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Make, Do, Mend: Christmas gift labels

This is the easiest way to snazz up your wrapping this christmas (or your tree). All you need is some airdrying clay, a rolling pin, some cookie cutters and stamps (if you wish to stamp the person’s name or a message on them). The stamps I used are from Muji (though purchased from eBay for couple pounds -win!)

To start get a piece of clay and roll as thin as you’d like your labels to be. Using cookie cutters, press through as many shapes as you can. Peel of the excess clay around the shapes and using something sharp (I used a knitting needle) make a little hole on the top. This is so that you can thread it with a piece of string to either put on top of a pressie or hang on your tree.

Leave them to dry for a day or two, so that they get solid. If there’s any rough edges just smooth it with fine sandpaper or a nail file.

These make such pretty additions to any package or tree.

Happy crafting!


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