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Make Do Mend: Inspired by ‘A Beautiful Mess’

A Beautiful Mess is a gorgeous cyber corner that I frequent for inspiration and escapism. I crush on their lives, houses, clothes, shop and tattoos.

This weekend I got all a bit excited about some fun little DIY projects from this blog that I could do in the sun/whilst watching Dexter.

I got involved with some bleach, paint brush and some old t-shirts…

I didn’t have any chalk so ‘free handed’ it. . hence the ‘ropey-ness’. It is a fun little idea with step by step instructions here.

I also made this foxy creature out of an old tweed skirt, buttons and felt I had lying around. I look forward to making him a little gang of friends. Check out all the different ideas there are on ‘A Beautiful Mess’.

It was a productive day, I also managed to do almost an entire season of Dexter. It is rocking my world. I am obsessed. Don’t judge me.

– Celeste



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