Come home to me: leads, leads, leads.


At one point, back in the day when I was sharing a house with my girls, we had a TV that if you wanted the picture to come on you had to give the TV two really good solid thumps on the side. And like magic the picture came on.

Long gone are those days. After joining forces with the man I call my husband along came endless amounts of gadgets, speakers, routers etc. Now while I appreciate these gadgets, what I hate (no exaggeration) is the leads and cables that come with them. And as we’re renting we haven’t had the luxury of hiding leads inside walls and floors. It is no joke when I say that there are 7 different boxes in our TV unit and each of them have 4-5 leads coming or going from them.. if you bothered to do the maths you know there is a cable hell behind our unit.

But we have, finally, found a good solution for this (I don’t really know why it’s taken us so long) that pleases both of us: A metal cabinet (Ikea’s old stock, that we managed to score for £15 in a local second hand shop) that hides all our gadgety boxes and most cables inside it. It actually makes me happy just looking at it (even if the blasted router didn’t work inside its metal cage and has to be on the top). Completely shallow but still.

I’m glad the hunt for a TV unit is over. I’ll be okay with this one that hides my tangly nemesis inside it.




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2 responses to “Come home to me: leads, leads, leads.

  1. Jonny

    I don’t believe you got one of them hanna, we’ve been looking at the red ones for years. Again beaten to the post by the Bullocks.

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