Make, Do, Mend: Healthy two ingredient pancakes


Now that Spring is around the corner and layers of clothing are starting to come off I realised there needs to be a few pound shred before I’m ready to show these pegs to the world. This happens yearly, I just can’t help gaining a few pounds in the winter… If you can keep your “fitivation” up during the winter months you’re a better person than I’ll ever be!

Anyway, the health kick has started, with the help of an iPhone app I’m counting calories (zzz) and trying to get some exercise in too. Nothing drastic just a pound a week loss should get me back on track and, most importantly, still allow me some chocolate!

Because of this kick I’ve been on the look out for low calorie treats and when I came across these two ingredient pancakes I knew I had to give them a go. All you need is 2 eggs and a banana. They’re not as filling as normal pancakes but taste yummy which is the main thing!


Here’s the recipe:

1 large ripe banana

2 medium eggs

1. Use a fork to mash the banana into a mash

2. Combine banana and eggs and whisk for few minutes (I used a Kitchen Aid to get maximum air in – it makes the batter more substantial. If doing by hand,consider it a workout!)

3. Melt a little butter in a pan and cook as you would normal pancakes (keep the heat a little bit lower as normal as these burn easier. Also don’t get despaired if the first few go to the pancake gods – I’ve come to accept this as the norm.)

4. These babies are quite sweet so natural yogurt and fruit are a great companion for them!

Hoping to walk a little lighter into the Spring…



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