Days Like These: Cheering you rain, snow or shine!

The three of us at tracks of foxes aim to share with you some crafty projects we’ve put our hands to, some adventures we’ve spent our time on, we also thought we’d share with you some of the stuff that fills our stereos, book shelves, screens and tummy’s on emotional days, hope you might identify with some days like these.

There are those days that are crap. Days when you’ve had a meeting and cried. Days when you burnt yourself with straighteners and have a big mark on your forehead. Days when your body doesn’t like to be working. Days when your car doesn’t like to be working. Days when technology hates you and everything takes hours when it shouldn’t. Days when you fall out with people. Days when you’re off to the dentist. Days when the coffee machine breaks. Days when you lose your job. Days when you’re missing someone. Days when you fall flat on your face.. literally. Thursday, I am off to the dentist.

Anyway, I have found on those days.. no matter what has happened there are usually some sure-fire “fix its”. That bring a reluctant smile and eventually a chuckle out of my miserable face. Here are a few ways to cheer yourself on days like these.

Things to see: 

In case you were wondering if you were a horse?

horse flow chart

T-Rex trying, I have mentioned it before but it still makes my heart glad!

tumblr_mgt6p8cEdT1ro09hco1_1280 tumblr_maggu17wtQ1ro09hco1_1280

And then you can always google image search ‘Fabio Goose Dead’. This is where Fabio, the harlequin romance novel disgusting ab model, goes on a rollercoaster and encounters a canadian flying goose to the face. Yep, never been more proud to be a Canadian. True.


Things to listen to:

Jamie Lidell, a little bit of happy soul… Happy! We may be considering a sneaky trip to Berlin to see that man… even though he is playing in London. Any excuse to go to Berlin.

Things to watch: 

Dogs vs Boots. Everytime.

Away We Go – One of my favourites and one of the most heart warming.


Things to read: 

To Kill A Mockingbird – this makes my heart, eyes and soul glad.


The Princess Bride – Not just a brilliant film by Rob Reiner but also a hilarious book. Read it. I promise you’ll like it. There is a whole extra level of genius I can’t go into here but … it’s totally worth it.

Things to eat: 

Shutterbeans Mexican Popcorn. Yum.


Things to do: 

Bubble bath and your beverage of choice… perhaps even your food of choice. Go crazy and take some Mexican popcorn in?!

Anyway, here’s hoping that these little things that manage to cheer my day might also do the same for you whenever you might need it. I wager after the dentist I am going to need all of the above.




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