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Derek Travels

On my little/epic journey to Australia I realised, on my way,that I had forgotten my little travelling companion. I searched all of the toy stores in Kuala Lumpur airport, two, to find a suitable replacement but to no avail. Speaking no chinese or malay I had to mime ‘dinosaur’. Hot.

On my arrival to one of the best cities in the world, Melbourne, I sheepishly asked one of the best ladies in the world, Julia, if we could stop by a toy store to get my hands on a little dinosaur. Turns out in the room I was staying was a lovely little orange dinosaur that was left there ‘accidentally’ or even providentially.We embarked on a little instagram adventure #derektravels.

So here documented in just a few of the pictures are Derek’s Travels. 

Derek and I share a passion for good food. . .

Homemade chutney and cheese on sour dough bread with torn chicken, rocket and dressing.

photo 1

Snow Pony … best coffee and food! (Melbourne)

photo 5-1

Sampling what the locals have to offer.. . (mum’s favourite!)

photo 2-3

He helped out getting ready for one the most beautiful weddings I have EVER been to!

photo 3-1

Got a kiss from the bride!

photo 4

Made it up the aisle.

photo 5

We then stayed with some of the loveliest that got all a bit excited with Derek. Here are the best.

photo 1-1

photo 2-1

photo 3-2

There were trains…

photo 3

And our endless search for good coffee…

photo 3-3

and wine…

photo 4-1

Riding my brothers coat tails.. . or pockets!

photo 5-2

In Byron Bay Derek mounted a classic aussie burger, beetroot, egg, bacon, pineapple … and the normal bits. Yum!

photo 3-4

Visiting a little church in country Australia…

photo 4-3

Taking in the sights…

photo 4-2

Checking out the surf…


It was just a little bit of fun but was nice to have a little dino face to associate my 2012 trip with!

Derek, thanks for the laughs!

x Celeste 

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Friday Finds

Here are a few Friday Finds for you this sunny weekend!

I was listening to a band that a boy I know from Australia posted on his facebook. They make me feel sun shiney!


I love that you can get it on a tape too!

There is this amazing recipe by ‘Always with Butter’ that I desperately want to try! Get in my tummy and make me glad!!

Banana, Nutella Cream Cheese Cake. If that was a man I would kiss him on the face!

The people at boat magazine made this gorgeous video called ‘The Tale of Two Craftsmen’, a little treat for your eyes.

Enjoy the weekend and put suncream on!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste

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Found Things: Husky

Today I have been listening to the Australian band ‘Husky’ on repeat and then, by some crazy coincidence, Wikipedia  informed me that April 19th, 1770 Captain James Cooke first sighted the East Coast of Australia, my homeland AND April 19th, 1984 , my birth year, ‘Advance Australia Fair’ was announced as the national anthem.

I think you’ll agree there is nothing else to do but talk of Australia and listen to ‘Husky’.

So that is exactly what I am going to do.

I miss the sun.

I miss the food, hot chips with chicken salt, Jacaranda creamed rice, lamingtons, meat pies and Golden Gaytimes.

I miss the accent.

I miss making lots of freckles.

I miss burning my feet on the road cause I’ve decided to go to the corner shop barefoot. (Not going to lie, whenever any says barefoot I literally imagine a bears foot… chuckle.. don’t judge me.)

I miss the sea water in my hair.

I miss the sand.

I miss sausage sizzle.

I miss family and friends.

I miss Heartbreak High. Drazic = Dreamboat

Anyway, feel free to join me in my Husky listening!


P.S. Turns out that what I thought were trucks being loud next door is actually thunder, I love thunder, YES!

– Celeste

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