Friday Finds…

This week we’ve been a bit quiet because of we’ve all been pretty hectic however, while away with work I came across some little beauties hidden away on some church property in Nottingham. A most lovely lady called Heather gave us some amazing deals too! £3 for this baby!

photo 1

Plus, crockery and a music playing chalet. Who doesn’t want a music playing chalet?

photo 2

But here are some finds for you this weekend, to peruse at your leisure!

Mt. Wolf, this dreamy London band are all a bit beautiful. One of my favourite ladies called Rachel showed me a video done for them by her favourite man.

Delicacy, a sweet little french film with Audrey Tatou. You can’t help but watch her and want to be her.

If enough time is found in this weekend perhaps I will muster up some of Joy the Baker’s Tomato Cobbler with Blue Cheese Biscuits … Perhaps.

Once again, happy Friday!


Tracks of Foxes


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