Friday finds: Books to take out to the sunshine!

Us foxes like books. Many books. Any books. Here’s some good one’s you can take out into the sunshine…


This book by Leanne Shapton is so clever. It documents the ups and downs of a relationship all in an auction book format with pictures. Sounds weird, but honestly, it’s genius and one you can’t put down. Tears might have even been shed when reading this “catalogue”. (Biggest thanks goes to our friend Sarah E for introducing it to us!)


A beautiful tale guaranteed to carry you away into another world…


One that everyone should read, seeing the film is just not enough. It’s heartwarming and wrenching all at the same time.


Even if you read this at school. Read it again. It’s so much better when teenage hormones have left your body.

If you like books, you most likely like bookshelves. So make your way over to bookshelf porn. We’re obsessed!

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are!

Celeste, Sarah and Hanna 


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3 responses to “Friday finds: Books to take out to the sunshine!

  1. Love it, the auction book looks interesting 🙂 I love Little women, so much that when I was staying in Boston I caught the train to Concord to visit her house, was a dream come true. I love the Winona Ryder film of Little women too. I love this blog. Bon weekend ladies x

  2. You must add that to the bucket list, new England is well worth a visit in itself, Orchard house was just a bonus 😉

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