Weekend in Pictures…

A weekend and a half has been had… If you are at all squeamish about air rifles and metal squirrel targets you are advised to avert your eyes. Now.

Hanna finished these beautiful ceramic lamps, yet another epic assignment and got her life back… at least for the weekend!

photo 4

To celebrate clever Hanna I took a little visit to Bristol bearing presents from our lovely friends. A beaut little card from their god-daughter ‘To Auntie Jon and Uncle Hanna’. 

photo 3-1

There was also a squirrel target for Jon to practice his shooting with.

photo 2-3

So, after some beautiful wholemeal pancakes…

photo 2-1Some shooting practice was definitely on the cards.

photo 3Hanna makes shooting look so dainty.

photo 1-1

Her husband romantically held her hair from her eyes so she could shoot the squirrel. Totes true love! 

photo 1-3

If you’re shooting a gun, you should probably have a cigar too… and red nails? Perhaps not my finest hour?


Shooting an air rifle is thirsty work. Skinny Flat White extra shot should do the trick!

photo 3-3

A little potter around Bristol.

photo 4-2

Some new friends.

photo 5

Big silver ball in Millenium Square, Bristol’s answer to Anish Kapoor?

photo 4-1

A taste of Aus with some Cooper’s Pale Ale. Mmmm..

photo 3-2

Some tasty lunch.

photo 1

Sarah has jetted off to visit her man she’s with as he gallavants around North America… So jealous!

photo 1-2

Not before stopping in Giraffe for some brunch at the airport! Have fun!! We’ll miss you!

photo 2-2

So there is our weekend and a half. What a good one it was. Let’s hope that life is full with many more like this. Good friends, good food, good drinks, jetting off on adventures … and an air rifle.

Happy Monday!


Celeste, Sarah and Hanna 





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  1. Regards for composing “Weekend in Pictures | Lifestyle, Craft, Music and DIY”.

    I reallymight definitely end up being returning for a lot more reading through and commenting
    in the near future. Thanks, Hollie

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