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Penny for your thoughts: You’re a stickhead, I’m a stickhead.

SO we very rarely/never have any negative things to post but…

…I was thinking about how often I get annoyed with stupid people and then, ironically, how the rest of the time I must BE stupid people to everyone else.

There are sometimes though, that make me want to say mean things about people. I don’t think it would be in good taste to use a ‘power word’  on this blog so I am going to use a ‘sounds like’. Sometimes I think people are ‘Stickheads’.

For example, when there is a driver that fails to indicate when changing lanes the irony in that situation is that by failing to indicate they are in fact indicating that they are a stickhead.

There are times that I have had a ten minute conversation with someone only remembering later that it was their birthday and I never wished them a ‘Happy Birthday’ espesh when they had remembered mine and I had got a card, present AND cake from them. I am a stickhead.

There are times that someone stops in the middle of a walk way to talk to someone or with a trolley and refuses to move out of the way even though they know full well that they are in it. They are a stickhead.

There are times when I, distracted by a bird, cut someone up in traffic and expect them to accept my smile, shrug and wave as an apology. I am a stickhead.

There are times when someone posts something ignorant, hateful or preachy as a status that causes an all out social network war that noone shall win. They are a stickhead.

There are times when I get totally sucked in and contribute my fair share to the social network war that noone shall win. I am a stickhead.

There are times when someone who you care about and have trusted does something that smarts. They are a stickhead.

There are times when I have out of insecurity, tiredness, jealousy or hormones have said or done something careless to someone I care about. I am a stickhead.

Then there are times I don’t give someone the grace I wish they would give me. I am a proper stickhead then.

Then there are times when I don’t realise my fog lights are on for two months.. yep 2 months!!! … or when I see ‘peppermint’ but read ‘pepper mint’ and say loudly, ‘Oh gosh! Pepper Mints, pepper flavoured mints that is DISGUSTING .. oh wait, peppermint. Oh yeah!’ Then I am not a stickhead I just verge on massive stupidity! Hopefully lovable stupidity!

Anyway, I guess after thinking about all the things that ‘get my goat’ – er, where does that saying even come from!? – I came to the conclusion that people are stickheads and I am a stickhead.

Either we be stickheads together or give each other a break. I vote give each other a break. Maybe I will even try and be a nicer person?!


No really. I am trying to be a nicer person.

Let’s be nice together?

– Celeste


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Penny for your thoughts: City or Country?

A week ago my husband and I packed our bags (or boxes) and moved to a little village in the west country. After 8 years in the greater London area I was curious and a little anxious about how we’d settle in for the country life. As a teenager I swore I’d always live in a city, close to the conveniences, in the heartbeat of everything. Maybe it’s getting older, maybe just change of mind, but as it stands I’m ready to take on the country life. I like seeing horses from our window, looking out to the fields, saying hello to random by passers…

If only we could have moved all our friends with us! But we’re looking forward to providing a countryside getaway for our city dwelling pals and spending quality time in the process.

My answer may be different in 6 months time, but if I was asked today, I would say I’m a country lass. Though there are things that  freak me out about living in the country, like this over friendly pigeon that decided to go to sleep on our windowsill and wasn’t bothered even when we were walking passed it (surely that’s a bit weird?). It all takes a bit getting used to.

But as for me, I’m happy to see the city lights in the distance behind the fields. Which one is it for you, city or country?



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Penny for your thoughts: 29 things for 29

EEK, in just one short week I will hit my 28th birthday!! (insert expletive here)

I am not one of those people that revels in the attention and wishes their birthday lasted a week,  I actually hate the pressure of it, the forced attention.. it always feels a bit weird. For someone that you would think loves being the center of attention, my birthday always gives me a little panic.

Last year I went to one of my favourite places to eat, Wahaca, for some Mexican street food and delicious tequila with some of my absolute favourite people. It was one of the loveliest birthday’s I’d ever had!  I decided I would make a list of things to do before my next birthday, so on the back of a Wahaca menu I made a list of 28 things for 28. On reading over said list I have just realised how few of them I have actually done.. dang it!

It seems in the next few days I have got to learn the harmonica, skinny dip, read Dostoyevsky, travel to NY, travel to Nashville, meet Dolly Parton and master swahili. I think I may transfer some over… or maybe be a little more realistic with my 29 things for 29.

This year hasn’t been a total loss though, I managed to tick a few things off the list. I learnt 3 more chords on the guitar, wrote some songs, went to gigs, did some gigs, prayed for strangers, learnt 3 new dishes, did pilates, was creative.. (Oh hello, Tracks of Foxes), increased facetime with some of my favourites, didn’t get another tattoo (Much to the joy/relief of my parents!), recorded some music, wore false eyelashes once a month and had a ‘Back to the Future’ marathon (that one is a particular favourite and should maybe be a regular feature?)

Thinking about my list and reaching 28 (gulp!) it has got me thinking about the things I want to do .. Being brave… being disciplined .. and living life, no regrets! – ‘No regrets’ makes me sound like Tim Riggins. If you don’t know who Tim Riggins is, you need to… He will change your life!

