields and into the woods,  between the trees a path has been laid, and carved owl signs mark the way into the heart of the campImage

We were welcomed to the camp, by the sight of this amazing ‘Out of Africa’ Kitchen, stocked with Dorset Cereals, Clipper teas, coffee and hot chocolate.


It even comes complete with it’s very own woodfired pizza oven!


The kitchen is stocked with an ‘Honesty bar’ of lovely local ciders and charcoal for your BBQ, we love that you are just trusted to write in a little book what you’d taken and pay up before leaving – we enjoyed some of Somersets finest Perry!


Before we arrived Guy had emailed to say we had been generously upgraded from our bell tent ‘Bodkin’ to the amazing Tipi ‘Hoppus’ – it was AMAZING ( as you can see!)



It was kitted out with a huuuge bed, a woodburning stove to keep us warm at night and even its own forest shower a

nd hammock…

We enjoyed firepits, and great coffee, lovely Somerset cider, the saunda yurt gin rummy touraments (which I let Mr F win! He’s a bad loser!) hearing the team at work in the the workshop, we ate delicious lunch in the nearby River Cottage Canteen and eating ice cream and browsing second hand book shops in Lyme Regis.  After two nights we felt like we’d been away for a week and can wholeheartily recommend it has a little West Country Adventure.

The Sauna Yurt

Sunny Lyme Regis

Books Books Books

The cherry on top of the cake was that we went to visit the lovely Hanna and Mr B in their new nest in their tiny village of Pucklechurch, on the way home!





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Field trip: End of the Road



Welcome to Tracks of Foxes first ever Field trip!

We are rewinding back to September 2011 when we made our way deep into the Dorset countryside, to be apart of a wonderful festival called End of the Road. This really is a festival like no other (we absolutely love it – you might get the idea from our gushy answers below!) with great music, food and drink (all those British Ales and ciders just had to be tested). The word magical was uttered more times than any other during the long weekend.

As a proper field trip requires we’ve listed our best moments and top tips for you.. Hope you enjoy it, or even better, come along to EOTR 2012 – we’ll definitely be there!

Best meal

Sarah: Pie minister pie, minted mushy peas and mash, but my best lunch was the delicious corn on the cob!

Celeste: Pie Minister or Burrito.. that burrito. I dream of that burrito, messy but worth it!

Hanna: It’ll have to be Pieminister. So, so yum for our tummies and beautiful packaging to boot! (Love a bit of good design:)

Best drink

Sarah: The yummy hot cider, both tastey and good for keeping hands toastie.

Celeste: I loved ‘Ginger Joe’s’ ginger beer and quite by accident I believe a full mug of tequila did a very good job at keeping me warm!

Hanna: Loved the amazing variety of English beers and ciders – many of them local to dorset and devon too. All for supporting the local breweries!

Best gig

Sarah: Josh T Pearson (which I suspect the other two ladies may choose) my second favorite was lovely Laura Marling.

Celeste: Yes! Josh T Pearson, he made me laugh while he sang sad songs.. a strange but winning combination. It was also hilarious watching all the men around us crushing on his beard and coolness. M. Ward I also loved, he was a little dreamy, I decided the ‘M’ must stand for ‘Mmmmm’.

Hanna: I have a secret (not anymore) crush on Matthey Houck from Phosphorescent, so needless to say his set on the Garden Stage is forever imprented on my mind.  Here’s to Taking it Easy was my soundtrack to 2010-11 so I had to try really hard to not be that girl who’s belting out the lyrics and annoying everyone around her (don’t think I succeeded).  Okkervil River and Josh T  (as mentioned before) we’re definitely up there too.

Best venue

Sarah: My favorite place was the library in the woods!

Celeste: I loved all the venues but walking in the woods felt like you actually entered a secret magical kingdom, from the secret library with books hanging from the trees, bookshelf in the trees, hidden tiny people in the trees to the sudden cannopy of fairy lights and paper cranes that surround you.

Hanna: Yes, there’s no going around it the woods we’re magical. The origami birds, fairylights and paper mache animal heads just made it!

Best outfit

Sarah: My oversized arron cardigan was perfect to sit on in the day and to keep warm in when the sun went down.

Celeste: Wellll… I can tell you what WASN’T the best outfit. I had a new denim button up shirt that I was determined to wear, because it was new and I’m like that. Problem is that the buttons were poppers… so depending on my dance move/any moves I made it would pop open. Class.

Hanna: I’m happy to say that we didn’t really need our wellies until the last day and could skip around in flip flops all day long. As the English weather likes to keep us on our toes, my festival attire was all about layers. No need to pop back to the tent when you can peel off or put on everything you need. Oh, and my Fjällräven backpack was a perfect size bag to have.

Best find

Sarah: This was our third year there and i didn’t know there was much new to see, but the morning writers talks were a new find (thanks to Hanna’s husband Jon being dedicated to going.. Thanks Jon!)  a delightful way to start the day!

Celeste: Dry the River – I love them now.. AND the little tiny people that they glued into the trees in the woods.. attention to detail.

Hanna: EVERYTHING! It was my first time at EOTR and was constantly saying “I love that!” So much to love.

Best moment

Sarah: The first afternoon, when the sun was out, drinking gin, reading and napping in the sun at the garden stage… perfect!

Celeste:  I was working so that I could go for free and someone gave me my last shift off so that I could drink ginger beer and see Josh T Pearson play the Garden Stage, it was exhilarating – like I was bunking school!

Hanna: I think I will have to say the same as Sarah’s. So the first day when everything is still ahead of us, the sun is shining, our hair is still clean (and we don’t smell), good music, good friends and food+drink. Can’t really go wrong with that combination.

If our praise has not convinced you yet, the lovely folk at EOTR have put together this video of last years festival – check it out! 

Sarah, Celeste and Hanna

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