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Friday Finds…

On a rubbish day this week I stumbled across ‘T-Rex Trying’ and all was right with the world.

Penguin just released a book of ‘T-Rex Trying’ yesterday! I think I need it.

Have a look and chuckle at the tumblr. I promise it is a remedy to (almost) anything!

Last night was a lovely night… we ate Danish Men wrapped in a sun-dried tomato and parmesan dough,  drank presecco and watched ‘Your Sister’s Sister’. It is a really sweet film… a new fave, I think. It doesn’t have any explosions but it does have Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass and a red bike. If you’re looking for something to watch and snuggle on the couch with presecco and ‘Danish Men’ then I entirely recommend ‘Your Sister’s Sister’ but don’t watch the trailer on youtube… it pretty much gives the whole film away.

Autumn makes me all a bit giddy, changing leaves, knitwear, hot toddies, sheltering from the rain in the corner of a little pub… I have found autumn giddiness in a milkshake form! Over on Shutterbean.com there is a recipe for a Pumpkin Bourbon Milkshake.

Go on then!

Happy Friday!


Hanna, Sarah and Celeste

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Make, Do, Mend: How to make a Pumpkin Beer Keg

ImageI am just home from a fabulous weekend, visiting friends who are living in a beautiful space in Normandy.  We spent the weekend, talking, listening, singing, drinking wine, making fires, eating cheese, but saturday afternoon found us turning 21lb of pumpkin fresh from the ground into a beer keg, in preparation for a party in one of the barns on saturday night.

My friend Jon had found this tutorial, which is an easy step by step guide to making one.  We had autumn fun aplenty making this beauty and the party was helped along by a keg full of pumpkin flavoured beer.


The boys had been here awhile!


The apple barn party…

Hope you are enjoying some delicious autumnal fun


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Friday Pumpkin Finds …

As the weather has taken an icy turn and autumn and pumpkins are upon us it has made me excited for Autumn magic.  Cosy scarves, hats, coats, orange leaves, a cup of coffee, a good book and a camera.

It really does feel magic.

Some carving is in order so here are a few pumpkins to inspire you!

Simple but lovely polka pumpkins! So easy!

My little contribution is a tribute to my canadian heritage … and passport. Pretty easy as well!

And some more complicated ones for you ambitious and adventurous pumpkin carvers.

Doile pumpkins.

Pugs not drugs.

Camper Pumpkin.

And my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE! My main man … TOM SELLECK! Made by a genius young lady, called Jess Martin, in Vancouver!

 I want one… A Tom Selleck that is, and a Selleck pumpkin.

 When you are finished carving, keep the seeds, soak them in salty water and then roast them in the oven with salt, garlic and chili! Hot diggidy!

Happy Pumpkin Filled Autumn Days!!!

Tracks of Foxes 

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This weekend…

We hope that this weekend you’ll have fun with people who you can be yourself with and enjoy the summery skies. Here’s a few suggestions if you’re stuck for ideas…

Do something you haven’t done before…

Think about the Autumn ahead and instead of dreading it think of something fun you could start doing

Treat yourself to some kick ass baked goods

Get a nice cold drink and put your feet up!

-Sarah, Celeste and Hanna 

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