A long weekend in pictures…

Well, for the first time that I can remember the May bank holiday weekend was indeed glorious. I have the sunburn and awkward necklace ‘tan’ line to prove it!

There was some al fresco dining with a real beauty!

photo 1-1

A good ol’ Ice Cream to cool us down!

photo 1

A little day trip to Bristol to see Hanna and her boo. (That just happened… don’t worry, I am a little disappointed in myself.)

photo 3

Bristol suits the sun …

photo 2Boat trips are amazing when you’re driven by beardy-mullet man… even if you get pooped on by a duck. (Plotting my revenge as I type.)

photo 5Sarah had a beautiful time with her sister in sunny Paris, venturing to this beautiful bookshop.

photo 4Their hotel was complete with a gnome posse. ‘Rollin’ with the Gnomies.’


And if you’re thinking about updating your phone wall paper may I suggest this season appropriate picture of Tom Selleck?

photo 2-1Hope this week is a lovely for you … and all of us!


Tracks of Foxes


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