Come Home To Me: Changing vignettes


Every now and then I get the need to change things around at our house. I’ve found that the best way to give your home a good/cheap facelift is to organise little displays.


You can change these to your hearts content without blowing the bank. Different tins, branches, vases, old pictures and paintings all can spark up a space and, if you’re an easily pleased geek like me, make you happy every time you see it!


We rescued these abandoned and unfinished (or painted over) pictures in my parents-in-laws’ loft, created by late grandad,  and now they are making our weird hatch (the joys of rental houses) more bearable! Win win.

Hope you’re enjoying the Spring sunshine!



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2 responses to “Come Home To Me: Changing vignettes

  1. Billiejean

    I have an old dresser that I do seasonal displays on. You can see it for yourself Hanna when you come for a visit! x

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