Make, Do, Mend: Gord’s Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce

In our first week ever of Tracks of Foxes we featured ‘Gord’s Cowboy Rub‘ which proved to be a hit and a half! So tasty!

We return to Gord’s culinary genius with this super tasty BBQ sauce and just in time for evenings in the garden!

2 Litres of Dr Pepper

1 bottle of Ketchup

1 heaped tsp of onion powder

dash of Worcestershire sauce

tsp of Gords Cowboy Rub

Making some more Cowboy Rub.

photo 1

Dr Pepper, you old dog you.

photo 2

Cook down until thick!

photo 3

It is a taste sensation to be sure!! (You’d do well to have some Goose Island too! yum!)

photo 4

Happy BBQ-ing!


p.s. Keep an eye out for Napalm Whiskey BBQ sauce, part duex of Gord’s BBQ sauce series.



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