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Friday Finds…

Here are a few little bits and pieces to hopefully bring a sparkle to your eyes, ears, mouth, imagination.


Most excited that Rilo Kiley are back with some new music, listen to their new song on Spin. They regularly were the soundtrack to my days working at a music shop 8 years ago. (I’ve got a pretty big girl crush on Jenny Lewis)

cereal mag

Cereal Magazine is a UK based magazine that is ‘in pursuit of food & travel’ , two of the loveliest things in life. A bit of treat to be sure!

HollyExleyZizziPlate3Speaking of travel, London illustrator Holly Exley has this lovely blog filled with her travels and art. It’s made my imagination feel all sparky, as well as making my feet a little itchy for some adventure.

magic juice

Perusing the loveliness of  ‘Oh My Deer’ brought me to this little number for some Saturday Sipping. I think that a little… or a lot.. of ‘Magic Juice’ is most definitely in order this weekend!

Happy weekend! Do something that makes you sparky!


Tracks of Foxes

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