It has also reminded me to be grateful for the things I have. I am so thankful for the kindness of my friends, the love of my family, the roof over my head, my church, my job, pretty dresses and, of course, kiev.

The older I get, though, the more things I am going to need to do/conquer/master…  I’m pretty sure that brushing up on my grammar should be on the list, but I still have 28 more things to come up with and  I am open to ideas!!

Any suggestions for 29 things for 29?

– Celeste x


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Penny for your thoughts: Where I stood…

So Blanche, my little green Peugot 106, has died. She has been very good to me. Blanche and I shared many an emotion, story, journey, moment and song together.  She has carried almost all of the people I love.  It’s a sad day when you need to say goodbye to your car!

Dear Blanche,

Thanks for the laughs.


Your replacement ‘Sylvie’ is on her way.

As a result of Blanche’s departure I have had a lot of time waiting for lifts, thinking about life and errr… taking pictures of my feet. I’ve only just realised, don’t judge me, that our feet are our very own built in cars. Kind of. Our feet take us places, share memories, moments, emotions … Ok, maybe I am reaching a bit here but you get the idea. Here are some pictures from ‘Where I stood‘.

Maybe it’s a bit weird orrrr … maybe it will catch on? Send us pictures of where you’ve stood?

– Celeste x

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Penny for your thoughts: It’s all about the little things…

I can’t believe it’s May already.

Sometimes days past us by with such speed that it’s hard to keep up. So, as a way of trying to appreciate those fleeting precious moments in our lives, take mental (or physical) snapshots of moments that are lovely. Whether it’s with dear friends or family, a much needed moment to yourself or a view that is good for your soul. Whatever it is take it and tuck it deep in your mind cogs.

Image found via Soul Surfer


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Penny for your thoughts: Wanderlust and excitement for things to come.

This week has been a short week, thanks to Easter holidays,  and has left me hungry for time off and adventure.

I am thinking of taking off around the world… I won’t … but that’s what I have been thinking of.

I’ve been reminiscing on days passed when I have been in the sun, eaten delicious food and had adventure.

I’ve been writing summery sounding songs with talented friends.

I’ve been wondering about the things that are to come and thinking change is a foot. 

<Insert an appropriately bad dad joke here that has something to do with change not being an actual foot!  Don’t judge me>

I have been dreaming of the fun things that are planned for summer time, especially End of the Road festival.

Here is a  little video to wet your appetite…

We did a Field Trip post about this a while ago.

So my wanderlust has driven me to start drooling over the line up, looking at old pictures and planning what I will eat and wear, however premature.

I am very excited that Alabama Shakes (Sarah posted last week about them) are playing AND Yeti Lane both of which have been frequenting my various listening gadgets in the last few weeks.

Here is a little bit of Yeti Lane for you to hear.

Oh what fun is in store for us in the sunnier half of the year!? I can’t wait!

– Celeste

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Penny for your thoughts: Pin and Go!

In the last few weeks I have been thinking about the amount of images and inspiration there is around us. I am a keen follower of quite a few blogs and totally addicted to Pinterest. This often leaves me with an inspiration overload. I see so many potential projects and ideas that I could do, that I don’t end up doing anything!

So I’m thinking I need a challenge, and this lovely blog called Young House Love has provided it!

They have set a challenge, for each other and for their viewers, to complete one project each season that was inspired by one of their pins. This could be anything: a recipe, DIY project, knitted or sewn item… Basically anything that floats your boat that season!

I think I need to jump on board and start doing more! What do you think – are you with me?

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the progress – maybe some of them will even end up as Make, Do, Mend posts!


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This weekend…

Sometimes you have weeks that knock you a bit, whether that be disappointment, busyness or work, you can find yourself a little disheveled come friday.

So this weekend,  enjoy glimpses of the sun and look back at things that have made you you.

Enjoy things that you know make your heart glad!

Think of this weekend as a weekend of Nostalgia, you could:

Find old pictures?

Listen to some old music?

Reread a favourite book or poem?

Wear something you’ve had for a long time? (for those hoarders out there that won’t be too hard for us to find!)

Watch an old show or film that you know all the words to?

Go somewhere that holds good memories?

Write an old-fashioned letter to someone special?

These are just a few of the nostalgic things that us foxes are planning for this weekend. We will fill you in Monday on what we got up to.

If you do anything fun and nostalgic send us your piccies and we’ll post them too on our

‘Weekend in Pictures’ on Monday!

A very happy, nostalgic weekend to you!

– Celeste, Sarah and Hanna


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This weekend…

This February weekend be particularly kind to yourself.

Do little things that make you happy and surround yourself with lovely people.

Here’s a few suggestions..

Get your morning cuppa and tuck yourself back in bed

Make something

Bake something

Buy yourself some flowers

Snuggle on the sofa with a magazine

Listen to some good tunes

Eat sweets

Go somewhere new

Whatever you end up doing- I hope you have a good one!


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