Friday Finds

The Craft Beer Co


A beaut little group of pubs with butt loads of craft beer. Hello! Yep. Get involved. There also happens to be one up the road from Celeste’s new job in Farringdon.

Angus and Celeste


While perusing Australian flora illustrations for ideas for tattoos, I came across this beaut company. Love, love, love their vases. Hot dang! (The name isn’t half bad either.)

‘Letter’s to a young poet’ Rainer Maria Rilke


I read this when I was in my late teens, cause I was feeling so deep and like, perhaps, I was feeling things only a German poet could articulate. This has felt all a bit magic re-reading this. If you haven’t read it or at least not for a while then re-visit it. It’s a treat.

Arne Dahl 


To continue with the nordic noir obsession I have been spending more than an acceptable time watching this show …  and then rewinding it because I don’t speak swedish and wasn’t paying attention. It’s on BBC iplayer. Get involved. There’s a big man with a moustache and a lady with hectic eyeliner. It’s great.

Well just a few bits for your perusal, have fun!


Tracks of Foxes


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