Weekend in Pictures…

This weekend Sarah and Celeste took in the breathtaking views in Scotland celebrating a most lovely friend’s birthday.

photo 3

Life could be much worse eh?

photo 4

Fire pit necessities.

photo 2

 Fire pit.

photo 5

An egg hunt in the woods.

photo 3

You may even find a pixie house on your egg hunt.


A little homemade card for the birthday girl, she’s a peach!

photo 5

Tragic accident on the swings.

photo 4

Our rooms were glorious.

photo 4

Sarah picked up some local whiskey for her hubby.

photo 1-2

Hanna stuffed cabbage leaves.

photo 4-2

Eggs and soilders, always a winner!

photo 1-3

Keeping warm by candlelight.

photo 3-1

Hanna’s husband is a bit brilliant, homemade onion bhaji’s and mint sauce.

photo 2-2

Hope your weeks have been lovely and hope ours measure up to our weekends.

Tracks of Foxes


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